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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stella D'oro Strike Over

A judge ruled today in favor the Bronx cookie factory's long-suffering and striking workers.

Here's the story in the Norwood News about the strike, from May.


  1. I've been up and down that block a couple of times, and have seen the people standing in protest. I'm glad they were able to reach a happy medium. Good job guys.

  2. cookies are overpriced and overrated

  3. Does this mean I can eat cookies again! It was so worth it, boycotting! I hope the workers can live with the decision! In solidarity...

  4. good for them people now what they win 90 of work in a place tha dont want them the company will close for good in october and now what no more jobs no more scabs what you win work for 90 days

  5. good job close the company bravo for the union

  6. Now 2 sets of employees lost their jobs. The original workers and the replacements. Way to go union !!!

    I guess everything you had wasn't enough, and you wanted more. You should give back thier union dues.

  7. But the idiots that made the poor workers strike are now closing the company in October. What a great pair of people they are.

  8. The general tone of many of these comments is exactly why this country is so screwed up. No one's mad at the greedy ___________s who have to make, not an honest profit, but a killing. That bakery is owned,not by the original family who, along with the workers, built the business, but a hedge fund that just wants to sell it again and promises their clients a 35% return on their money, which, by the way isn't taxed like hourly wages. Sheesh, talk about divide and conquer! Americans are so easy to rule because it's every slave for him/herself !
    The world's biggest suckers, believing rich people are better than you and me, so they deserve to get even richer at our expense!

  9. Thats it blame the owners. I would have sold
    it to. thanx to the union and the nlrb


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