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Friday, March 19, 2010

Espada to Host Town Hall Meeting (From Albany)

State Senator Pedro Espada will host a town hall meeting this Sunday "live from the Senate chamber floor."  His constituents (and anyone else for that matter) can watch proceedings online or on BRONXNET, or listen in by phone.  Questions for Espada can be submitted in advance. Here's the flyer:

Virtual Town Hall


  1. When will Espada do a Town Hall in the district so he can really hear from his constituents? Doing this in Albany is just a way of avoiding the hard questions people will have for him.

  2. Why doesn't he hold it on Mars? His connection with the people in his district, where he does not live, could be measured in light years. Even better, why doesn't he hold it in Pelham, it's closer than Mars.

  3. Well, leave a hard question on 800-930-9964 and see if he'll answer it. There's nothing stopping you or anyone from leaving several questions there.

    Espada is in his district offices at the end of every week - there's nothing stopping a citizen from making an appt or walking in there with a hard question. He answers hard questions every day.

    And the best part of virtual town halls is that everyone can participate. Do you know how hard it is for parents or disabled people to get to a meeting? This way they can simple log online to live chat or call the 800 number.

  4. You couldn't make up this stuff:

    He - live from the Senate Chamber
    We - in the comfort of our homes

    It sounds like a commercial from the 1950's trying to get people to buy TV's.

    What is it really about? Perhaps it's just filler for this carpet bagger's next newsletter - "Senator Espada Hosts First Ever Virtual Town Meeting In The Bronx".

    Is there some compelling reason to hold such a virtual meeting in Albany? Maybe he is not from Mars after all. He definitely is not from the 33rd District. Could it be that he is not comfortable with the reality of the 33rd and has now chosen "virtual" as his preferred reality?

  5. LOL...All of this unbelieveably funny...but for a man who agrees that Mr espada Never, prior to his election, lived in the 33rd State SSenate District:
    a) he is very accassable to constitutions. Our organization, BMCA, pressured and got him to open 2 offices in the Northern Side of The district
    b) As i am sure Montefiore hospital and Bedford Park senior Center, Van Courtland Community Center, AND SEVERAL OTHERS would NOW SAY-here comes santa claus espada bringing A LOT MORE than just fruit....
    c) I actually like the idea of A Virtual Town Hall Meeting

    understanding that ALL PUBLIC OFFICALS SHOULD BE UP IN ALBANY this time to finalize the budget i can not think of a better way to talk to my legislator------if I can not get up to Albany

    Yes, NorthWest Bronx democrats has not made a final decision on our new resident (???) Mr Espada, but frankly, he IS listening and helping..........

    MANY LONG TIME Legislative residents....DO NOT....

  6. Mr. Riviecco-

    Why does he need two offices in the northern part of the district -- one of which is not even in the district, and is in an overpriced office building? What a waste of resources. Mamaroneck Pedro tells us he needs his fancy digs on Fordham Road -- outside the district -- in order to do his work as Vice President of the Senate for Urban Policy -- not for constituents.

    Regarding non-profits benefiting from Mamaroneck Pedro's largesse -- remember the only reason he has money to give is that honest Democrats in the Senate stopped him from giving it to fake groups his minions created!

    Give me a break about needing to be in Albany on a Sunday night. It is not that far from the Bronx. He could have driven his Mercedes down in the afternoon -- maybe spend a night on 201st Street where he claims to live (of course he does not, as the owners of this blog, his putative neighbors well know).

    The town hall could have been a combination of live and virtual participation, if he is so concerned about shut-ins and parents without child care.

  7. Whoops -- strike my comments about "owners of this blog" -- I got confused about where I was posting. My reference is to the owners of "Boogiedowner" who actually live in the building on 201st Street where Mr. Espada of Mamaroneck pretends to live.


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