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Monday, March 8, 2010

Cabrera Unveils New Web Site

Earlier today, Councilman Fernando Cabrera unveiled a new Web site (councilmancabrera.com) that he says constituents can use to log complaints (using a handy Google Maps application), alert the councilman to problems and find out about policy issues and news.

“I want people in the community to feel like they can access my office for their needs and concerns,” Cabrera said in a statement. “By incorporating new technology and utilizing tools that are now available to us, we are bringing the community into the process in unprecedented ways.”

Cabrera's office says he's the first Council member to use the Google Maps local reporting technology.


  1. Councilman Cabrera has gotta be one of the most cutting edge " Men of the People " I have seen in a long time. With an office that is equip with top notch Leadership In Greg Faukner, as well as being fueled with a Young Knowledgeable staff that seems to look at every issue left unaddressed by the prior establishment as, 1 More Victory for the Good Guys. I see GREAT THINGS in the near FUTURE. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Councilman Cabrera's Office, and have but two words for Him as well as them, " Shining Stars ". Its only now that I see that my vote finally meant something.

  2. I am so excited to see that Councilman Cabrera and his office are actually working to better serve the community and the people of the 14th council District in the bronx. He has put hope in District 14 and had made me a believer on elected officials once again. Thank You Councilman Cabrera!!

  3. Jonathan Melendez "Faithful Bronxite"March 9, 2010 at 11:09:00 AM EST

    LETS GO CABRERA!!!!!.......This is EXACTLY what we need in the bronx. A Honest, Hard Working Council Member who is fighting for the people and the community. I actually saw Cabrera with the news fighting to stop burger king from selling alcohol. I was happy to see that he is not just sitting in his office but actually out in the community working to bring change.

  4. Ellenor Schultz (Former Baez Supporter)March 9, 2010 at 11:17:00 AM EST

    "Then i saw his face, NOW IM A BELIEVER!!"........I can honestly and openly say that i was a Maria baez supporter but now i have seen and now believe that Fernando Cabrera was the right man for the job. He has gained my confindence and trust. I also want to thank his energetic staff for their fast and punctual responce on the fire that took place on friday March 5, 2010 at my church St. Samuel of tolentine church. Good work never goes unseen.

  5. OK -- Cabrera seems to be doing a better job than Baez, not exactly setting the bar very high. Kudos nonetheless.

    I'm sorry, but I am left wondering if all these enthusiastic responses aren't orchestrated -- Especially "Ellenor Schultz" who claims to be a parishioner at St. Nicholas of Tolentine, but thinks the name of the Church is "St. Samuel". There have been other comments in previous stories on Cabrera that left me wondering as well.

    I'm actually inclined to like and support Mr. Cabrera, but if his supporters continue with such ham-handed attempts to get the public to like him more, I may actually change my opinion.

  6. I don't live in this district, but I'm in it frequently. Glad to hear Cabrera & his staff are working for the people. This community deserves to be valued and appreciated. Go Cabrera!

    PS: haters hate.. Followers follow.. Keep doing what you're doing! That's the best way to "sway" the public opinion.

  7. Thats right.... Haters will be haters. Funny how Anonymous doesnt have a face. I cant stand Anonymous bloggers but hey, everyone has an opinion right?.....2 camps couldnt stop Cabrera during campaign season so 1 persons obnoxious comments will not stop the flow of greatness that will spring from his office. Good Job Cabrera!!

  8. Funny enough that Cabrera is utilizing the district 14 Google map generated by Yudelka Tapia's campaign. I hope they will use this neat feature for it has a lot of potential. Best of luck!

    PS. It is kind of a downer that Councilman Cabrera didn't reach out to Tapia, to see how they could work together. At the end of the day it is about unity and trying to do the best for the district and Tapia had a lot of young and energetic talent.

  9. Just an FYI people the last post didnt come from the same blogger. My name is James McFadden. I am a school teacher in the district that has been serviced by Councilman Cabreras office and i must say that they are fast and produce great work from that office.

  10. John, but call me anonymousMarch 10, 2010 at 1:44:00 PM EST

    How exactly is posting as "James" or "Carlos" any less anonymous than posting as "Anonymous"? Seems to me if you are going to be critical of anonymous posters you need to fully identify yourself.

    Many of the posts in this thread are just over the top in their praise of Mr. Cabrera and they lack credibility. Re-read the first post ,identified as "anonymous" (no criticism from "James" of that poster, hmm... I wonder why?) Come on. Really? Whom does the writer think he/she is convincing? Certainly not an objective reader. If you want to convince people that Cabrera is a great councilperson - give us some facts -not silly, over the top phrases like "Shining Stars". "Ellenor Schultz" another Cabrera supporter wants us to believe she used to be a supporter of Ms. Baez. She adapts the lyrics of a Monkees' classic and tells us just that just looking at the Councilman's face converted her and made her a "believer". That's just scary, almost cult-like. I'll just say it -- I really doubt "Ellenor Schultz" exists. If she does, why would she claim to be parishioner of a non-existent "St. Samuel of Tolentine"

    Honestly -- all this is said not to hurt Mr. Cabrera. From the facts I know --he is clearly a much better Councilperson than Baez. My hope is that his supporters who post comments here will stop the silly over-the-top praise. It does not help him and may actually hurt him.

  11. YUDELKA TAPIA!!!....Are we talking about the same Yudelka Tapia that LIED about reaching out to Councilman Cabrera to congradulate him on his victory?.....This must be a joke!!. Look "James", All Yudelka did was go to the board of elections website and copy/paste the council district map in to the body of a website and used that to display what area the 14th council district covers. Please dont try to sit there and compare that to what Cabreras office is doing. Cabreras office is the FIRST and ONLY! city elected official to use the software to better serve his district.

    Why is it that everytime Cabrera gets recognized for doing a great work in his distric people want to rub his name in the dirt....But i see whats going on here.....We have someone people with unresolved sore losing attitudes.

    If Mr. "James" and "Anonymous" are so concerned about the district and its people instead of trying to trash Cabrera how about you use your energy and go to 107 E. Burnside Ave and pay his office a visit and see what can you do to make better use of your time then writing unvalied post.

    Hey Also, "James"......If you would like here is the info on how Yudelka Tapia can reach Councilman Cabrera and his office.



    Have her take a look and get in touch with them. Im just saying....If she indeed has the young and energetic talent and has the passion to help the people of her district then it shouldnt matter wheather shes doing it as a council member or not correct?....Just something to think about.

  12. Why so much resentment from the Cabrera camp? Yudelka did not create her website, I did! You obviously abstain from visiting the site and seeing it for yourself. Here, i'll provide the link to it. www.yudelkatapia.com. There you will see that our campaign generated a custom map of district 14, very similar to the one Cabrera is now using, not saying he "stole it" just saying it was quite the funny coincidence (haha..it still makes me giggle). It was innovative, smart and developed in August.

    Although the election did not produce the results we hoped for, we do take pride in developing this technology on our own. So before you throw your bitter comments around and try to discredit MY LABOR, do your research and at least have evidence to back it up. I know I'm doing my part to better the district.

    By the way, Yudelka is a grown woman I'm sure she knows how to get in touch with whom ever she wishes.



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