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Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Done: Armory Proposal Voted Down 45-1

The final vote was 45 to 1 with one abstention (Katz).
Headed outside now for what presumably will be a KARA press conference.


  1. So I ask all of the vociferous ideologues, who shout down anyone who wanted something to be built at the Armory, "What now?" What is your ideal(and realistic) goal for the Armory?

  2. @BoogieDowner: Maybe the people of the bronx form a Co-op and buy the armory for the $5 million!

  3. Um...the people of the Bronx CAN'T buy the armory for the $5 million because the City Council just VOTED DOWN the land use action needed to approve the sale of city-owned property (to anyone). NOBODY can buy the Armory now. Next idea? Oh, and by the way, the Council also saw fit to vote down the separate demapping of a portion of 195th Street to facilitate the buidling of schools on the National Guard part of the property. Guess they didn't really read what they were voting on...

  4. @BoogieDowner: So its back to the drawing board in more ways than one!
    I think some of us should put our heads together and draw up an overall Vision Statement for what we think the armory can and should be used for.
    I think the time is write for a armory FAQ.

  5. Where's KARA's plan or Ruben Diaz's plan or the City Council's plan? Shouldn't it(they) have had a plan in case it(they) was(were) victorious in killing the project? What exactly is being celebrated by KARA et alia this evening?

    I apologize for being so vocal about this (I know a lot of people enjoy a monolithic Bronx message), but I truly feel that this was a major step back in terms of job creation and greasing the wheels of the local economy. In what world is no job better than a paying job (even at minimum wage).

  6. we'll try to have some of those questions answered on BronxTalk tonight beginning at 9pm (channel 67). if you don't like what you hear, why not call in and have your say?

  7. This is just plain bad business. Diaz got to flex his political muscle though although he loses the game of chicken with Related as they walk away.

    Worst though is that armory will remian unused and undeveloped for at least another ten years and by the way, what IS the plan for addressing the 13% plus unemployment rate in the Bronx?

  8. This is Mark Rodriguez from The Political Parent Party and as the saying goes; Where there is a will there is a way. As I have been preaching, The Armory would be a great location for a manufacturing plant especially a Bread & Cookie Plant now that Stella D'Oro is gone. I will be more than happy to be in a taskforce to discuss this idea. Also I invite all to contact me at mrod2010@optimum.net with their feedback. Thank you.


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