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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bronx News Roundup, Dec. 23

Yesterday night, police found a 20 month-old baby who was abducted by her troubled 13 year-old aunt earlier in the afternoon. The baby is uninjured and now safe at home with her family.

The Daily News recently interviewed Vada Vasquez, who was shot in the head by a stray bullet in Morrisana on November 16, in her Soundview home.Vasquez has almost made a full recovery from the shooting.

Police are investigating the events of Monday evening's two shootings in the Bronx. Four people were shot in Mount Eden and one person was shot in Claremont Village.

Jose Velazquez, the founder of a construction company in the Bronx said of the Kingsbridge Armory, "Killing the project will deny my small business the opportunity to create jobs in the Bronx" in an opinion piece published in the Daily News.

Today, the Daily News covered the 204th Street fire and compared it to a slew of other commercial fires in the Bronx this past year.

In other fire news, an arsonist is still on the loose at the Marble Hill Houses, where there have been nine reported fires from May to September of this year.

If you are looking for a unique holiday gift, look no further than the Church of the Holy Family in the Bronx, where Father O'Connor sells high-fashion, organic clothes, which were featured in Vogue. Profits from the clothes go to helping his church and Indians in Guatemala who make the fabric.


  1. This is Mark Rodriguez of The Political Parent Party and this comment is to Jose Velasquez. Just because the NYC Council said no to Related on The Armory, why do we feel that something better cannot be done? We should stand behind Ruben Diaz Jr. and tell The Gringos that we too are educated, have ideas and also have money for investment and development. Stop the "Ay Bendito" mentality and lets unite to form a taskforce to formulate a manufacturing plan for The Armory. Jose, you will still have an opportunity. I invite all to contact me at mrod2010@optimum.net to make this idea come true! Thank you

  2. Hey Mark,

    As much as I would support a green manufacturing project at the Armory, I find your use of the term "Gringo" very offensive.

    If it is being used as a derogatory term for white people, it's clearly offensive. If it's being used as a generic term for Americans (from the United States)it doesn't make much sense. Are Bronx residents (or Latino Bronx residents) not American? Very poor choice of words. What does race, ethnicity, or nationality have to do with the Armory redevelopment?

  3. This is Mark Rodriguez from The Political Parent Party and I wish to respond to Boogiedowner. As an accountant working in Corporate America, I had to deal with the racist mentality of top management where Blacks and Latinos "could not" acheive much without "their" help. This is why I understood what Sonia Sotomayor went through before her Supreme Court Confirmation. The "Gringos" could not accept the fact that a Puerto Rican Latina from The Bronx could "acheive" such a position. Until WE start believing in ourselves that WE can also accomplish things, WE will continue to be enslaved in this economic plantation allowing others to dictate our lives. Is this what you really want? So again I offer all an invite to meet to create a proposal for The Armory to show that WE have the talent and resources to acheive something great for ALL the people of The Bronx. Thank you. So Boogiedowner, don't take offense, we are all in it together. Peace.

  4. I don't understand the last posting by Mark Rodriguez... .It sounds like he's identifying all white people as "Gringos" in some kind of us-against-them struggle.

    And then he concludes "we are all in it together?" By "we" he must mean only the "Blacks and Latinos" in the neighborhood, and not their white neighbors who are apparently trying to keep them down?

    There was no reason to introduce race into this issue. If we're in this together, let's not start dividing ourselves up in the first place!

  5. Still pretty offensive to me, Mark. I am a white Bronxite and I feel left our by your comments. This is about ALL Bronxites, not just Blacks and Latinos. What about Italian, Iriah, Albanian, Jewish, Bangledeshi, etc. Bronxites? Do we not have a seat at the table. It troubles me that you put the Armory in an US versus THEM scenario, in which I end up on the THEM side simply becuase I am a European American. This saddend me, Mark.

  6. This is Mark Rodriguez from The Political Parent Party and to all who have misunderstood my comment, maybe I will rephrase it as "The Haves and Have Nots". This way no one gets offended by race. My point was and is that The Bronx has had the "Fort Apache" stereotype where "The Haves" looked at us "Have Nots" as a people (all races included)that could not do anything for ourselves. If you read your history, this has been going on since the time of Christopher Columbus right through the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's. Wall Street (all races included) will always look down upon Main Street (all races included). The Armory is our chance to prove them wrong. Look it how the media has blasted Ruben Diaz Jr. (a Latino who is defending ALL of us)So again,the reality is US (The Have Nots) vs THEM (The Haves).

  7. Mark,

    I still think your approach too simple and antagonistic. Often what works is for "Have Nots" to come up with ideas that help themselves by benefiting the "Haves" too. Something for eeveryone.

    Asking people with no resources to fight people with all the resources can bee banging your head against wall.

    Often better to find way to work WITH them, instead of everything has to be fighting. Besides, theyre not alway bad people, and theyre not alway rong. Be skeptical, be strong, but dont be stupid!

    There ARE times to fight. But when you the little guy, its not good to always be LOOKING for fights...

  8. give me a break. nobody ''misunderstood.'' the word ''gringo'' was purfectly clear.


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