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Thursday, August 13, 2009

14th District Council Race: Let's Try Something Different

The race for City Council in the 14th District has generated hundreds of comments on this blog. We're glad that people are using the blog as a forum to discuss the race, and we encourage everyone's ongoing commenting and participation.

However, we've noticed that few if any of the comments have anything to do with issues, and most are about the candidate's personalities and unsubstantiated rumors, etc. And there have been virtually no press releases from the campaigns outlining their positions, etc.

We'd like to get a conversation going here about the issues. Where do the candidates stand on school overcrowding, the development of the Kingsbridge Armory, economic development in general, open space issues, affordable housing, school closings, etc.

So let us know where your candidate stands on these and any other issues you can think of and be as specific as possible. Or if you're not supporting a candidate, and have questions about where they stand on a particular issue, fire away.

One more thing: For this string, we ask that you don't attack other candidates -- I think we've all had quite enough of that. The purpose of this is to find out what the candidates' positions are on issues.


  1. Thank you JORDAN you are the best. Yes, the main issue is what do the candidates stand for and what is on their platform. I am for change. You would think that the candidates are running for PRESIDENT OF THE US. I live in the district and to know that we are considered the worse in the nation, something is wrong. We live in NEW YORK...where the whole world looks at us and yet, we have people hurting right in this city. I want to see the district change for the better. Have the best that others have! I hope the readers respect your article and stop the name, character bashing.....!

  2. Finally we can get on track to the real issues at hand. I would hope that candidates (BAEZ, CABRERA, & TAPIA) have extended platforms on their websites. Have you checked out their sites??

    Here are the known links:



    Maria Beaz ?????? No known campaign website

  3. Fernando Cabrera's website actually has a section where he talks about the issues. Can't say the same for any of the other candidates.

  4. My only concern is that Cabrera and Yudelka's people keep arguing about each others credebility. This has given Maria Baez a higher chance of winning. Yudelka's strategy to get Cabrera out of the race is not working. Instead they both should be proving to the community why they are a better candidate and try to get Maria out.

  5. Yudelka is out in the District talking to voters and taking note on their issues and concerns.
    I welcome everyone to visit her website to learn about her candidacy, learn how to get involved, and ask her questions!

    The campaign who love the communities input!


  6. Cabrera is going out into the community and visiting the homes/residents of the voters and is taking note on their concerns too.

    You are also welcomed to visit Cabrera's website and ask questions. You may also call and visit the campaign office:

    Campaign office:; 2794 Sedgwick Ave. - C2
    Phone number: 718-601-2009
    Website: www.FernandoCabrera.us
    Email: Friendsofcabrera@gmail.com

    Cabrera Supporter

  7. Yay, this is what I have been dying to see... Civil and informative campaigning. Lets see how long it takes Maria Baez to whip up a website of her own.

    Quite Voter

  8. Mr. Jordon Moss you must have bought a new bicycle cause you sound like you're soft pedaling. It was your own newspaper that originally reported that Rev. Cabrera did not live in the 14 C.D., that he was a registered republican until 10 months ago, that he study at the Jerry Falwell conservative liberty school, that he only re-registerd recently as a democrat for the sole purpose of running for office in our community. Isn't one Espanda enough? do we need another homophobic Rev. in our neighorhood, his mentor is not only Rev. Falwell but also Rev. Diaz. THIS IS AN ISSUE.
    What we need to know is what you as a publisher and your editorial writer stand on this issue.

  9. The basis of Yudelka Tapia's platform is education because she believes it is the foundation on which everything is built. She put her four children through public schools in the Bronx so she knows first-hand what it takes to find decent schools. She knows how hard it is to get information about these public schools and manuever your way through this system. She was the president of the Parent Teacher Association of Theodore Roosevelt H.S. and was a member of of school leadership teams on MS 118 and PS/MS 15.

    Reducing the achievement gap, reducing overcrowding by building and adding new seats, develop a system in which parents and heavily involved and accounatble in their children's education are all part platform. Improved phyisical education in schools, demand for school seats in the Kingsbridge Armory and address the dropout crisis.

  10. If the Democatic Party was not made up of SHMOKS and they were looking to replace Councilmember Maria Baez. With all the scandals going on in this borough involving politicians. How can they explain choosing a Rev. Cabrera who no one knows outside of his church or his real constituents the town of Pelham over a very well known activist Yudelka Tapia. Who for the past 20 years has raised her children within the 14 C.D., has been elected state committe women and who has roots in the neighorhood. THIS IS AN ISSUE. THE FACT ARE THE FACTS.

  11. Maybe the Democratic party as they were looking for alternatives realized that Yudelka lost her state committee position AS AN INCUMBENT how could she possibly be viable to win a city council seat versus and incumbent? No Yudelka supporter ever mentions that she lost last year. So before you attack the Dem Party realized Yudelka lost a race last year

  12. I agree with the above poster. While I commend Jordan Moss for trying to get to the issues, I think that at this point all of the Democratic candidates agree on the issues; they are all for healthcare, education and affordable housing. The problems we face in the Bronx have more to do with the Democratic process. I think that is what the conversation should be about. The way these elected officials meet in a back-room and decide who the next elected official will be. They do it with complete disregard for qualifications and the community. It is a process ridden with corruption and nepotism. All you have to do is look at the names of the elected officials in the Bronx and you will see. The people in power (county) maintain power by suppressing the vote and not publicizing elections efficiently, which is why you rarely get a turnout of higher than 2,000 or 3,000 votes.

    The Bronx News Network should talk about the history of the Bronx Democratic Party, rather thean praise it. They should talk about the culture of nepotism in Bronx politics, and how these positions that are meant to advocate for some of the neediest communities in the nation, are treated as thrones that are passed from father to son, mother to daughter, with complete disregard for the community. And when they aren't passed down to family, they are handed to loyal party insiders, who are maleable puppets and not community leaders. This is the truth.

    We are at a crossroads in Bronx politics and it's the responsibility of all of us to bring this to light. A Bronx Democratic County endorsement is not something to be proud of. They endorsed all of the Bronx politicians who are now being indicted, investigated or have already been convicted; inculding Efrain Gonzalez, Carmen Arroyo, Maria del Carmen Arroyo & Maria Baez. Why is it then, that a County endorsement is seen as positive?

    I am still waiting for the journalist who is willing to really talk about these issues, rather than just post endorsements as they are announced, regardless of who they are endorsing. We have to realize that this kind of politics is inherently against the community because it does not truly include them.

  13. To Yudelka supporters, it was very clear that Jordan's main purpose was to keep this as clean as possible. But, I guess you cannot "keep it honest and clean." I am neither Dominican or Puertorican, but I do live in the district. And I am offended that "racism" has become a big issue in this race. I have looked and checked out all 3 candidates. First Maria needs to move on. I will not share of who I will chose to vote on September 15. But, I have made up my mind. Oh and by the way all this bashing going back and forth has not change my mind of who will be MY NEXT CITY COUNCIL.

  14. You Cabrera moonies sure know how to point fingers. If you checked out all 3 candidates and you live in the district. I cannot understand why you would want an outsider that only move into the distict to run for office. He moved from a large home in Pelham to a 1 bedroom apt. him, his wife and son. Keeping it honest is something he knows nothing about. It is sad to have a Rev. that is a liar. That is not bashing that is telling the truth.

  15. If you had done your research right.....he did not move to a one bedroom apt. That makes you a LIAR. And why purchase it, if you are so correct that he only moved in to run, then he would have rented. TALK ABOUT LIARS...SPOT SPREADING LIES WITHOUT HAVING 100% ACCURATE INFORMATION.

  16. Espada purchased his apt. also. So then he must also live in his district. Your boss is a republican, conservative Jerry Felwell follower. You guys remind me of Rev.Moon followers. You are brain washed. The facts are that we need grass roots people to run for office in our district. Not outsiders.

  17. Good idea....let's convert everyone to become a republicant. NYC here we come! REPUBLICAN ALL THE WAY.

  18. To the Bronx News Network:

    Will the Bronx News Network be making endorsments in the 14th City Council race?

  19. Good question. Since they originally reported that Rev. Cabrera did not live in the 14C.D., that he was a registered republican until 10 months ago, that he re-registered recently as a democrat for the sole purpose of running for city council. And that he is a graduate of the Rev. Jerry Falwell conservative and right wing liberty school. They say we should be commenting on the issues. WELL HE SURE IS AN ISSUE. ESPADA IS NOT THE ONLY OUTSIDER SO IS REV. CABRERA.

  20. You keep imposing the fact that he was a republican and graduated from "a conservative" college. That has been put on the table and because you are out of the loop in the political arena you don't know all the facts. Ummmmm I wonder why no one trusts you? Again, you don't have all the facts, yes he graduated from liberty university with his masters, but you keep failing to forget that his education did not end there, what about his doctoral degree?????

    You keep asking questions on this blog and expect us to answer them for you.....and we do and it's not good enough. SO WHY DON'T YOU SET UP A MEETING WITH CABRERA SO YOU CAN GET ALL THE FACT STRAIGHT FROM HIM. Stop asking us, you are not listening anyways so stop it.

    You know where his office is and I know for a fact if you make an appointment he will see you. And you can ask him all these questions directly .

    Your blogging will not change how BP, unions, Democratic party, etc. feel about CABRERA.

    You have taking this toooooo personal and if you are not happy, that's life, you cannot get everything "YOU" want.

  21. Hi Jordan,

    It is impossible to have a civil discussion with most of the Tapia supporters. I was truly excited to see the title of this blog, but then when I see Tapia's people going at it again, it makes it rather impossible to engage in an intellectual discussion. It seems, with all due respect, that the only mode of discussion they have is bashing people's character and providing misinformation. I do really want to talk about the issue Cabrera is putting forth, but from what I can see, it is not the issues that really matter to the people being discussed. The only apparent reason I see this attacks on Cabrera is because he is receiving all of these endorsements and support. Why are not Tapia's supporters addressing Maria Baez's poor track record on the issues. Maybe during the television debates we can see a true discussion about the real issue impacting our community. To set the record straight, Espada claims to live in Mammaroneck. When has any of the Tapia supporters ever seen Cabrera in Pelham?

    I call upon the Tapia supporters for a more civil approach toward addressing real issues. When you are prepare to do so, so will we.

    If you see all of the postings, only the Tapia supporters are continuing this character assasination attempt in this blog.

  22. You Cabrera people are the ones with the problem I have nothing to ask him. If you guys are brained washed by your Rev. that is you problem. THE ISSUE IS THAT WE AS A COMMUNITY DO NOT NEED AN OUTSIDER TO COME IN HERE. WE NEED TRUE GRASS ROOTS PEOPLE. NOT LIARS. And you also cannot get everything YOU want. Grow UP. I have been living here longer then he has and I sure longer then you.

  23. Why so angry! You keep asking and want answers...why don't you ask him.....if you don't then stop spreading your rumors. You are only one person, speaking for WE AS A COMMUNITY...I don't think so, I live in the community and I am not part of your fan club.

    If you so care about the community, then get to the real issues. Why not fight with Maria she is the real issue.

  24. Juan Quintana, don't be so self-righteous. This isn't church; it's a blog.

    A discussion on the issues (which is moot, because all the candidates will agree on most issues) would be welcome, if all of the people running were dignified and authentic representations of the community. But because Cabrera is a carperbagger, this truncates the discussion.

    Everyone on this blog knows Maria Baez and her record, there is no need to reiterate it.

    Why is it that Cabrera supporters insist that people "move on" from his residency and voting issues; these are SERIOUS issues. Imagine if President Obama had been a Republican a year before he ran as a Democrat in the national elections. Or of he had lived in France for 10 years before running. Would this have been dismissed so easily? No!

    I understand that you are enthuasiastic supporters, but when you ignore and deny the obvious, it makes people tune you out. What Cabrera is trying to do is what has gone on in this community for decades: people being chosen by a select few for these positions, with no true community input. The result always being "leaders" with little or no solidarity and no true connection to the community.

    Asking people to set this aside or stop talking about it, is asking people to relinquish their duties as citizens and members of the community.

  25. Firstly,

    Let me thank Jordan Moss for the concept of "A news Issue Based" Approach but more importantly on his new "internet hit" record I am sure The bronx News Network" is getting...LOL

    Secondly,...............Please..........everyone......calm down....

    Tes, I am a Tapia Supporter. Yes I agree and disagree with her on some of the issues of the day (like my mother...shes not right 1000% of the time either.).......

    But for me.....my issue......(everyone has their own concern or issue............is that NWB Democrats are looking for "Homegrown" representation. WHY???....Many reasons.....Espada is not the first..........but for now, the most recognizing person, that, LETS FACE IT, DOES NOT LIVE IN HIS DISTRICT-in essence-an outsider

    Now Ms Baez is certainly not an outsider to the community...........but she is in the city council so logic dictates first that Ms Baez has to go

    Dr Fernando Cabrera, in my opinion, is a sweer, loving caring man, whom I have served with in Community Board 7. His church is doing great work. His republician views......a slight concern to me.....His working in the community for 20 years BUT ONLY living in the community for 1-thats VERY concerning to me. I want my representative when I talk to him or her to know my area-------AFTER 5PM....Not during. His attendance record at CB7 might suggest this.

    Mrs Tapia is one who has lived in her community for 25 years, raised 4 children , was a PTA President and has assisted in many charities. She Dominican-So What!. Shes a female-so what!, Shes a homegrown resident-thats very good

    So The issue for me is "homegrown', For all of us; parks, crime, Affordable housing and many other issues are equally as important. In recent weeks, hopefully from the media and the candidates, these will become better known.

    For anyone who would like to know her posiyions NOW, just feel free to go to her website at; www.yudelkatapia.com


    Peace All, and let the 14th Council District be liberated


  26. Someone In The Trenches Of The 14thAugust 14, 2009 at 1:46:00 PM EDT

    Anthony nobody wants to read your load of crap. "Homegrown" give me a break. why bother putting up your site underneath ur name??. YOU SUCK!!. Ms. Baez doesnt need to go anywhere. As horrible as everyone makes her seem they give her more attention that your sucky articles will ever be. Get a real job!. and for the record we all know that everyone on the community board hates you. stop playing mr. concerned "homegrown" bronxite. this is why my vote will go to Baez because of people like you that work with campaigns like tapias.

  27. Its amazing.......................lol...i guess if my article sucks that much i guess thats why everyone is reading it...lol

    wait............is that what my editor in chief dan gesslin meant about a "disturbing call" frim Boro President Spokeman John desio?

  28. A poster made a good point. with Cabrera and Tapia people tearing each other apart...Baez is laughing. I'm a cabrera supporter but I would rather have Yudelka than Maria. So Tapia and Cabrera supporters should attack Baez lack of representation. FYI Maria Baez filing is in and she took a check from PETER FINE...the same Peter Fine whose office was ransacked by the Manhattan DA...Enough of Baez..please!!!!!!!!!

  29. So it is ok for him to get an endorsement from someone who is under investigation. And guess what if Peter Fine was to give him a check he would take it. You Cabrera moonies are a real joke.

  30. Someone In the Trenches of the 14thAugust 15, 2009 at 1:23:00 AM EDT

    Trenches is an imposter!! Anthony Riveccio is a good friend of mine, whom I respect.

    I don't capitalize the T's in the, that's how you can tell.

    Very lame, whoever you are. Come up with your own pseudonym.

  31. Ms. Tapia has an extensive platform on her website about what she plans to do for the district if elected. And there's more to come!

    Check it out: www.yudelkatapia.com

  32. The issues are really important and I was a Cabrera supporter until I read this website-


    Wow I spoke to Mr. Cabrera when he came to my neighborhood in Kingsbridge and he seemed like a nice guy but I can not believe what I read on this website.

  33. this is funny...people go from Baez and Tapia...and then from left field someone says WOW I was a cabrera supporter until...FAKERS...LOL!!! There are probably like 6 people in total reading this and blogging...LOLOL!
    Get back to work people!

  34. Got a question for Yudelka Tapia, then Ask Yudelka! She is the only candidate with a website feature that allows you to ask her any question you might have. So go ahead.



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