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Monday, June 29, 2009

UPDATE: Tapia protests outside Cabrera's house, calls him "another Espada"


On Saturday, Yudelka Tapia and her supporters held a press conference outside Pastor Fernando Cabrera's house in Pelham, Westchester. We had a post about this on Friday, which has generated quite a few comments. Here's a follow-up press release from Tapia, sent after the event:

I am here in suburban Pelham New York to ask Mr. Fernando Cabrera why he believes that as a member of this community he would be better able to represent the people of NYC’s 14th City Council District than a true resident of the West Bronx.

We are here to ask him why he believes that state laws should be ignored again as was done by Senator Pedro Espada. It is of little surprise that just like Senator Espada Mr. Cabrera is also a life long Republican masquerading as a Democrat.

We are proud that Mr. Cabrera has achieved great economic success in his life and has been living an affluent life in this wealthy suburb for all these years. But the facts can not be refuted. He does not pay taxes in NYC and his children did not attend our schools

We can only assume that the Bronx Democratic leadership was not aware of Mr. Cabrera’s deception when they displayed their preference for him last month.

Information has reached this campaign that as of a few weeks ago Mr. Cabrera was still reflecting his Pelham address in business and campaign related transactions.

The 14th Council District has already suffered with the absence of City Council Member Maria Baez who is rated as the Council Member with the worst attendance record. How much worse would it be if we elect a REPUBLICAN FROM PELHAM?

We've left voice messages for Cabrera asking for his reaction. When we hear back, we'll post his comments here. In a recent interview with the Norwood News, though, Cabrera said he moved to the Bronx last July and lives at 2792 Sedgwick Ave. - in the confines of the 14th Council District - with his wife and son. While he still owns his house in Pelham, he said his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren reside there - not him.

Some additional thoughts and clarifications:

Cabrera has admitted to being a registered Republican until recently. But he didn't vote in September's Republican primaries, according to Patrick Jenkins, a spokesman for the Bronx Democratic Party - contrary to what Tapia is claiming.

Tapia's camp didn't like the word "protest" that we used in the original post. From an e-mail:

We understand that the word protest, as stated in the headline, is not factually incorrect but it might send the wrong message to the readers of Bronx News Network. Tapia and Bronx residents held a peaceful and low key press conference. Ms. Tapia read her statement and Bronx residents stood behind her outside of Cabrera’s home with signs for about 15 minutes. When she finished her statement everyone left.

If you can't read the signs in the photo above - it's a little washed out - some of them suggest Cabrera voted for John McCain, rather than Barack Obama, in the presidential election. For example, "Cabrera no voto por Obama" and "Fernando Cabrera voto por e Republicano McCain" and "Fernando Cabrera did not vote for President Obama." In a later e-mail, however, Tapia's communications director, Elias Alcantara, said she didn't know how Cabrera voted. "We have found no record of him having voted in the Nov. of 08 election therefore we can not conclude if he voted for Obama or McCain," she wrote.

Update: Cabrera has previously told the Bronx News Network that he was a big Obama supporter and says he takes the "Obama view" on gay marriage, meaning he's for civil unions.

Update 3:30 p.m.: Just spoke to Fernando Aquino, a spokesman for Cabrera's campaign. He said Cabrera was born in the Bronx and has lived here, on-and-off, for more than 10 years - longer than he lived in Westchester.

He said he doesn't know if Cabrera voted in the Republican primaries, but even if he did it shouldn't be an issue. "He used to be a Republican, he's not hiding that," Aquino said, adding that he switched allegiance because "Democratic values were his values."

Of Tapia's press conference, Aquino said: "His [Cabrera's] campaign will welcome any discussion on the issues, but we will not get distracted by unfounded allegations."

Oh, and Aquino said Cabrera voted for Obama in the election, not McCain.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Elias Alcantara. Tapia is holding the mic.


  1. And for the record, Tapia and her supporters had no problem supporting Nelson Castro for the Assembly when he was a previously registered republican who until recently lived in Manhattan and was a coordinator for Republicans for Pataki in 2002. Can't pick and choose when its ok for former Republicans to be supported. Cabrera has done far more for the community than Castro.

  2. Mr. Ferguson, your "Headline" of Yudelka and her supporters protesting in front of Cabrera's house, whether they believe it was quiet or loud. Signs and posters are a way of protesting. They meant to make a statement. How come Yudelka's people won't tell you that they were actually kicked out by the Pelham Police?

  3. Yudelka is the stupidest woman I know. She should join Sarah Palin and run with her for VP....LOL! and I am sure if she got picked, should would become a Republicant in a heart beat.

  4. Yudelka keeps getting wrong. Pastor's daugther went through Bronx schools all of the way to High School (Lehman High School) and graduated from Lehman College (CUNY). It is time for you to issue another apology Yudelka. Cabrera you have my vote!

  5. I still support Fernando Cabrera!!!

  6. What we all need to realize is that Yudelka is and will always be a puppet for Jose Rivera and Maria Baez.

    Oh, Yudelka, my research shows that he did payed NYC taxes. He owns a condo and has been paying nyc taxes. Furthermore, he payed taxes when he previously lived in the Bronx. He has lived longer in the Bronx than he ever lived in Pelham. So I joined the previous anonymous by saying, time for another apology. It is time for this blog to put factual and credible based stories.

  7. Hey Yudelka your publicist looks more professional than you. He should be running!

  8. Fernando Cabrera is a Republican. The Republican primary was held on February 6th 2008. Fernando Cabrera voted in Westchester County. He did not vote in the general elections. Therefore, he could not have voted for Obama or Hillary.

  9. Why is this "press release" still posted? There is not one piece of factual news in it. Instead of spreading lies and rumors, why aren't the authors of this blog investigating these claims? Why are we getting a response from the other side days later?

    The words and actions of the people involved here are despicable. That Yudelka and these other candidates would continue on self-defeating campaigns just to help Maria Baez is astonishing. I have a question for these candidates. Is it worth it? Is whatever payoff you're getting worth selling out your community to Baez and Rivera?

    I find it hilarious whenever Baez talks about the money she brings in to the community because we all know that that money is going to cronies like Tapia.

    It's time to end this corruption and deceit. Elect Fernando Cabrera.

  10. Hey Anonymous so we agree that Cabrera was a Republican.

    Can we also agree with the fact that he voted in the republican presidential primary and did not vote in the general election. So he did not vote for Obama, Hilary or any other Democratic Presidential candidate.

    On the other hand Assemblyman Castro was the Coordinator of Bronx Dominican's for Obama. For the record he has been a resident of the Bronx since 1994. Prior to that he was a resident of Washington Heights a New York City neigborhood which borders our district and has a lot more in common with the West Bronx than does the Westchester Town of Pelham.

  11. Josh did you read were the reporters noted:"We've left voice messages for Cabrera asking for his reaction. When we hear back, we'll post his comments here." THEY HAVE NOT POSTED A RESPONSE YET...

    Anonymous "stupidest" is not a word. At least not in the English language.

    Also I understand that the press was given copies of his voter history which is public information. It show that he voted in the REPUBLICAN presidential primary last year.Is that not important?

  12. stu•pid
    adj. stu•pid•er, stu•pid•est
    1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
    2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
    3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.
    4. Dazed, stunned, or stupefied.
    5. Pointless; worthless: a stupid job.n.
    A stupid or foolish person.
    [Latin stupidus, from stup re, to be stunned.]
    stu pid•ly adv. - stu pid•ness n.

  13. ^
    All politics aside.. That was pretty funny.
    LOL, From the Latin, stupidus..

    On Another note,
    Please stop arguing with these people. It doesn't get anyone anywhere. Energy wasted. We shall know them by their fruit. Cabrera, Tapia, Nunez, Baez alike...

  14. I know it's hard for people to understand...or believe...that someone would move back into the Bronx because he actually cares and wants to change the way things are being done in district 14. Is there any other explanation? According to the NY Daily News article he is a professor at Mercy College...and now that we know that he indeed owns a home in Pelham (and does not occupy it)...i think that indicates that by no means is this for personal gain. It sounds good to me. I've read his literature while his people did petitions and my intuition says that this is a good thing for our district.

  15. Real People RepresentationJune 29, 2009 at 4:13:00 PM EDT


  16. You people are pathetic, this is the only place in the world where being a Republican in a Democratic county isn't an issue. If Cabrera voted Republican, when 95% of the Bronx voted Democratic, then what he wanted for this country is different from what we wanted. He is faking it, plainly.

  17. Cabrera, please get out of my neighborhood. You should be ashmed. I favor you, but you are a disgrace as "reverend." This is how you pretend to help the Bronx, by moving among the rich, then moving back when is covenient for your own game. LIAR. IMPOSTOR, GET OUT NOW!!! not even an apology I want for a liar like you.

  18. FuengShua, how sweet is from Mr. Liar to come and want to help the Bronx when he has never done anything before, BUT MOVED when he just because he saw an opportunity. HE IS JUST A PLAIN OPPORTUNISTIC, FAKE, LIAR.

  19. Patrick Jenkins: There were no Presidential Republican Primaries in September, they were in February of 2008. And he voted in those. And there is no record of him having voted in November. Those are facts.

    We have all seen what happens when Republicans act like Democrats to run for office in the Bronx. ex. Pedro Espada Jr. This is what we are risking. If those who are supporting Cabrera anonymously don't see a problem with this, then you are blind. I don't expect you to bash Cabrera, but you would warrant more respect if you would at least admit that there was a problem.

  20. Anonymous above, agree with you in the risk of having another Pedro Espada, Jr. but worst than that, a braiwasher, impliying that "God" wanted him to run for this position. True christians know that Jesus was and lived among the poor and stay that way to truly have the experience and understand the people he came to defend and represent on earth. CABRERA IS AN IMPOSTOR AND A LIAR.!!! COMFORTABLY LIVING IN THE SECOND RICHES COUNTY IN THE NEW YORK STATE.


  22. I am getting out of this blog. Yudelka's people are only into labeling and name calling. People in our district are tired of this type of approach to politics. Yudelka, you have not changed. I truly feel sorry for the few people who are still following her. They should do themselves a favor and get in touch with her former supporters and people who used to be in her inner team who no longer want to associated with her.

  23. Today, I decided to read the news and this is what I found, a republican passing as a democrat who wants to represent my community, No way. The Bronx is not a circus, please stop all of these, the lady who is in now, is either invisible or I am blind because I have never seen her in my life. I only have read she does not attend her job, the worst attendance ever. Yudelka Tapia whom I am going to search more on, but whom I commend for unmasking the impostor who was trying to pass as one of us and represent us. Yudelk Tapia GOOD JOB WOMAN!!!!

  24. You are welcome to leave anonymous. The truth often hurts. Calling him dishonest for campaigning as a Democrat from the Bronx, while being registered as a Republican in Pelham, is NOT name-calling. It's the truth.

    Someone from Cabrera's Camp please Refute or Respond to the FOLLOWING STATEMENT:

    Reverend Cabrera was campaigning as a Democrat from the Bronx last year, while still registered as a Republican in Westchester. Then he registered as a Democrat with a Sedgwick address on August 15, 2008, months after he began campaigning for City Council in the Bronx.

    Unless you have specific allegations with proof against Tapia, refrain from slandering, it doesn't look good.

    I am talking about Cabrera's status as a Republican, which poses a problem for me as Democrat from the Bronx who is witnessing the Espada debacle.

    Fernando Aquino, don't we all wish things were as simple as "switching allegiance".

    When did Democratic values become Dr. Cabrera's values?? Answer that please.

  25. I was looking at the last election results and I found something pretty interesting: Yudelka Tapia lost her state committee position 2 to 1 from an unknown lady in the assembly district 86 which covers 60% of the 14th District in the Bronx. Also I found out tha Yudelka supported and received funds from Pedro Espada when he was Republican. What a contradiction Yudelka. you should feel ashamed of yourself. I also found out that you ran for every position in the 14th and 86th district and never won, except the state committe but because Jose Rivera and Maria Baez put her name in the petition when nobody ran for that position. What a contradiction Yudelka that you claimed been working 20 Yrs. (which is another lie), in those districts running in each election and never favored with the votes of the community. your newest close supporters should ask themselves a question: why yudelka's close supporters abandoned her in each election? why yudelka if has 20 yrs "working for the community" (working for the community in the case of yudelka means show up at the election time, collect some money under the table, and go out until the next election), and had run for all the positions and never has won? At least Reverend Cabrera has proof of being working for 20 yrs in the 14th district helping youths, senior citizens and the community in general. ( I made a research and found out that he started his church in valentine Ave close to 183rd (heart of the 14th and 86th districts) 10 yrs ago and moved it to Morris Ave. and 196 (inside the 14th District), where he has been for the last 10 yrs. (proof of 20 yrs working in the community). In addition, the reverend has been teaching at Mercy College (in the Bronx), for a quite time, which is good for the Bronx residents. And you yudelka, what? (at least the Reverend got his comfortable economic position working hard, but you Yudelka, looks like that the money that you received for sale you soul to the evil in each election it is not enough to fulfill your ambitions. Juda's money effect)

  26. FYI...never did I imply that the Bronx was a junk yard...I was refering to Yudelka's people's response to the blog where she gave her press release. Someone anonymous referred to the Bronx as "poor". So Tapia please keep up...it's annoying.

  27. Someone from Cabrera's Camp please Refute or Respond to the following Statement:

    Reverend Cabrera was campaigning as a Democrat from the Bronx last year, WHILE registered as a Republican in Westchester. Then he registered as a Democrat with a Sedgwick address on August 15, 2008, months after he began campaigning for City Council in the Bronx.

    If you do not consider this dishonesty, please say so clearly so we can know where you stand. That is the issue. Respond to THIS please.

  28. Anonymous:

    I too have "made" research and found some interesting facts. Upon researching this "church" that you seem so keen on bringing up I found that it has been registered since 1992 in Pelham, the address being 58 Sixth Street, Pelham, NY. This church has NEVER BEEN REGISTERED IN THE BRONX. Why would a church that serves Bronx residents be registered for "TAX EXEMPTION" in Pelham? Further evidence that his life in is Pelham, not the 14th District.

    To see this information for yourself go to:

  29. Jose that is not an official website. The church was founded and stablished in 1989 in Bronx, New York. You did not do your research correct. www.dos.state.ny.us/corp/corpwww.html. Did you check the Bronx Country Court house for documentation, obviously not.

  30. Anonymous, respond to the comment I posted at 8:44pm please.

  31. Real People RepresentationJune 29, 2009 at 9:41:00 PM EDT

    Well, since I was able to view the information that Jose Hernandez has provided with, I am going with Jose's version of the facts. Anonymous, please come out with real info. we could verify.The one from the state you provided, only has links to forms. We need tangible proof, not just blah blah and reference to nothing....do not insult the community's ability to search the truth, please. Thanks.

  32. The link requires that you put the name of the church. This is the official NYS site.

  33. Real People RepresentationJune 29, 2009 at 9:52:00 PM EDT

    then, he has been registering the church in two places. How moral is that? He should change his career to "Deceiver" from Reverend. This is really scary.

  34. The old saying is still true. Don't judge lest you be judged. Yudelka fully supported Nelson Castro in his campaign last year and he WORKED as a campaign coordinator for the Republican Party. The hiprocasy is insulting to all District 14 community members. Cabrera provided campaign support to the Republicans. As a matter of fact, only Democrats candidates have ever visited his church. Last year, it was Fernando Cabrera who provided the largest troops for Senator Ephraim Gonzalez in the primaries to help Senator Gonzales AGAINST Espada. Where were you Yudelka? The fact is that your own actions betray you. It was you and the Jose Rivera clan that abandon Senator Gonzalez and now we have a mess in the NYS Senate because of the lack of support. Yudelka is not a true democrats, because true democrats would have stood with Senator Gonzalez. The evidence is clear, she did not come against Espada because Espada had Jose Rivera, Maria Baez and YUDELKA TAPIA in his pocket. Actions speak louders than words. You should know them by their fruits.

    So why all this attacks against Cabrera? He is truly the front runner and Yudelka and Maria Baez do not know how to stop him. Fernando Cabrera is the one person I can trust. He is a man of integrity and has not been tainted by political games and greed. He has been checked out by the Democratic Party, Working Families Party and a vast cache of unions and have recognized his work. What is really taking place here is pure jealousy and a difficulty by Yudelka to deal with rejection. It is sad that she would go so low with lies and false accusations. Fernando Cabrera, if you are reading this, you have my vote and support. Now I am going to start getting involved in your campaign Dr. Cabrera. You will be hearing from me soon.

  35. Real People Representation you are really making Yudelka look really bad. Are you really that incompetent to understand how non-profits are registered and where the valid information is found? It is senseless speaking with you. Does not the Yudelka team have someone who can hold an intelligent conversation? Umm. I got it. The intelligent people left the Yudelka Tapia team a long time ago, because they got to know the real hear. LOL. I can see why a previous anonymous left this blog, because the Yudelka team (two people)are irrational and desperate to say anything to get Yudelka out of the dumps in this race.

  36. Anonymous, you still have not responded to my statement. I'll post it again:

    Reverend Cabrera was campaigning as a Democrat from the Bronx last year, WHILE registered as a Republican in Westchester. Then he registered as a Democrat with a Sedgwick address on August 15, 2008, months after he began campaigning for City Council in the Bronx.

    If you do not consider this dishonesty, please say so clearly so we can know where you stand. That is the issue. Respond to THIS issue please.

    I am making clear and unmasked statements that are documented with tangible evidence.

    Lastly, Efrain Gonzalez is going to serve 6 years in prison for using $400,000 of taxpayer money for personal use. Is that really who you want to align yourself with?? Funny, very funny indeed.

  37. Who is we? I know your real name is not Jose. You are fishing....How much are you getting paid? Everyone is getting a cut from Maria Baez....How about Maria who lives in PA? Ummmmm let's see what is Maria promising you? She is in opportunist..... Oh yeah and Maria Baez claims to be a Christian, did you know that. Ask her what church she is attending? And the other thing is that when ALL OF YOU start running for office, the first people you run to is the churches and ask for support. It's OK for you to go to a church, ask for the pulpit, to let you speak and recruit for your campaing....?????? who are the hypocrits here?

  38. Real People RepresentationJune 30, 2009 at 12:45:00 AM EDT

    Anonymous, can you please change you rethoric and stop reapeating the same thing which will not change the facts of the reverend lier. You are very desperate and it is understandable because the true has come up of about Cabrera running as a Democrat when he was still a Republican last year. NOT REPUBLICAN IS RUNNING THE BRONX, NOT IN MY DISTRICT! NOT IN MY COMMUNITY, NO IN THE NAME OF THE DEMOCRATS.!

  39. Oh, my God! I just can't believe what I am reading. I rarely read these blogs, but I am so amazed. I just went a couple of weeks ago to see this reverend speaks, I was almost convinced he was the one, but after reading all of these and if there's proof that he was voted in Pelham last year, then he should be EXPELLED from this community ASAP for fake. I don't care if he teaches here, many teachers come to teach our children and adults and are not in touch with the reality of their students, seen it many many times. No outsider will represent me and my family for that matter, and to make things worst, he was a Republican, oh my God. All of my friends that thought of voting for him will definitely hear about this. A fake in the community was discovered. Oh my God.!

  40. I am a neutral observer here. I say the following: Cabrera could have made this better and easier if he were upfront from the beginning. If he has said from the start that he was a Republican and lived in Pelham, but switch and moved becasue he did not like what was going on in the district, that is one thing. But as it looks, it seems like he was trying to hide it...that my friends, is the problem I have...there is the appearance of dishonesty from a reverend. If you cannot trust an reverend to be honest, who can you trust.

  41. As for Tapia being a puppet of Baez, and running to have more candidates to make it easier for Baez to win...that argument makes no sense and the person who said it has no political sense. Baez would not want Tapia in the race. Without Tapia, Baez would be the only woman in the race and thus a better chance to win over several men.

  42. Blah Blah Blah Blah..

    The campaign is on the streets people. As usual, district 14 constituents will make their final informed decisions. We argue with each other as if the 15 people who respond to this blog perpetually are going to have random changes of heart. Everyone's picked a side,and win or lose, we'll all see that revolving our lives around a blog was a waste of time and energy. If we could put this time and energy on what really counts, "people".. everyone will benefit..

    Spare me the motivational speech about how blogging is "saving" the people. Go run a soup kitchen, volunteer at a shelter or clean a park.

  43. Hey Carlos,

    I laugh too when the Yudelka team comes up with these fictitious people blogging and saying they are "surprise". We know it is the Yudelka team writing these things up. The same two people. LOL.

    What we have here is a classic scene of character assasination. We are still awaiting for numerous apologies from Yudelka to come forth. Yudelka=LIAR and HiPROCRATE.

    By the way, what institutions or good has Yudelka ever pioneer in the community? Answer=nothing.

  44. Carlos,

    I agree with you. Yudelka taking a group of people to Cabrera's westchester home was low. And at the same time just tells you her sound of judgement is. Instead of utilizing all those people in petitioning for her campaing, she wasted her time and signatures. You cannot continue to argue with narcissistic people.


    Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, need for admiration, extreme self-involvement, and lack of empathy for others. Individuals with this disorder are usually arrogantly self-assured and confident. They expect to be noticed as superior. Many highly successful individuals might be considered narcissistic. However, this disorder is only diagnosed when these behaviors become persistent and very disabling or distressing.

    Vulnerability in self-esteem makes individuals with this disorder very sensitive to criticism or defeat. Although they may not show it outwardly, criticism may haunt these individuals these individuals and may leave them feeling humiliated, degraded, hollow, and empty. They may react with disdain, rage, or defiant counterattack. Their social life is often impaired due to problems derived from entitlement, the need for admiration, and the relative disregard for the sensitivities of others. Though their excessive ambition and confidence may lead to high achievement; performance may be disrupted due to intolerance of criticism or defeat. Sometimes vocational functioning can be very low, reflecting an unwillingness to take a risk in competitive or other situations in which defeat is possible. Individuals with this disorder have special difficulties adjusting to growing old and losing their former ?superiority?.


    In this disorder, sustained feelings of shame or humiliation and the attendant self-criticism may be associated with social withdrawal, depressed mood, and Dysthymic or Major Depressive Disorder. In contrast, sustained periods of grandiosity may be associated with a hypomanic mood. Anorexia Nervosa, Substance-Related Disorders (especially related to cocaine), and other Personality Disorders (especially Histrionic, Borderline, Antisocial, and Paranoid) frequently co-occur with this disorder.


    Narcissistic traits are very common in adolescents, but most adolescents grow out of this behavior. Unfortunately, for some, this narcissistic behavior persists and intensifies into adulthood; thus they become diagnosed with this disorder.

    So bottom line we are dealing with immature people.

  45. Real People RepresentationJune 30, 2009 at 9:57:00 AM EDT

    Anonymous, the truth, I understand, it is hard to handle and process, where as Jose have pointed, the evidence are tangibles. I am dying to see them and unmasked the dishonest and lair reverend. The District #14 residents deserve respect and somebody who look after them by staying in the community. The resident of District #14, indeed deserve someone from the neighborhood who has not never moved out but stay to fight as a real community activist. THE BRONX IS NOT FOR SALE TO A REPUBLICAN FROM PELHAM.

  46. blah, blah, blah........logging off.....the person you need to confront is the candidate whom you literly "HATE" - interesting isn't hate considered a sin as compared to "LYING" maybe you should check out your heart....WHAT IS KILLING YOU! What is the root of your bitterness?????????????

  47. Real People RepresentationJune 30, 2009 at 10:23:00 AM EDT

    You are so hillarious.!!! You loggin off because you are not being efficient and can't handle all the proof. yes, I could see that. Let know your co-workers that the truth has surfaced and will prevail. Have a great day.

  48. In the words of Jack Nicholson, "You can't handle the truth." LOL

    If only Bronx Politics had a Few Good Men like Cabrera in office..

    Thats my opinion, I'm entitled to it.. No need to argue or debate.

    Did anyone see Transformers 2?

  49. Manuel,

    Can't wait to see the movie.....! I will keep you posted on my reviews about the movie.

    Also, what do you think about Michael Jackson and his death?

  50. no need to argue or debate?

    many questions remain unanswered, and i've drawn a conclusion from reading these comments. it's apparent that one side is avioding transparent questions, which does not help their case.

    i was sure who i would for before, now i'm not.

    this is the nature of democracy. information helps people make informed decisions. being condescending or dismissive is not the way to handle it.

  51. StopAbusing the BronxNowJune 30, 2009 at 1:50:00 PM EDT

    Anonymous above I like your point. I agree with you that the statement posted keep on being unanswered, keep on insisting that changing party and address is ok. No, it is not. It's inmoral, and double inmoral coming from a "reverend." Please, respect the Bronx where our children, seniors and the whole population deserve better that a camouflage religous man from Westchester. We are not products a Republican could come and put a price tag on us. The majority of the people residing here are hard working individuals, mostly immigrants, sending their children to the worst schools in the City, with the worst salaries, placing many of us under the poverty level line, and living in environmentally-discrimanated neighborhoods.

    Keep your interest out of my community. Go and fool the rich people of Westchester and see how lucky you get.

  52. OMG you people are crazy, he has not denied and isn't trying to hide it. And I think working as a school counselor for 10+ yrs in the NYC board of Ed qualifies him as "being in touch." Walton High, Evander HS...

    I am interested in Transformers reviews...LOL!

  53. Real People RepresentationJune 30, 2009 at 3:04:00 PM EDT

    No, it does not qualify as being in touch. He would work here, get his paycheck , get into his car, and drive AWAY for half hour, back to SUBURBIA to his comfortable neighborhood. All of my friends do that, and I do not consider them part of my community. Teach in the city, get the pay the board of education offers, and the perks, then go back to his upstate home to enjoy life.

    What, dont' tell me he got tired of living comfortably. YOU ALMOST GOT IT THIS TIME, BUT SORRY DUDE, I mean FuenShua...!

  54. Um no "Real People" while he was working in the NYC public school system he was a Bronx resident...which means he would leave Walton and Evander Childs High School and get in his car and drive to his Bronx residence...So I actually do got it Dude!

  55. I think somebody killed Michael Jackson

  56. Real People RepresentationJune 30, 2009 at 9:58:00 PM EDT

    Which residence in the Bronx? There's nothing that relates him to any residence in the Bronx until 10 months ago. I bet he has never lived in the #14 district. MY DISTRICT IS NOT FOR SALE TO A REPUBLICAN FROM SUBURBIA. Thanks.

  57. Real People RepresentationJune 30, 2009 at 10:02:00 PM EDT

    Look, FuenShua, we have enough with Pedro Espada, Jr. We definitely do not need another one. That's the least the district needs right now. We need real representation, from a real community activist, somebody who looks like the constituents from District #14. No somebody who has used the Bronx to get tax-exempt for running a church.

  58. Hey Timothy,

    Sad Michael Jackson died! Hope and pray for the family. Specially his children.

  59. LOL. Hugo & Timothy. pathetic.

  60. I respect everyone's opinions and comments. I find it very disturbing for some like Reverend Cabrera to straight up lie to the Working Families Party by saying he was a Republican when he was a kid when in fact it's as recent as 2008. 2nd, the Reverend has no idea what is like to live in the 14th District vs Pelham (until most recently). May God Bless him for his success but the fact still remains that he could only imagine how difficult it is for the average resident. 3rd, it does not matter what he (or his cronies) say from here on, CABRERA WAS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A REPUBLICAN AT HEART.

    And folks, let me be very clear: I do not support Yudelka. I also think she's the worst in the Dominican community and who thinks she knows everything. If I had to choose between the incumbent Baez Yudelka or Cabrera, I'm staying with Baez. And don't get me wrong, I want Baez out as bad as most folks but as they say: MEJOR UN DIABLO CONOCIDO QUE UNO POR CONOCER. If that young kid Yorman gets to make it on the ballot, then I might just go for him.

  61. Yea I'm going to pray for the whole Jackson family, it just so sad we all lost in Icon

  62. Real Representation...all im saying is lets stick to what is true and what is true is that although his entire stay in the Bronx from 1989 to 1997 was not in the district...he indeed resided in the Bronx for many years. And he has lived longer in the Bronx than in Pelham. And now he does reside on the Bronx again, in the district. Thats all im saying. Let's not get carried away with stretched out exaggerated twists on this matter. I believe someone earlier in this blog affirmed his daughters graduation from a public hs in the Bronx.
    Nice comment blogging...im out.

  63. Was anyone in this forum/blog at Valentine Ave, when Cabrera opened his store-front church there 20 years ago.. w/o a penny to his name, unable to afford an adequate speaker system? Or was anyone there when the church relocated to an empty garage on Webster ave, where rats and mice ran up and down the walls during the worship services? Or was anyone there when the church relocated to Morris ave, where there were drug spots on all 4 corners? (All in the Bronx BTW) If you were there, you'd realize that the reason for relocating was because of church growth... It was because the pastor of the church had a genuine interest in peoples lives.. because people were able to find jobs through the resources provided by the church.. because marriages on the brink of divorce found healing...because broken homes were restored.. because drug addicts were sent (FOR FREE) to one of the best drug rehab programs on the east coast (New Life for Youth)... because youth groups were created to keep kids off the street.. because when no one else would, the church provided for the essential needs of the community.. So to say that Cabrera and his family are not "in touch" with this community is absolutely preposterous. If you were to interview his congregants over the years, even to this day, you would find that he has done more for them than all NYC politicians combined. He has had more of an intimate impact in the lives of the people than you can imagine. Always remember this: A politician serves the community for a term, but a Pastor serves the community for life.

    On a side note:

    The 'coup de Senate' has infuriated democrats, not just in the Bronx, but across the state. If most of us could get our hands on Pedro Espada right now, we'd probably get locked up. Especially us, here in the Bronx... He's shamed, disgraced and embarrassed this borough. His mind is disconnected from that of the people he swore to serve.. But my concern is that we generalize his situation with that of Cabrera's.. As a family member of Cabrera, I can attest to the nature of his heart, and his personal and spiritual integrity. He's not out for gusto and prestige, comfy government jobs, or political clout. He sincerely wants to be able to affect change, at a greater level, in our surrounding community. So that the neighborhoods in which he's served throughout his 20+ yrs of pastoral care will be able to get the services and resources it needs. There is no other explanation or agenda that would drive this man to willingly put his life and his family under such public scrutiny and scorn. Of course, this is impossible to believe for those looking from the outside in. I just pray that God will somehow show you his heart from the inside out.

    Love and Respect to All...

    I can't wait to see Transformers 2, Im so behind..

  64. I'm sure if Hitler had children, they too could have attested to the nature of his heart. Get real, Carlos, not emotional.

    And his family is not under scrutiny. Only his residence & political affiliations. That is fair game in politics. Man up.

  65. If he did not have a problem changing affiliations and hidding it from the people he wishes to represent, and also moving to a district he has never lived before for the sake of running;
    Once, he is in power he would find eaisier to lie to the constituents and that's a huge problem.

    Lying and hiding crucial facts of someone's political affiliations when having political ambitions is unacceptable, and coming from a reverend even more shocking and inmoral.

  66. Yudelka, you did not have a problem supporting Nelson Castro a former Republican for Assembly last year. You also helped put Espada into the Senate. Maybe the reason the voters keep REJECTING you is because of your total and complete hypocrisy .

  67. OMG here we go again...Cabrera never hid anything. It's already been addressed in the Daily News. Seriously, get a clue.

  68. What do we call, marching in a parade July 2008 as a supposedly Democrat candidate running for City Council, when in fact the affiliation change happened in August 0f 2008 as well as the address change?

    Here, we go again, telling something repeatedly DOES NOT make true. get the FACTS.

    DEFINITION OF FACTS: a piece of information about circumstance that EXIST or EVENTS that has OCCURRED.

  69. Pardon me as I wipe my tears Anonymous,

    I was just replying to a previous poster who was implying that Cabrera was out of touch with the Bronx because he lived in Pelham and was a republican... Honestly, I've been a Bronx democrat my whole life and none of the democrats or republicans have helped me at all.. the bronx has been plagued w/ a bunch of dirty crooks.. your political party does not make you more qualified in any way.. I stick with whoever has a heart and passion for change and people.. the Bronx doesn't need a party leader, it needs a people leader.. so excuse my "emotion" when I express my opinion on the matter..

    I especially love how anonymous people hide their identities and then tell others to "man up."

    Spend your next 30 minutes thinking of a snappy comeback to get your cheerleaders hyped, but I'm done.. You're not worth a decent dialogue.

    In Conclusion,
    Does anyone want to go watch Transformers 2 with me?

  70. Carlos yes we would love to see Transformers with you, how about in Cancun, this weekend....LOL!

  71. Carlos, please can you change movie. How many times do you want to see the same movie.

    Ask your friends to lend you some of theirs. Here a list of movies I am sure they could you provide with.

    LIAR LIAR ( Starred by Fernando Cabrera, not Jim Carey)

    and the favorite of all which I highly recommend:

    I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (Specifically in August)

  72. Wow,

    That was slightly comedic. :) Thanks for the laugh. Very witty.

  73. you're welcome. Anytime!

  74. Wow! Juvenile to the next level. Yudelka should be embarrased.
    I'll see Transformers with Carlos. LOL!

  75. TrueChrist, Very clever!

  76. Nice TrueChrist!

    And Carlos, politics is tough work. If you or your family members can't take the heat, you know what to do. Sorry, but that post sounded really emotional; you even prayed to god. The issues that were being discussed 5 days ago on this blog, still remain.

  77. I was very reluctant to engage in this blog, but I could not resist some machista's commentary in it about Ms.Tapia. I don't know her personally, but I am sure she has been accused of thinking "she knows everything" because she stands on her own, it is probably outspoken, and it has education.

    Women are always in the background doing the work needed for efficiency and performance, that most men think we belong. We are alwyas so dedicated but yet unrecognized by some men.

    Until this machista thinking stops in our society, we are not going to be able to improve our society and show our chilren about their true potential regardless of gender.

    Don't attack women because they are outspoken, intelligent and are able to be brave enough to run for office. We do not appreciate it.

  78. Well-said Ms. Bronx.

  79. Notice how they prefusely the yudelka people avoid even addressing the FACT that she supporting Nelson Castro last year. WE all know Yudelka what YOU DID LAST SUMMER (punt intended). LOL. You can't escape the reality of your hipocrasy.

    Cabrera is the only one in this race who took his troops against Espada last year to help Senator Gonzalez. We KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER Yudelka, you helped Espada along with Maria Baez and Jose Rivera to empower Espada to win.

    The questions remain unanswer by Yudelka and the numerous apologies she needs to give out for false allegetations remain the same.

    All these false allegations were simply a last minute attempt to stop the avalanche of unions supporting Cabrera from coming out. Well, it did not work. All of the major unions keep aligning themselves with Cabrera, because they truly recoginize the true and honest leader in Cabrera. Everyone does except Yudelka and the very few blind followers she has. Get out of the Yudelka sinking ship while you can.

    Cabrera you got my vote!!!! You are the man for the hour.

  80. (O)(O)

    WOW.. Nice post anonymous, 6:11

  81. Cabrera is the man for the job because of his integrity. He is the only who deserve my vote for City council.

    Besides we do not want any Dominican to represent any district. They have to be out of their mind if they think anybody would like them to be in power. It's never going to happen, get real, the power in the Bronx does not belong to Dominicans.

  82. Wow.. Sabotage begins.. The previous anonymous blogger is definitely not a Cabrera supporter. If he, or she were, then they'd know that Cabreras part Dominican.. Sabotage? Really?

    that was dirty.. an all new low.. CHACHO

  83. Be more respectful of bloggers, Mr. Carlos. You should be careful with your accusations of others.

    Why are you saying that Cabrera is half? I have never heard that before and I used to his church. I will ask around about this. You are the one who is not a supporter. Why are you speculating this?

    Besides, we have to be honest we the fact that we do not want Dominicans in power. I believe in honesty and telling the truth so we are not like the others.
    I have left dedominations just because the leadership was not honest with the church-goers.

  84. In response to the last blogger. If you claimed that you went to Cabrera's church, obviously you weren't paying attention. His Grandfather was from Navarete, DR. - Hello just alone his last name... "CABRERA" tells you a lot. If you go to DR you will notice that almost every other business has the last name cabrera.

  85. You probably have been switching so much because you're flaky and lack commitment.. maybe cuz you don't want to be accountable to anyone.. maybe cuz God is exposing your sin at every church you go.. maybe cuz you cant stand the light.. maybe God and sin dont mix.. maybe you got religion.. but no relationship.. or maybe you are looking for the denomination of the frozen chosen.. maybe.. just maybe...you're the problem..

  86. You meant to say "Navarrete." I was a businessman for a long time, traveling back and forth to the Dominican Republic and I have never heard of "Navarete" so you are probably talking about another country, Not the Dominican Republic. I you look at a map, "Navarete" does not exist, a

    Stop speculating if you go to church and obey the words of God. False statement is a grave sin.

  87. Navarrete is a part of the district of Santiago. Maybe you need to do more traveling. LOL. This is the town of ex-presidente Joaquin Balaguer. But I am sure you already knew this.

    What I have not seen is an apology from Yudelka. I have seen the new article posted today in the blog about Dr. Fernando Cabrera? Yudelka, if you are a true honest person, you would apologize for your false accusations.

  88. I am glad you learned from me how to write Navarrete correctly. You got my blessings.

    Next time, check the spelling of a word before speculating.

  89. ...also Santiago is not a district, is a Province, more like a state. I have a book of geography that would serve you very well.

  90. You were the one speculating, since I am a different anonymous. I am not the one who wrote Navarrete with one "r". But in all fairness to you, it is no way for you to have known that.

    The real issue here is that Yudelka's camp is still avoiding giving an apology for all the false accusations. I am not surprise.

  91. Carlos...sabotage it is. Def not a Cabrera supporter. Slick.

  92. "I you look at a map, "Navarete" does not exist,a"


    How dare you be so facetious about a small typing error and you can't even use spell check yourself?
    The nerve of you, buznessman! Ohhh wait did I spell that right?

  93. It is very interesting how the Yudelka team has dminished themselves to an argument about typos, instead of apologizing to Fernando Cabrera for the false accusations and lies. The lastest bronxnewsnetwork.org article proved Cabrera right again. Now that we got the Yudelka's lies and drama out of the way, we can move on to dealing with the real issues of the community.

  94. Yudelka doesn't owe Fernando Cabrera an apology. She never lied about anything.

    And just because Mr. Cabrera justified his actions, does not mean they are correct or ethical. FYI, from a journalistic point of view, it was a very poorly-written article; it read more like an op-ed.

  95. Learn to spell Proper name correctly, especially when you are going to make thing up, you will be able to deceive people better.

    Having grandparents from a country, does not make the person half of the ethnicity, sorry but your calculations are completely wrong.
    It makes the person a quarter. THAT'S A FACT (See definition of facts at post on July 1, 12:15)

  96. Carlos said:

    ... your political party does not make you more qualified in any way.. I stick with whoever has a heart and passion for change and people...

    if that's the case, why did Cabrera switch parties???

  97. As a life long Democrat in living within the 14th district, Cabrera is taking us for fools!!!! The Bronx is FEED UP!!! Cabrera not living in Westchester and being a Republican is a pretty big deal. Some might even say HUGE! Sorry guys, this isn't something we can just brush off!!! Run in Westchester buddy! TAPIA YOU HAVE MY VOTE!

  98. Baez is a no show, so they say, but at least she has shown some results in the community. Cabrera switched parties and moved into the bronx in 2009 (Espada-esque), he is confUSING his congregation, has no history in leadership or politics, he is an opportunist to the core and an outsider...where are the results, where is the evidence he can do the job, I don't see it. Tapia ?????? at least she is from the district, has some experience and hasn't lied to us like the Rev has. Slim pickings but I am going with Tapia

  99. To all those bragging about Cabrera's Working Families Party endorsement: the WFP has OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWN its support of the lying reverend. And by doing so, they prove that they are working in the best interests of the community.

    Fernando Cabrera is a lying Republican from Westchester and he WILL NOT be elected in the BRONX.


  100. This guy Timothy Tapia is a straight up idiot. This is what the educational system is producing??? your school should should be ashamed, you need Writing 101. Do yourself and your pastor a favor and stop posting, but if you are please stick to the issue. Your Pastoe was a republican and then changed but at best concealed it. If party does not matter and he is trusting God, then why did he change parties? Second, everyone knows that he just moved into his Bronx residence. Timothy T be honest, since he can't, and tell us when he moved in, not when he purchased but when he moved in, if you don't know ask him. Don't be so quick to support a liar, if he can lie right in your face now, what makes you beleive that he won't do it later. The real issue is integrity and honesty, neither one of which he has shown. And by the way, it's God who heals not Pastors...or is he lying to you about that too

  101. so in summary-----Cabrera supporters talk about integrity, leadership, being real etc...but in the integrity department he has blown it as he lied about where he lives, an interview he agreed to says he moved into his current home last year, but he knows, his supporters know and his neighbors know that he moved in this past May. He just changed his party lines to Democrat specifically to run in this district. Leadership of what??? What has he done? Protesting about the Fordaham Library does not cut it. Anyway he wasn't the first to voice dissent about the Library, it was Yorman who spoke first and spoke loudest. No one has heard of this guy Cabrera ever. Yudelka Tapia may have lost elections but at least she has run for office in the past...and by the way losing doesn't make a person unqualified. She has been honest about herself and her campaign thats more than Cabrera can say. And what about Mr. Cabrera's stance on gay marraige and a woman's right to choose. Why don't his supporters chime in on this? So, he has no experience, no past evidence of ever having done anything substantial in the community, and I don't want to hear about what he has done for the church, that's not the community, he is a liar about where he lives and a deceiving opportunist about his party affiliation. Can someone Tell me again why he should get my vote...loyalty is a great thing only when it's based on facts and principles that merit it. Cabrera hasn't shown these. Please dont post irrelelvant responses, it would be nice to hear rsponses to the statememts in this post

  102. Feed up with the BullshitSeptember 7, 2009 at 1:09:00 PM EDT

    yo who the fuck cares when Cabrera became Democratic and when he fucking moved to the bronx, the fact of the matter is that he is fucking running and quess what motherfuckers he is going to win... bunch of asshole. give it up already with this Bullshit back and forth... you are all trying to sound like you know something you you all don't know a mother fucking thing how bout that!!!! you all a bunch of ignorant trying to sound fucking good about when and how this one came to the bronx, how this one has to apologize and how this one is a liar etc... fuck all you mother fuckers and get a fucking life yo!!!! Deal with it with a big H Fernando Cabrera will be our next Bronx Counselman for District 14.... Deal with it!!!!

  103. Wow, how sad. You really need a lot of help. I hope you get it soon.


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