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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tapia in for August 31st Debate for Council District 14

Candidate Yudelka Tapia has confirmed that she will participate in the televised debate we are sponsoring on BronxTalk (Bronxnet, Channel 67), scheduled for the night of August 31. One of her opponents, Fernando Cabera, is also officially on board. Incumbent Maria Baez has also been invited.


  1. Maria Baez
    Will She or Wont She?
    $10 say, "she will not come for the debate"

  2. I bet 100.00 she will not show up!

  3. Great!! This debate will be exciting!! We will see who is really in tune with the needs and solutions of this district.

  4. Let's hope she doesn't tag along a translator with her. LOL!!!!!!

    Host: So Yudelka what are some of the needs you feel this district lacks?

    Yudelka:Well, I tink dat se neccesitas as un disttrik we ned tu becomme mor likeh da dominican culiturees. Perate, I don meant it lik daeh. Ju kno. aye, (looks at the translator)....

    Translator: Ms. Tapia is trying to say that she hopes that when she gets in office everyone can act and be dominican and it will encourage her to help all of district 14 as she does just the dominican population of this district.

    HHHHAAAA!!!!!!!. That would be a trip huh??....

    I cannot wait to see this debate. If Maria shows up she will be speachless to the question of her attendance record and mis use of her money. Her best bet is to do what she does best, Not show up. Now if its Yudelka and Cabrera I sure hope there's a screen where she can read the question he's asking or a teleprompter with answers to most asked questions. Waitt....can she read english properly??HHAAAA LOL this is going to be good. And I hope Cabrera is ready for those curveball questions. I'm neutral at this point but if I had to vote right now it would be Cabrera, forget the republican and residency nonsence, what does that have to do with him doing his job as a councilman. 20 yrs as a pastor in the community and on the community board and etc.... sounds like a pretty better deal then ms. No show and ms. Illiterate. But let's see how this debate goes and maybe then I could decide.

  5. Son of Immigrants Who Speak English With Heavy AccentsAugust 20, 2009 at 11:11:00 AM EDT

    Anonymous above: You seem very hostile and your comments are very offensive. When you make comments like that you are talking about millions of Americans who emigrate from another country for better opportunities and learn English as a second language. Speaking with an accent does not make one illiterate. If that is the best you can do in attacking Yudelka Tapia, I suggest you restructure your case against her. Many of the people in the 14th District are immigrants and either don't speak much English, or speak it with a heavy accent because they have learned it as a second language.

    If those are the people that supporting Fernando Cabrera, then it is shameful.

    Moving on to the real point of this post: it is great to see that so far 2 of candidates vying to represent this community will be talking about what they want to do for this community. I look forward to this debate and I hope that ALL of the candidates participate so that EVERYTHING can be out in the open, straight from their mouth's.

  6. Hey no one said I was voting for Cabrera. I'm totally neutral at this point. I just figured that if your going to live in this country let alone run for office you should be speaking proper english. I've heared the better oppourtunity speach too many times and I'm quite sick of it. People come this country with one motive and that is for freedom and they take advantage of it. This is why not only the district suffers but america as a whole. My opinion wheather u choose to agree or not is that if your going to come to this country, come and learn our laguage properly, write english properly and don't take our system for suckers. I've seen enough already. You go to a corner store and if you don't speak spanish its hard for you to get service. That's crazy!. But look if I've offended you then ok, I appologize but its the truth. I'm a hard working, tax paying citizen and if I went to your country and only spoke english and abused your system you would feel the same. that's that.

  7. Son of Immigrants Who Speak English With Heavy AccentsAugust 20, 2009 at 12:21:00 PM EDT

    "Your country". Bro, this is not your country.

    And the United States has no official language. The DE FACTO language is English.

    Yudelka Tapia is also a hard-working, tax-paying citizen.

    I don't understand how "abusing the system" came into this exchange. What are you getting at?

    You seem very defensive, as if someone is attacking "your country". You sound like a right-wing conservative.

    I'm just sayin'.

    PS- For someone who is so hung up on proper English, you made an awful lot of errors in your previous posting.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, rather than taking shots at each other, lets try a novel approach. Let's develop a series of open ended questions that would require all 3 candidates to answer during the August 31st debate. For example, if elected:

    1) What would you do to address the high unemployment and poverty rates?

    2) How do plan to address the impact that this economy is having on small businesses?

    3) What educational support would you implement to enhance our public schools?

    Please add your questions. Personal attacks will not address the issues facing our community. A detailed and well thought out platform that is result oriented will.

  9. Curious District ResidentAugust 20, 2009 at 2:21:00 PM EDT

    Good thinking anonymous!

    4)How do you plan to restore confidence in the residents of this district, given all of the scandals currently going on in the Bronx?

    5)How will your administration make an effort to connect with the residents of the district, in order to serve them more efficiently?

    6)The 14th District has up to 50% less public schools than neighboring districts like the 15th & 17th, which contributes to severe overcrowding. How do you plan to address this?

    7)What do you feel is the most pressing issue in the 14th district? What can you as councilmember develop a feasible solution for this problem?

    Those are some of my Q's...others should follow suit.

  10. Great follow up questions Curious District Resident!

    Now we're getting somewhere. Come on folks, this is how we can empower our district. Ask questions that will require the candidates to publically take a position by offering solutions. And let the candidate with the best follow through not rhetoric win.

  11. OK...Let me try..lol

    Candidates: When we will get the water back in The Jerome Park Resviror?

  12. Real People RepresentationAugust 21, 2009 at 11:06:00 PM EDT

    Anonymous commenting on the "Proper" English and immigrants "taking advantage of this country" case. The library in the New York City are places you can get in for free and educate yourself a little. But, I will do some altruism in this post since some prejudiced ppl. need it.

    First, There's never been official language in this country, not even before White European came to abuse and killed most of the indigenous pop inhabitating North America (Including Northern Mexico).
    Second, over 80% of the immigrants in this country are taking advantage of, since they work very hard, get all kind of taxes and deductions including medicare, medicate from their paycheck, but yet they are denied of medicaid. They also are also buyers so they pay sales taxes.
    Third, according to people in England, "US citizens" do not know how to speak "proper" English; so the notion of "proper" in most context is relative according to the biased perspective one looks at it and formulate an opinion.
    There's public libraries all over, if you would like to visit before you formulate your biased opinions, call toll free 311, for one closest to you.


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