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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bronx News Roundup, Feb. 2

The ice storm apocalypse that threatened to freeze everyone's lives today didn't quite materialize overnight. But make no mistake, it is nasty out there. Exercise caution in all your travels today.

A few quick weather/transit updates:

--Service on the 4, 5 and 6 trains has returned after an earlier suspension, but there will be delays. All other Bronx lines have "good service," according to the MTA. (Click here for more MTA updates.)

--Access-a-Ride pick-ups scheduled before 10 a.m. today were cancelled. Call to reschedule if you had an appointment.

--Buses: The Bx34 buses are detoured north-bound on Webster Avenue between Fordham Road and Bedford Park Boulevard and then south-bound on Bedford Park Boulevard and Kingsbridge Road"; Bx19 buses are not operating into Riverbank State Park; All limited buses are making local stops; Riders should expect delays throughout the day.

--Temperatures are expected to get up to around 40 degrees today, causing yet more slushy nastiness. This will be followed by colder temperatures tomorrow.

Story of the Day:
Following a raucous meeting attended by between 2,000 and 3,000 people in Brooklyn that stretched into the wee hours of this morning, the city's Panel for Education Policy, led by new Chancellor Cathleen Black, voted to close 10 schools, including four in the Bronx. The PEP said the schools slated for closure were failing students. Those slated for closure in the Bronx include: School for Community Research and Learning, Urban Assembly Academy for History and Citizenship for Young Men, New Day Academy and Monroe Academy for Business/Law High School.

The Times' Fernanda Santos writes about Black: "It was not Ms. Black’s first public meeting, but it was by far the angriest, loudest crowd she had faced since taking the job on Jan. 3, and certainly more intense than the subdued meetings she was used to in her many years as a publishing executive."

The city is looking to close a total of 25 schools this year, the most ever in a single year. On Thursday, the PEP will vote on the fate of 13 other schools, including the Bronx's Christopher Columbus High School.

Quick Hits:
At least one Egyptian business owner in the Bronx says he will be happy to see embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak leave office.

A Bronx man saved his niece and nephew from a burning building yesterday on E. Tremont Avenue and Southern Boulevard.

After undergoing what he is calling an illegal and humiliating body cavity search, a Bronx man is suing the NYPD.

The Voice takes an in-depth look at controversial charter school maven Eva Moskowitz's newly opened Bronx Success Academy 1.

A jury convicted a Bronx man on Monday of murdering another man after a minor car crash in 2008.

A reporter lives through the First Annual Pipe Smoking Society's Small Game Dinner. Joshua Bernstein, the reporter, writes that he was given a waiver to sign before participating in the dinner, which included squirrel, beaver and Colombian big-butt ants. The waiver included this language: "Attendee understands that the risks in executing any Bronx Pipe Smoking Society experience include, without limitation, seizures, drowning, broken or loss of limb, indigestion, illness (mental or physical), haunting, possession, insomnia, night terrors or concussion." Awesome.

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