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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's Bronx News Network Worth to You? (Updated)

We have two weeks left in our annual appeal, and while we are glad to have reached a quarter of our goal, which is $10,000, we're a long way from the finish line.

To be honest, we haven't seen enough support from readers and fans of this blog.

There are about 700 unique visitors to this site very day (that number is steadily growing). But only a tiny fraction have contributed.

If each unique visitor to this site kicked in $10 we'd be all done with our appeal.

Why do we need this money? For two important reasons. While advertising sales is critical and we're doing our best to sell more ads, that revenue stream alone is not sufficient to sustain what we do.  If we could put out community newspapers like the Tremont Tribune and the Mount Hope Monitor solely based on advertising revenue, not to mention run this blog and a youth journalism program, someone else would have done it a long time ago.

Second, building a strong base of grassroots support from our readers will help Bronx News Network become sustainable over the long haul. And it will send a message to private foundations that fund nonprofit media that our readers value what we do enough to contribute financially.

Think about how much you spend every week on a daily newspaper, a cup of coffee, or a bottle of water. Is what we do here worth at least that much to you? If you buy the Daily News or some other paper every week day, that's at least $100 a year. Isn't the local, relevant news we bring you here and in our papers worth at least $10 or $25 or $50? 

Think about it. You care because you're reading this. But to make sure the Bronx news you love keeps coming, we need you to contribute, too. Just click on the button at the top right of this page! It will feel good!


UPDATE: We now have about 10 days left in this campaign. Since this post, two readers of this site have become new donors. We appreciate your support! But we need the rest of you who value this site and come to it every day to pitch in. Can you contribute today? Just click on the Paypal button at the top right of this screen. Thanks!


  1. "Advertising sales is critical..."

    AND reading is fundamental.

    Subject-Verb Agreement, anyone?

    And you're kind of scolding the readers again with this one:

    "To be honest, we haven't seen enough support from readers and fans of this blog. "

  2. "Advertising sales is critical" ? Really?

    Can you at least fix that if your not going to post this comment because it points our a mistake?

  3. Grammar Can Be ComplicatedFebruary 8, 2011 at 10:22:00 PM EST

    The subject-verb agreement issue is not as clear-cut as the 2 posters may believe. Sales can be read as plural, as in selling of several ads. But "sales" can also be read as a singular topic, endeavor or occupation. "He is interested in sales. Sales is an occupation he would like to enter." Other words like economics, gymnastics,etc. can all take the singular predicate.

    The sentence under the microscope here may not be the clearest construction -- but it is not clear to me that it absolutely violates the rules of subject verb agreement.

  4. It's wrong in this construction. Just fix it.

    You're speaking of individual sales of ads that form a plurality of sales of multiple ads. "Sales" is plural in the sentence in question.

    If you are saying that it "is not clear to [you]," you should seek clarity as a professional journalist (and, gasp! editor) and choose a different construction.

    It is so disappointing that you're trying to defend this with a pedantic comment that doesn't fit the actual construction in question.

  5. Grammar Can Be ComplicatedFebruary 9, 2011 at 12:51:00 PM EST

    I am the person who made the above comment. I am not one of the editors. I am simply a reader of the blog. You appear to be confused.

    It is not clear that the writer is speaking of individual sales of ads. It can be read as referring to the singular endeavor of advertising sales. Yes -- because it is not clear to the reader, a different construction would have been better. Hardly something to get your britches up about. An email to them pointing out your confusion would have served just as well. I think it is pretty clear you have an agenda to bash the editors. Fine. They seem inclined to let you. If you are going to be the grammar police of this site, I suggest you try to be a little more careful with your own grammar-- "kind of"? "your"? when you mean "you're"?

  6. I think you are confused as well, Mother Superior.

    I am anon@11:54, not original anon@7:47.

    The construction demonstrates poor writing for a person who makes a living by writing and editing others' writing.

    At the very least, the lack of clarity has been pointed out, and at the very worst the poor grammar has been pointed out; the construction should have been changed by now.

    If BxNN is asking for money to continue its journalistic efforts, I think the least that potential donors can demand is clarity, if not proper grammatical constructions.

    I'm unwilling to overlook the emperor's lack of clothing. You can play along if you like.

  7. Grammar Can Be ComplicatedFebruary 9, 2011 at 2:58:00 PM EST

    I find it incredible that there are this many Anonymous (Anonymi?) so obsessed with minor errors and less than perfect constructions. My apologies for confusing you (singular) with the others. Apparently this "Mother Superior" jumped the gun. Give yourself a name to avoid this confusion in the future.

    Regarding the "demand" for clarity. The meaning of the sentence, even with a less than perfect construction, is perfectly clear.

    Your hyperbole about emperors and clothing only convinces me you have an irrational ax to grind. Occasional errors will occur here. I guess we can count on you (the plural "you", this legion of "Anonymi")to point them out with healthy doses of hyperbole and snark.


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