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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bronx Planned Parenthood in Undercover Video

The Bronx branch of Planned Parenthood was the latest site of an anti-abortion group's undercover video campaign, where actors have been secretly filming workers and physicians at clinics in several states.

In the video (which you can watch above) a man and a woman, apparently posing as a pimp and a prostitute, enter the clinic on E. 149th Street and ask about obtaining abortion services and STD screenings for under-age girls, and mention that they're in "sex work."A staffer and a physician then tell the actors that all appointments and treatments at the clinic are confidential, regardless of the patient's age.

The videos (the Bronx footage was the sixth put up on YouTube) come as some politicians and pro-life groups are pushing Congress to cut funding for Planned Parenthood.

Live Action, the group that made the video, says it's proof that the organization, a national nonprofit that provides gynecological, birth control and abortion services, failed to report sex trafficking practices.

Planned Parenthood released a statement in response that called the videos "doctored" and "dishonest," and said that both workers at the Bronx clinic say they did not hear the word "sex work."

"Our staff responded professionally to questions, discussed these encounters with management, and provided a report to the FBI," the press release states.

What do you think? Does Live Action have a point, or are these videos set up to entrap? Share your thoughts with us via the comments section.


  1. It's a woman's right to kill her fetus whenever she likes -- it's her fetus and her choice, period. Until it's outside of her body, she can do to it what she pleases. It doesn't matter if she is a prostitute or a teen or even an American citizen. Why should rich white women get fancy abortions, but poor teenage Thai sex workers have to go to this place? I'd like to see the casualty rate at this place. The federal government needs to increase the funding of these places to make sure the reproductive services received by the poor and identical to the rich. There are indeed two Americas!

  2. It seems like this video is just exposing a non-profit that wants to help the girls (gasp!).

    If you eliminate a patient's right to confidentiality, you discourage them from getting the medical help he or she needs. This "pimp" is a disgusting human being that needs to be locked up for a long, long time, but let's focus on fixing the laws that slap pimps and their clients (those who provide the demand for this service) on the wrists rather than punishing them for putting others in danger. If you cut funding to Planned Parenthood, abortions and STDs will increase (from lack of information and birth control). Also the health of those being exploited will suffer and our ability to help the exploited will diminish. We need to support services like Planned Parenthood in order to encourage empowerment for all women (even those who are exploited).

  3. Agreed. We need to increase funding for abortion rather than decrease it. These actors should be ashamed of themselves. How dare they try to do a hatchet job on PP. PP does God's work by ministering to the lowly and downtrodden.

  4. PRETEND THEY ARE TREES--SAVE THE BABIES!! It seems posters here have all bought the same distorted thinking. Abortion is not a "private medical procedure" performed on a woman's body, it's the murder of another human life that temporarily resides within a woman's body. Yes, the human child relies on the woman for support--it's a BABY. A baby should be able to count on it's mother for love and nourishment, but instead, 50 million human children have been sucked out, burned out or otherwise tortured to death in what nature intended to be the safest place for a human to reside while it develops. This is NOT an oppresive idea..it's called natural law! Why, otherwise, does a murderer get charged with two counts of murder for killing a pregnant (with a human child) woman? If the kid is wanted, it's a capital murder, if the child is UNwanted, the government fully supports your right to murder. Come on, people, now that's a sick form of oppression! If we really want to "care" for women in crisis, make tougher laws that seriously crack down on sex traffickers and pimps, let's ask women how we can support them, find adoptive families, offer to babysit while they go back to college, throw baby showers, etc. THAT's care and support.

  5. You guys are really misinformed. A baby in the woman (fetus as you call it) is not part of the woman's body. It is a human being. These Planned Parenthood groups are all about the big $. I am tired of my tax moneys paying for (300 million) the death of these unborn children. If you claim it is her right, then it should be her responsibility to pay for her abortion.

  6. Take your right wing tirades somewhere else. A woman has rights over her own body. Why do you care what someone else does with her body? Confidentiality and privacy are incredibly important when it comes to health care. These women have a fundamental human right to healthcare whether they can pay for it or not. Get off your moral high horse.

  7. Take your right wing tirades somewhere else, anonymi. Women have a right to do whatever they like to their bodies. If a woman wants to amputate her arm, what right do you have to regulate her own body -- it's not yours.

  8. what i got from this segment is the fact that their is clear medicaid fraud taking place at this site.how can a pimp be told he can sign as a guardian all for the sake of getting emergency medicaid approved?? anyone who applies for medicaid or any social service program must sign that information is accurate or face prosecution. The staff needs to be fired and the organization's files need to be reviewed by AG so that it is clear that fraud is not being committed regularly.

  9. You baby killers slay me! There's no moral tirade here, just nature doing it's thing....if I put two skin cells together, they wouldn't create a heartbeat, put two blood cells together...no heartbeat, put sperm and zygote together...and, aah..human heartbeat in about 18 days. And, by the way, all the hormones from the chemical abortions and birth control pills handed out by PP on my tax dime are poisoning our drinking water, causing male infertility & turning male fish into females http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/01/090118200636.htm
    Where are you anonymi greenie liberals on that one, huh? I guess that's your ultimate brand of feminism..let's just make all the men women and we'll finally win--grow up and stop puppeting the crap PP taught you in public school. Use your head, search your heart-- abortions kill babies and hurt MOST women. I've never had one, but I still grieve the loss of my friend's aborted child, and that was 20 years ago. A women's right to amputate her arm??? Yea, like anybody ever elects to have THAT happen. Your oppresive tirade has no logic.

  10. Planned Parenthood ensures reduced rates of abortion and STD's??? You couldn't be more WRONG. The absolute opposite is true. Even more reason to cut all federal funding for this taxpayer-supported sink hole. See the facts for yourself.
    This second one is PP's own research arm. Maybe they should amputate it since it doesn't seem to support their claim that they are preventing more abortions by providing birth control. They must do a crappy job of that because,according to the research 54% of women who had abortions said they were using contraceptives. Don't you see this is a vicious cycle? It's all a pack of lies. They don't care if your birth control fails. PP actually makes money when they do abortions! And, minority women aught to be MOST suspect--look at the numbers of minority abortions. Does PP have a racial agenda? Look up founder Margaret Sanger for yourself.


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