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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bronx News Roundup, Feb. 28

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Short round-up today ...

Former State Senator Pedro Espada's controversial Bedford Park co-op (he is widely believed to have lived most of the time at his house in Mamaroneck) is up for sale. Shocking.

A part-time counsel for State Senator Jeffrey Klein resigned after the Daily News asked questions about the staffer receiving taxpayer-financed health insurance despite only working 17 hours a week.

Contaminated chicken from Virginia shipped to distribution centers to the Bronx, Brooklyn and Farmingdale has been recalled by the manufacturer.

A 26-year-old father was gunned down in Morrisania on Sunday.

If you're signing for a new phone number in the Bronx (and Brooklyn and Queens) beginning April 16, you may get 929, now that 347, 646, and 917 are close to all used up.

The Riverdale Press beat us to this, but I heard the same thing on my way into work this morning -- loud, melodic ringing at intervals. Reminded me of the sound associated with the 1970s movie E.T. actually. Anyone know what the story is?


  1. Why not give Boogiedowner credit for breaking the Espada apartment thing?


  2. This is the second media outlet to mention Espada's apartment without linking to the original story over on the boogiedowner website. we're used to seeing city wide media outlets such as the DN rip stories off of little blogs, but why have you guys done it as well? Shouldn't you support other local media by at least linking to the original post?
    You guys used to link to other bronx websites with regularity, but recently not as much. You guys obviously provide the most objective and thorough coverage of stuff, but I'm just wondering why you seem to not link to the "little guy" anymore? In fact the boogiedowner website went through an entire change in editorial oversight without as much as a mention of the news here. What gives? Waiting for my tax refund to come through so i can shave a slice off for y'all, but i'm starting to reconsider b/c things have just seemed a little off around here lately.

  3. The aliens have arrived!

  4. The story at Boogiedowner does not make the connection to Espada. It is a straight real estate for sale story. You have to read the comments to learn the Espada connection. The Daily News is actually the first outlet to "break" the story as a story about Espada. Interestingly enough -- they quote the new editor of Boogiedowner -- in his role as a real estate agent. Hardly seems like a good example of ignoring the little guy. For whatever reason, the editor at Boogiedowner chose to ignore the Espada connection and focus on the sale of an apartment. Hard to blame this site for choosing the DN story as the better one to link when the story is Espada not some seemingly random apartment for sale.

  5. @Jake:
    nice points.
    but i'm still wondering why bronx news network never mentioned the change of leadership over at boogiedowner... love em or hate him, it still seems like relevant bronx news does it not?
    just makes me wonder what's going on around here lately.
    additionally, i really dislike having to wait 5 plus hours to see my comment appear after it has been approved.
    i'm not one of those people who drops f-bombs or says inflammatory things, so i don't really like being reprimanded for the sins of others.

  6. Jack is correct. Boogiedowner did not mention that the apartment was owned by Espada. He is just interested in selling real estate. He has annoyed many readers with his sloppy writing and the obvious ulterior motives of many of his posts. If I worked at BxNN, I'd be very careful of what I took from his site. Check, check, check!

  7. I'd rather wait a while to see my words of wisdom than to have BxNN print every comment it gets. I get the feeling they do the same with their own posts. That's why they come out in correct English as opposed to what we get from the new Boogiedowner.
    BxNN gives us journalism; Boogiedowner gives us jibberish.


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