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Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Fire in Norwood in 51 days.

By now most of you have read the News and seen the destruction caused by the early morning fire on 204 street in the Norwood section of the Bronx.
The phone rang at 4:45 am and I thought "It cannot be another fire". The last time I had received an early morning call it was October 31 and we lost more than 10 businesses on Bainbridge ave. Here are some of the photographs I made while I watched my family's favorite store burn (Foodtown). "Where are we going to buy ice cream" was my 5 year old daughters reaction. The last quarter of 2009 has not been good for Our community. We are a close knit community here in Norwood. Thanks to my friend's call I was one of the first photographers to get to the location. You can see the empty snow covered lot created by the October 31st fire in the last photograph of the slide show


  1. This is ridiculous, no one these fires are accidental.

  2. No way these fires are accidental is what I meant to say

  3. this is the closest supermarket to me. now I have to trek even farther to eat. somethings fishy about this.

  4. This seems very suspicious, this is the 3rd fire in the the same area this year and about two months ago it smelled like a fire in the 205th Street train station.

  5. what's the status of the investigation on the last one? interesting that i have seen nor heard a report of any sort. hmmmm.....

  6. I was a life long resident of 204th, having grown up there. I graduated St. Brendan's in the late 60's, relocated, then returned to Hull Ave in 1975. This was my home for the next 23 years. I moved to Dutchess County in early 1998 and have been here since. I feel compelled to write because even though I'm not there anymore it's still "the neighborhood"!!! It will probably always feel like that. I love the neighborhood!!! I was witness to generations of families that lived there. Kids I new from school, their parents and grandparents... and then later their children and grandchildren. I'm sure that by now some may even have great grandchildren.

    Anyway, I was moved by the devistation of the two fires. I hope that this "Investigation" reveals the true cause. It's really hard to believe that in all the years I was there the only other fire that comes close to this was on the corner of Decatur and 204th, when "Leroy Pharmacy" burned and that was in the 60's. There have been other fires through the years but never like these two in two months of each other. I sincerely hope that if someone is responsible, they will be identified and punished. My heart goes out to those of you that have to see the destuction every day. I will pray that the New Year will bring hope for a restored 204th. mm

  7. My heart goes out to all the workers now jobless right before Christmas and talk about a bummer way to get into the new year!
    Anyone with half a brain can see the pattern now, trust me, this is no accident. 2 fires right after each other? Why is there no report on the first investigation yet?
    We live a few blocks away and love this area (have lived here almost 10 years). So sad to see it turn to rubble!

  8. Who is the investigative reporter with access to the FDNY officials as they gather evidence?

  9. Has the mayor shown any interest? Has he even visited the area?
    Is there another plan for this area?...Are they trying to drive people away from the neighborhood?
    Why? So it can become a high rent district?

    Will someone be setting houses and apartments on fire next??? We want answers.

  10. These fires definitely seem suspicious. I can't help trying to contect the dots between this and the dealings with the Kingsbridge armory. Would it shock anyone to see that a year from now the businesses that wanted into the armory are over in Norwood?

  11. I hope not a negative outcome of this fire.We need to continue reaising our families in this great community, we have lived here for over 25 years.I Feel This is all related to people that are having a difficult time now.The New Owners of these locations are also struggling to pay these mortages. So you can see what it's in their mind is to BAIL OUT somehow.We are all in the same situation. GOD BLESS US IN NORWOOD!

  12. It's not only in Norwood. How about Southern Boulevard, White Plains Road, Westchester Square, Boston Road? What about those fires? Something is amiss and whoever is doing this must be brought to justice...

    Let's not lower ourselves to racism and posturing, because we'd be just as bad as the criminals who are doing this, really.


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