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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bronx News Roundup, Feb. 24

A quick reminder that we will be Tweeting live from Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.'s State of the Borough speech today, starting at 11:30 a.m. Check back here for the Twitter feed on the right side of this page or you can follow us through my Twitter account: @norwoodnews.

This morning, in preparation for the speech,  police were already setting up security at DeWitt Clinton High School on Mosholu Parkway and aggressively ticketing and towing cars parked on Goulden Avenue, presumably for violating alternate-side parking rules. News 12 was also setting up a mobile unit. A military officer wearing a beret and camouflage gear walked into the building. Wonder if he'll have a role today.

In any case, tune in today during the brunch hours to our Twitter coverage (on @norwoodnews) and tune in later today and tomorrow for photos as well as more details and analysis.

To the news! (Abbreviated version today. Like one of the borough's congressman at the State of the Union, I need to head out early and get a good aisle seat for maximum exposure during all the broadcast coverage of toady's speech. Maybe I'll even get an autograph or two.)

A preview of today's Diaz's speech, which is expected to draw some 1,500 people, with a focus on how Diaz will call for Bloomberg's support in delivering on a plan for the Kingsbridge Armory.
A report from the wake of 11-year-old Russell Smith, who was killed on the Grand Concourse when he was struck by a passing Honda CRV. Family member and local officials vowed to do something about the borough's most dangerous streets and not let his death be in vain.

The Times takes an in-depth look at how police caught two of the suspects they believe robbed an Arthur Avenue jewelry store last Friday. 

The Daily News has a new Bronx Education column, featuring a story on a pair of PS 86 teachers and their ideas for how the union and city should deal with teacher layoffs. 

More and more Bronxites (and other outer borough dwellers) are commuting to work outside of Manhattan and the city's transit system is struggling to keep up.

Kappy's back this week with juice on Assembly Speaker "Godfather" Shelly Silver's decision to move Bronx Dem boss Carl Heastie into a new post for political reasons and some other stuff.

The Bronx's New York Botanical Garden is teaching teachers how to teach school gardening.

Where are all the movies with great Bronx accents?

An elevator at an apartment building in Highbridge has been out for two months.

The Bronx DA dismissed rape charges against a Haitian immigrant. They realized his accent was too thick to say the threatening words the victim said she heard.


  1. On my way to the speech I noticed people parking and walking from as far away as Bronx Science. Then, closer to DWC, I saw a number of cars parked on the Monday-Thursday side of the Goulden Avenue and wondered if there were special rules for the area considering the number of people who would likely be attending this important public event.

    If in fact they were giving tickets and towing (!) cars around Clinton for alternate side of the street violations that would be a travesty. Obviously they should have allowed parking during the event. Can you confirm if that's what they were actually doing - alternate side violations?

    (I'm still stinging from the $115 ticket I got this past Sunday morning at 7am when i ran into the store for to get a newspaper and container of milk. 7am sunday morning!)

    On a related note, if they insist on alternate side parking, shouldn't they be cleaning the streets? The streets north of Fordham and west of Jerome Avenue have not been cleaned since the first snow storm in December. they are disgustingly filthy and still have piles of snow that the city still hasn't cleared.

  2. It's always someone else's fault, Gax. Just obey the rules like everyone else-- or take train and bus like real Bronxites. You white folks have it pretty good with your cars and ability to hover above the Bronx you talk about ad nauseam. Give it a break.

  3. I told many friends that I accepted getting the ticket for being illegally parked, but the issue is the $115. That’s unnecessarily steep and out of the realm of ‘punishment to fit the crime’. And judging from their reaction as well as a movement in the City Council to address excessive parking fines, it’s clear there are many who agree with me. And really, all I said here was that I was “still stinging” from it. Is that blaming someone else?

    Also, It’s interesting that you define living and working in the Bronx for my entire lifetime, dedicating that life’s work to improving the Bronx, attending and actively participating in community meetings and events, owning a small Bronx business that serves families and children, and raising my family in the Bronx as “hover above.”

    And finally, whatever your agenda is, you deserve the opportunity to properly present it. So I’d like to invite you to BronxTalk for a discussion on racism in the Bronx, its roots, history, affect on current Bronx life, and who and what it is that contributes to it... or another subject. Just say yes and we’ll set it up.

  4. Nonsense GAX!

    We all know how steep those fines are, and yet you still chose to commit the violation. Obviously $115 wasn't steep enough to convince you to follow the law.

  5. Gax, do you mean "effect." "Affect" is usually a verb.

  6. What type of business do you run/own? In what part of the Bronx is it located? Is it non-profit or for profit?

    If it's for profit, aren't you just like any other rich white business owner living off the backs of the real Bronxites?

  7. i don't dispute the writing of the ticket. I wasn't happy about it (who would be?), but I don't dispute it. I think $115 dollars is too much and whether these fines are being used for enforcement or too often for revenue generation is a stated concern of some in the City Council including the chair of the transportation committee. That was and is my point.

  8. You're being a bit selective in what comments go up. Why was I not allowed to ask Gax about the business he claims to run that helps Bronx families?

  9. Anonymous has a screw loose. Everyone knows the meter maids are out of control...

  10. GAX, you need to get real!

    If the fines are not high enough if they do not motivate you to stop parking illegally. It's not like a meter maid gave you a questionable ticket; you admit you knew it was wrong, yet you chose to do it anyway.

    If you still choose to break the law, knowing the level of the fine, it is not sever enough to act as an effective deterrent.

    You are arguing that the fine should be lower, so you can comfortably pay it off and continue with your illegal parking in comfort. You simply don't like the consequences of your own action!

    Please stop whining, and take a little responsibility!!!

  11. Amen, anon #2. Gax needs to get a grip.

    Outrage is the only speed at which Gax operates.

  12. Who uses a car to get a newspaper and a container of milk?

    Haven't you heard that the Bronx has a problem with asthma? Stop polluting our neighborhood!

  13. Why did it take so long for the backdated comments to post?

  14. Hm...
    The speaker of outrage is now engaging in destructive action?

    He's gone from GAX the Exhorter to GAX the Destroyer!


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