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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bronx Culture Trolley Cancelled Tomorrow

Due to pending inclement weather, the Bronx Culture Trolley that was scheduled for tomorrow night is cancelled, along with art exhibits at Hostos Community College's Longwood art gallery. Our events calendar is posted below, but it's best to double check before you head out in this winter weather.

Editor's note: What did we miss? Send details to bronxnewsnetwork[at]gmail.com.


  1. I think you've caught "Boobie" Downer's dumb, dumber, dumbest disease. Your posts were always so well written, so professional, and now you announce that there will be "inclimate" weather. The word is "inclement." Please do not stoop to his level either by careless writing, or even worse, by deleting what you don't like. Unless there is offensive language, let there be disagreement. Encourage it to be in good form so that no one is offended.

  2. What does this have to do with the Bronx Trolly? If you can't post something constructive then at least post something relevant OR stop visiting the blog. If you hate the Bronx blogs so much, then start your own blog where you can write whatever you want.

  3. This post has been up for several hours and there's no sign of the guy asking for a clarification of the comment deletion policy/non-policy!

    I'm scared, can somebody hold me?

  4. What exactly is that policy deletion policy? The cowardly editorial staff here refuses to man up and explain its actions. You are a scared little cadre of hacks.

  5. Whoa. Hold on here. Isn't calling someone an 'asshat' or 'cowardly' a personal attack? Why have these not been deleted? I am as confused as the obsessed habitual commenter now. What's the deal Bronx News Network?

  6. I still can't believe that this blog site linked to Kappstatter's column this week, but not last when the announcement of James' firing was published. You know, when the NY Times does layoffs, they report them...the story might be buried, but it IS THERE. You guys have lost so much of my respect. Every media outlet has an editorial slant, but I have come to question everything you write b/c you are so easily and strongly affected by your personal convictions. It's really unsettling to me that you guys collect public monies. Nonprofits in the Bronx are a scam, and this blog/newspaper network is no exception.

  7. Is this Evelly character paid or a free labor intern?

    You're pretty active today on the comment monitoring.

    Nothing in several deleted comments was a personal attack. So sad.

  8. What does the "asshat" and "cowardly" references from 9:48 refer to?

    There seems to be some deleted comments here?

    Can you guys clarify? I am confused.

  9. At least you had time to correct the mistake finally. After you finished deleting harmless comments.

    What are you so scared of?

  10. Why is okay for the first comment to tell Ms. Evelly that she has "caught "Boobie" Downer's dumb, dumber, dumbest disease."

    This is a double personal attack! Both on Ms. Evelly and on the new Boogiedowner guy. You guys need to be consistent or you give credibility to the lunatic that keeps posting about your policy about deleting comments.

    Come on guys, don't let the crazies win here.


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