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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bronx News Roundup, Tuesday, Aug. 2

Weather: After today's sizzler -- high of 92 expected -- Bronx air will cool back down into the low 80s tomorrow and should stay comfortably below 90 for the rest of the week.

Story of the Day: Bronx Kids Writing Around Town
This summer, the Bronx Council on the Arts is transporting Bronx youngsters to destinations outside of the Northern Borough for rich cultural experiences they otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to enjoy. Before, during and after they go to galleries, museums or places like the Anne Frank Center in SoHo, the kids write about what they've seen and experienced. The goal of the Bronx Write Bus, says program director Maria Romano, is two fold: keeping kids stimulated and off the street and, at the same time, exposing them to cool cultural places and ideas. Good story from former BxNN intern turned Times scribe Andrew Boryga. The program ends next week.

Quick Hits: 
Sad, bizarre crime story in the NY Post today about two clerks at the AutoZone on East 149th Street who chased after and caught a shoplifter yesterday. One of the AutoZone employees managed to wrestle the thief down and call police before the perpetrator turned the tables, for a minute anyway. Eventually, as onlookers told the employees to just let the guy go (why, they wondered, would they risk injury for a business they didn't even own?), the thief gave up the goods and departed before the cops arrived. Later, the Post found the alleged thief, who was sporting a shiner and other injuries. He said he was homeless and that "they didn't have to do that to me."

Lots of coverage today on Bronx State Sen. Jeff Klein's push to get banks and the Buildings Department to more vigilant in maintaining foreclosed properties, which often fall into disrepair. One such foreclosed building on Prospect Avenue was illegally subdivided into 12 rooms. Earlier this year, three people died when a fire erupted in the building. Klein held a press conference in front of the burned-out building yesterday.

As part of week-long workshop, participants are giving the ancient shutters at Bartow-Pell Mansion in Pelham Bay Park a much needed facelift. Find out how to join the effort here. (Note: The NY1 link is wrong. Ours is right.)

This isn't Bronx-specific, but Council Speaker Christine Quinn wants to limit how much jail officials at Riker's Island work with immigration officials. The idea is to prevent suspects who haven't been convicted from being deported.

The Queens side of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge is about to get rehabbed.

Here's an interview with the Bronx Zoo's Kathleen LaMattina, who helps acclimate 300 of the zoo's animals to human contact.

On Sunday, a 7-year-old Soundview girl was killed when a heavy metal gate fell on top of her.

Streetsblog's (Jimmy) "Vacca Watch" feature says the east Bronx councilman and transportation committee chair has "a laser-like focus on providing more and cheaper parking," much to the mass transit loving blog's chagrin.


  1. Jeff Klein is critical of banks and their failure to maintain foreclosed properties -- kudos.

    But what about landlords like Larry Gluck who got mortgages with the plan of siphoning out the value of properties in the Bronx and elsewhere in NYC? Gluck's predatory business model led directly to many foreclosures. My guess is Klein is silent on these bad actors in this mess because Gluck and other foreclosed-upon landlords are major contributors to Klein.

    Banks are also a convenient target for Klein since he also gets major backing from a major banking industry competitors, the check cashing industry.

  2. How is it that the newspaper reporters could track down the perp, but our hapless NYPD couldn't catch the guy, after showing up late???

    If you want to understand crime in the Bronx, the NYPD is a good place to start looking!

  3. Wow, that Autozone story makes me think it's like 1992 again here in the good old Bronx. Back when it seemed the criminals ran the street, and the police weren't expected to make much of a dent in crime. Locals wonder why no good businesses invest here; just ask your fellow citizens who wish to see shoplifters go free, and continue to plague their own community. Typical ghetto mentality, dumping on those who fight for their business and seek justice while doing nothing to improve your own life or community. Parasites. And where was the NYPD now that you needed them? I'm sure this guy is already targeting his next victim. Heckuva job!


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