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Monday, December 14, 2009

Armory Liveblogging continued

Liveblogging Armory Council vote

12:35 Quinn is talking now. Says they're disappointed they couldn't come to an agreement with the administration. Urging all colleagues to vote to disapprove the proposal today.
"After numerous and lenghthy discussions, there's a significant public health and traffic impact. We cannot approve a project that brings more people to an already crowded area.  .. without a true plan to deal with that traffic congestion."
Other issues important and significant but not part of vote today, she said. :Current plan is simply not hte right proposoal for the residents of this community at this time." Praises Annabel Palma, Bx delegation leader, and her Bronx colleagues.
Meant to mention earlier that Mayor Bloomberg has flown off to Copenhagen for the climate conference.
12:40 Vote happening now. Council Barron wants to speak before vote. Calls it a "historic vote." Can't remember another vote like this by the City Council. good to see mayor and council disagree which rarely happens. We're here to be a check and balance to the mayor,  not a stamp of approval on every project the mayor wants."  Says he's very pleased (this is news itself probably). Says its good to be in majority for a change and mentions that Avella and he are usually
Everyone's voting yes, to reject the project, so far.
Helen Foster is speaking now. She says its history, too.
Thanks Councilman Koppell, and says he will stand with delegation even though he has borne the brunt of negotiations. She votes yes. No "no" votes yet and th
Letitia James now. "Today we honor the dream that people who work hard will be able to provide for their families." Votes aye/yes and congratulates Bx for sticking together.
Koppell votes yes.
John Liu, who will be city comptroller, speaking now. "Sets standard for accountability."
Mark-Viverito who represents part of the Bronx votes aye.
Sanders votes aye.
Helen Sears of Queens asks to explain vote, which will be "no," the first one. Probably the first time, she says, that she has not agreed with her colleagues in 8 years. Cites "slow economic recover" and cuts to city by governor.  Tying this bill to living wage is complicated legal issue that requires resolution of a number of legal issues. "We are stopping the engine of job creation. Let's not mix apples and oranges."
Joel asking her to wrap up. She keeps talking. She votes no.

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  1. WOW ...........thanks for this update. This is great. The update is great and the vote is just unbelievable. Thanks to all.


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