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Monday, July 13, 2009

Espada Hits the Mail

Hardly skipping a beat after the apparent resolution of the month-long leadership crisis in the state Senate that he triggered almost single-handedly, Pedro Espada, Jr., senator for the 33rd District, just sent out a mailing to his constituents touting his "accomplishments." With breathtaking chutzpah, he takes credit for more cops on city streets, presumably because the legislature could finally approve the hike in the city's sales tax once Espada defected back to the Dems after paralyzing local governments dependent on Albany actiion with his original flip to the GOP. Sen. Espada also congratulates himself on "affordable housing," a claim sure to enrage tenant advocates who were trying to get him to address vacancy decontrol and other pro-tenant legislation before all hell broke lose in the Capitol.

We have some calls in to Sen. Espada and the legislature to find out how much he spent on his mailing which was paid for with Senate funds allotted to each member.

We'd also like to know if the mailing was sent to all of his constituents. If you live in the 33rd District, please let us know whether or not you've received this mailing. Thanks!



  1. this is precisely what could be happening a year from now if we elect another republican in the bronx. right now we have time on our side and can prevent it. this is a unique moment in bronx history.

  2. I recevied the mailing and was flabbergasted. It arrived on the same day he was named senate majority leader. Just incredible.

    My favorite part of it is where he invites his constituents to talk with him about local concerns. Where exactly does he plan to have those discusssions? At his office in albany?

    Also, it's a very unusual size and that generally means that it costs more to print than the average brochure.

    The origin of it, who paid for it, etc. are all questions that need to get answered. Your word, "chutzpah" is putting it mildly. This man is completely out of control.

  3. I received the mailing. This man will never get my vote.

  4. My son and his friend with the Hispanic surname who used to live with us received the mailing, but us old middle aged voters with the non Hispanic surname were passed over. Espada seems to wear Latino colored glasses and have government monies co-mingling practices. We voted in the primary and we voted for the other guy. Don't blame us!

  5. Regardless of how you feel about Pedro Espada, the man has THE HAIR OF A GOD. Black, wavy, thick (but not course)

    Not a string of hair is ever out of place -- yet you don't see him spending a lot of time combing it.

    This glossy, colorful mailer shows his head of hair in all its glory.

    That is something we can all get behind.

  6. There aren't any elected Republicans in the Bronx,so how can we elect 'another one"?

  7. Espada is the first; a registered democrat with republican ideals. That is what I meant.

  8. Ideals? Espada has NO ideals! That's the point of this whole exercise. He doesn't stand for anything other than advancing himself. He would go as far as paralyzing the entire state of NY if it means he can move himself forward.... and that's exactly what he did.

    And that's another lesson of this brochure. He had the chance to grab public money to put it out and so he did even though the content is a work of fiction. But that doesn't matter to him, nor does the fact that it was on your dime, just so long as it perpetuates Pedro Espada, Jr.

    Furthermore, anyone who says this is about having a Latino in high office needs to have their head examined. Sonia Sotomayor is pride for Hispanic people. Espada is the shame.

  9. Since none of his multiple campaign committees has been "active" in years, it certainly will be interesting to see where the money for the mailing came from.

  10. The money didn't come from his campaign. It was paid for by the state Senate, as most constituent mailings of this type are.

  11. This charlatan used a Public School play yard on several Saturdays to give out free food and school supplies. Were these expenses in his campaign? Apparently not. According to the record, he spent nothing to get elected. Those who showed up [invitations were sent to them by using voter lists] were asked to sign their names on a list which turned out to be a Bd. of Elections petition. What we have here is a modern day Caesar replete with bread [his free food] and circuses [his performance as a clown, i.e. a coarse or vulgar person, in Albany] for the masses in his district where he neither resides nor has an office.

    Anyone who votes for Espada, AKA Dino, "Democrat In Name Only" - NY Daily News, in the next election will either have to be very hungry or a circus fanatic or maybe both.

  12. Is Mamaroneck now part of da Bronx?


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