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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cabrera Picks Up More Endorsements

Fernando Cabrera, the pastor and college professor who's running for City Council in the 14th District, was endorsed this morning by Dominican-American Assemblymen Adriano Espaillat and Jose Peralta.

In a press release sent out by Cabrera's campaign, Espaillat, who represents parts of Upper Manhattan, said:

For over 20 years, Dr. Cabrera has provided outstanding service to the 14th District including counseling services to residents in need and has worked to improve the environment through community clean-up efforts. I am most impressed by his community action against violence, the youth leadership programs he has created, and the free drug rehabilitation services he has helped provide to constituents. I am proud to endorse him.
Cabrera said he was "truly humbled and proud to receive the endorsement of two of New York’s most distinguished Assemblymen."

UPDATE: So the rumors (posted in the comments section of this post and others) that the Working Families Party is no longer supporting Cabrera appear to be false. In a telephone interview, Dan Levitan, a WFP spokesman, called them "ridiculous" and "completely untrue." He said Cabrera's "on the list of people that we're really excited about."


  1. Congratulations Cabrera!!! The leadership in the Dominican community are standing with you.

  2. wow...the world is crumbling around Baez. even Dominican legislators from other boroughs know she has done nothing for her district and even less for the Dominican community! Bye Bye Baez

  3. Why is no one talking about how the Working Families Party dropped their endorsement for Cabrera? Hmmm I wonder why they dropped him...

  4. WFP didn't drop their endorsement. WFP is made up of all the local unions that are working hard on his behalf. So go back and check your wrong sources...lol. Do I smell desperation to put misinformation on this site.

  5. Mr. Fergusson, this was a rapid response and update. Great job! This response was so fast I would think you are working for a campaign and not a newspaper.

  6. Mr. Ferguson thank you for clarifying. You are the best! Hope you will vote for Fernando Cabrera.

  7. Add these 2 to the list of people who are endorsing a republican who lives in westchester. it is incredible how these people want to be taken seriously when they do things like this. they have absolutely no regard for the community and for the true concerns of the people who live in these neighborhoods.

    It is also funny that they want to be considered advocates for the dominican community, when they are not supporting the only dominican candidate in this race. There are over 400,000 dominicans in the Bronx and only one Dominican elected official. The continued suppression of authentic Dominican political representation in the Bronx is the elephant in the room in political circles. There is a huge fear in the establishment of the political empowerment of the Dominican community in the Bronx. Because once that door is open, it will lead to a true revolution in Bronx politics.

    Following this comment, there will be Cabrera supporters that will dismiss this as unrelated to what is going on and insignificant. But those who know the truth and have been entrenched in Bronx politics know that this is the case.

    I encourage the journalists on this blog and others, to look into this.

  8. You can call me James......James Bond!!August 7, 2009 at 1:17:00 AM EDT

    Anonymous above is just another sad yudelka supporter. Maybe Anthony Riviccio as some of us would think. But besides the same old, stale complaints Cabrera is racking up all the endorsements that are well deserving and key to the victory on sept.15. Let's stop the crying about where he resides and which party he represented in the past and let's move on to the purpose of this race. To bring true change and true leadership to the people of D14. My vot is going to Cabrera. He's just the Man for the job and obviously the unions think so also. Good job on this article Mr. Ferguson....James has left the blog!

  9. Its James Again......James Bond!August 7, 2009 at 1:26:00 AM EDT

    Hey, just happen to check out this site. bronxtoons.blogspot.com. check it out!!

  10. For you all Yudelka supporters, who claim to know "ALL THE FACTS" - You keep targeting only one nationality, the Dominicans. How about all other nationalities who reside in the district. And for your information, Cabrera is Dominican. Which everyone seems to be in denial about it and his supporters can confirm that.

  11. Yudelka complains about everyone. Not even DC37, her own union, endoresed her. The FACT is that all of the major organizations, elected officials and unions are standing behind Cabrera. It is annoying to see how Yudelka whines every time Cabrera gets an endorsement. If Yudelka was smart, she would do the right political strategic thing...get out of the race.

  12. Where is your proof that Cabrera lives in Westchester? He has been properly vetted by the unions, Democratic Party and Working Families Party. Why don't you talk about the fact that Maria Baez is the one who lives in the Poconos and Throggs Neck? Why don't you talk about the fact that Maria Baez and Yudelka did not get their matchable funds for poor campaign finance record keeping? If they can't get that together, how are they going to even lead this district. Cabrera has lived in the Bronx longer than any other place. What we have here is a classic case of political distraction. Cabrera will win in September 15. He has my vote. True leadership is finally arriving in District 14.

  13. How can anyone vote for Dr. Cabrera? He may be registered in the Democratic Party but his heart is and has always been Republican. We can't afford another Espada in our district. I'll take my chances with Baez or maybe Tapia. And let's not forget that until last summer, he did not live in our district. This is adding insult to injury. No Way Cabrera! NO WAY!

  14. Can someone tell me where the 400,000 of Dominicans in the Bronx came from?

    I looked at the 2007 American Community Service from the US Census and they have us at 213,859.

    We need to speak the thruth folks. I'm Dominican and i'm sure the Bronx will one day have more Dominican representation in all levels of government.

  15. Jose...remember that it was Baez and Tapia who supported Espada. Only Cabrera stood in opposition to Espada. What you are saying is laughable and clearly shows your double standards. What we need is a real leader who has devoted 20 years of transforming lives...Cabrera is the man for the hour.

  16. The truth is that the only thing that Maria Baez and Yudelka Tapia is spreading is false rumors. For example, both of these camps had FALSELY reported that the Working Families Party had withdrawn their support from Cabrera. As reported in the update in this blog, James Fergurson verified that Fernando Cabrera is fully supported by the WFP and they are excited about this race. The Baez and Tapia are back to the old tricks of spreading false rumors and LIES. I don't see an apology from the Baez and Tapia's camp. I am so glad Cabrera will be the next City Council member for District 14. Integrity is what we need and Fernando Cabrera is brining it home in our neighborhood.

  17. This is crazy folk, this is crazy!. How in the world anybody like Espaillat and Peralta, they both, do not live in the bronx, says that Cabrera has provided outstanding services to the D14 for more than 20 years? Come on Espaillat, show me the records. Of course Cabrera should be humbled to be endorsed by two traitors-in-the-making, that knows nothing about the bronx, who do not even care about their own people, who HAVE NEVER SUPPORTED any organization, here-in-the bronx, that advocates and fight for as He-Espaillat said: "services for residents in need". Come on Espaillat show me the records. People: Espaillat & Peralta, distinguished Assemblymen, And the real people in the Bronx: Have you ever find out how much money is Mr. Cabrera, a pastor-man-of-God, offering Baez and Tapia's supporter to bring them on board? Have you, distinguished people of Cabrera find out, How much money is Mr. Pastor Cabrera able to expend out of the matchable funds he (miracleusly)was granted, above, and it is true, over maria and tapia, buying marias and tapia's supporters. Money talks, that is right but you don't buy votes, you don't buy people's minds who are already on other sides. It is a sin, and you are a sinner, republican sinner and, all your people (including those so called distinguished) will soon face the true about a life full of lies. They soon will know about all Cabrera's dirty tricks-in-the-race to get elected. Keep using all your matchable funds you got ¿from haaven? or from hell to buy traitors who are able to say they are impressed by all Cabrera has done in 20 years. Come on Espaillat, can you please come to my District and please show me the records. Let's face the true in here, Cabrera is a lyer. I am so disgusted by Espaillat and Peralta who knows nothing about my neighborghood. I have lived more than 10 years in this D14 and never saw Espaillat, Peralta visiting shelters, business or sitting on a park, sharing with my people, mi gente, talking to them about how to fight for better education, better incomes, stable rent for tenants for the elders and, how to believe in the power of people instead of stealing the real power from their hands, from their own neighborhood, by buying ($200)one people at a time, of his "matchable funds" as Cabrera has done for the past few days with my people, mi gente.

    Please Espaillat, Peralta, come to my people, come to my neighborhood and you soon, will see the TRUE.

  18. Hello j. Bond. I know what you did last night? keep pretending, strike a pose. Keep smiling for the cameras. I know you are not who your pretend to be, we all know. Please get out the "Pictures"

  19. Wow, Now My posts are coming out as i write them...........So to quickly (before cyberspace man takes me off again) state:

    firstly, I always use my name, I have a name. People that do not have no name-do not really have a voice. This is my first posting

    Firstly to state: On Monday Aug 3rd, I investigated the WFP website based on media rumors that WFP "dis-endorsed " him based on the many of the current problems above.

    I did some investigation that showed me 2 things;
    a) WFP, according to the Press, endorsed him, June 1st
    b) On Aug 3rd (AND MY OFFICE HAS THE CROPED WEBSITE OF THAT DAY), in the 14th CD, Mr Cabrera was not listed
    On Mon night Aug 3rd, I asked Bronx Chair Carl heastie about the story of the WFP on Bronxnet Tv "Bronxtalk Primetime" with Gary Axelbank and he said that they maybe did not update their website yet and the rest was misinformation

    On Tues Aug 4th, Wholla, his name appeared on te website

    If anyone doubts this story please look at the Bronxnet Tv Primetime with Gary Axelbank that Monday Night or IF THE BRONX NEWS NETWORK WOULD ALLOW ME-I can e-mail to them the Croped website of tht MONDAY

    EITHER WAY, IT TAKES 2 months to update a website? Important-INDEED!

    and to clarify: Mr Cabrera is a good man that has begun and I hope continues his great work in The Bronx. Our club, "in short" are looking for "homegrown" candidates. And Mrs Tapia is I am sure many things, but 1 thing she is is homegrown-not imported-and more importantly-have spent years trying to break down those Bronx political barriers. now that the Bronx war of 2008 opened them up a little, Mrs tapia is first deserving.

  20. I love it! The media/internet/blogs makes great NOVELAS. The assumptions, deceitfulness, the lies, the betrayal, the backstabing...yeah! I am having so much fun just reading all these crazy blogs. Talking about endorsements, I think it would be suicide if the WFP endorsed F Cabrera and then change their minds.

    You might not agree how the system is run on running, but it makes alot of sense and eliminates from "those with money" to win. Bloomberg is a perfect example and that is why he needs to move on. He has done great things for NYC, but it is not fair for the little man/woman.


  21. it seems like this blogs got to quiet today, where is J. Bond-The-looser? AND ALL Mr. Cabrera-who-buys-peoples's VOTES-FOR-$200-bucks SUPPOTERS that stated in so many coments about his 20's something years of outstanding services to the D14. Money talks right? There is a FACT. He is a liar, undercover REPUBLI-KAN. Do not come to my people, mi gente to buy our votes. $200 bucks are not enough, go back to Westchester County and be a leader there, then, maybe then you could be a candidate. My people's votes goes for someone who really has valued us for more than 20 years, and everybody knows who she is, by the way, the next city council for my district, for my people, mi gente dominicana y todos los latinos del D14. The only one: YUDELKA TAPIA

  22. Yuldelka don't you get the message, you are not independent, but alone. Stop the bickering everytime Cabrera gets endorse. Cabrera got the matchable funds because he KNOWS how to run a well organized team. You on the other hand still lagging behind in getting your financial house in order. How do you expect to be a councilmember when you can even run effectively a campaign. The Campaign Finance Board is a reputable office. Anthony, wasn't you who said that Yudelka has done nothing for Puerto Rican and African Americans? How can you possible even consider supporting her? Anthony, you are better than that. You full well know that Cabrera has worked in this district to bring transformation. You full well know that Cabrera has lived in the Bronx longer than any other place.

    Cabrera has received more endorsement from more reputable unions, political parties, and elected official than anyone else in the Bronx. Yudelka continues in her narcistic delusional approach in believing EVERYBODY got it wrong, except her. This is not a NOVELA, but COMEDY to watch her throw her temper tandrum. Cabrera continues to gain support because he is the one with a real track record of community transformation.

  23. Talk about "liars" the only liar here is Yudalka. Who claims to have been endorsed by DC37. Who gave them a phony campaign address. DC37 endorsed Fernando Cabrera and it's a fact. You can contact them and confirm. They are 100% with Cabrera and have already begun their support. Yudelka keeps fighting the wrong person, why doesn't she attack Maria Baez, she is really the one that needs to be out. Why don't you "protest" at her home in PA and in Throgs Neck. Why don't talk about her 17,000 montly cell phone bill, how about the 5,000 she gave to her friend...Oh and Maria's support and rallying around Espada, who is the true flip flopper.

  24. Hillary Clinton was supported by every Democratic powerhouse institution to become the Democratic Candidate for the Presidency and guess what Barack Obama is the President of the United States. We can not rely on unions and organizations endorsing because when it boils down to it they have interests too. At the moment I know that Maria Baez, Yudelka Tapia, and Fernando Cabrera are the official candidates and I know my vote will not go to Maria. But Fernando has to show me more than endorsements to get my vote.

  25. Anonymous, Cabrera has received every local powerhouse institutional endorsement. No non-incumbent has ever received this level of endorsement in Bronx politics. When you compare their resume and community involvement, it is clear that Cabrera is the best candidate.

  26. Cabrera's only problem is that the community does not know him. These edorsements don't do much for his credibility because, historically, these organizations and people don't really represent change. However, they do help his candidacy in terms of communicating with voters, which he desperately needs to do.

    Say what you may about Baez and Tapia, but they are known in their community.

    These elections aren't won in the blogosphere. I've been canvassing throughout the district and have spoken to the voters. Most of them do not know what the Bronx Democratic Party is, who Carl Heastie or Adriano Espaillat are, or anything about there local newspapers.

    So to all of you who are hanging on to these as reasons for which he should be elected, you need to refocus your message. They do not translate to voters. They want a story of camraderie and struggle. Cabrera moved to Westchester to educate his son. That is unfathomable to most of the residents of district 14, who live below the poverty line, and struggle to pay the rent and send their children to decent schools.

    Cabrera may be a pastor in a church, but he does not know these experiences first-hand.

  27. Baez is known, as someone who has the worst attendance record in the city council, anti-tenant, under investigation by the feds council member. Yudelka is known for loosing 5 times in local elections. Cabrera is known in many circles in the community. The message is rapidly moving out that Cabrera is the best candidate to do the job. I do agree that elections are not won in the blogs. Cabrera knows what it is to start with nothing and make something of himself. Nothing was handed to him. The assumption you are making is that Cabrera did not have to struggle to make it to where he is today. OUt of the three candidates, he has worked more closely with the community. He has helped more families stayed together, the chemically dependent get help, victims of domestic violence get the proper help, take youth off gangs into productive lives and the list goes on...for 20 years.

  28. So what you are saying is that a "Pastor" is not knowledable of what people go through. Your argument is invalid. If anything "pastors" are more aware of what is going on with the people in the community. A pastor has more contact with the people than anyone else. Does Maria and Yudelka visit people in the community when they are sick, when they are having problems with their children, marriages, when they are in the verge of committing suicide, etc. If I were to call Maria or Yudelka and ask to meet because I am having a difficult time, will they make the time to meet with me, come to my home or the hospital? I DON'T THINK SO.

    So answer my question, why does Maria, Yudelka, Yessenia Polanco, Yorman, Santana ran to the "churches" first for their support???? So this is acceptable to have the PASTOR open his doors to his congregation for their own political gain and at the end don't do anything for the churches or the people and mock one for running for office. It's OK for all of you to use their congregation, and you have the nerve to accuse one and those who truly support him. You are the hyprocrite.


  29. Anonymouse regarding J. Bond. He's not who you think he is. He doesn't do pictures. But I do know who you speak of...and its not J. Bond.

  30. You can call me James.........James Bond!August 10, 2009 at 12:25:00 PM EDT

    (Applause!).......(Applause!)......Thank You!.....(Applause!)....Wow!, I see I have myself a little fan club here(mainly Yudelka supporters)....(Applause!)...Today, my fellow D14 bronxites I want to sincerely apologize for any unwholesome talk that has been spoken on the blogs under my name. Today I have just one question and one statement. That question is, When has Cabrera in his actions or from his lips spoken anything false or acted in any negative manner in this race?.....(cricket).......(cricket). All I've seen in these past few months in this race is canidates attacking eacother and making eachother looking like trash before the bronxites of D14. In all of that When has Cabrera acted in any one of those matters?. You see, someone once told me "You can argue opinions, you can argue views, you can argue accusations, but you CANNOT!! ARGUE RESULTS!!.....(Applause!).....I ask Ms. Tapia today, where are your results?. I ask Ms. Baez today, where are your results?. I've read the websites, I've read the palm cards, I've spoken to supporters of each candidate and yes there is a few results. But when I say results I don't mean past races, I'm talking about the one present before us. Let's stop becoming bronxites that live on past accomplishments and let's look at what's on the table now. RESULTS!!....RESULTS!!!.....Cabrera has the Results people. Look at his Union Support, look at his Financial Board, Look at his dedication in the community and the transformation of his congregation and the community in which his congregation is in. People if that isn't enought Results that show integrity,change, and transformation what is??.....let's put aside the bashing and the faulse rumors, and the one sided arguments and L00K AT THE RESULTS!!!....I don't care what Cabrera has done in the past, I don't care what Tapia has done in the past nor what Baez has done but I urge you look at this race and tell me who has shown the RESULTS!!...is that not what is needed in D14?....Change, Transformation and RESULTS!.I wish all the canidates the best of luck but I know Cabrera is the kind of Council member we need in this district and that is where my vote is going. Sept.15 The RESULTS will show...Thank You!.....(Applause!)......(Applause!)..... James Has Left The Blog!

  31. I agree Mr.Bond, all this fighting!! Grrrr. But wait!!!!Fact Check "Mr.Bond"...I, a District 14 resident and registered voter, have spoken to Cabrera face to face and have heard him talk negativley about other candidates. So to say that negativity has not seeped out of his lips is a complete LIE. In FACT, I was lectured extensively on how Maria Baez will get indicted for some financial malpractice. He told me to remember his face when news broke (whatever that meant). He also displayed discontent when talking about Tapia. He came up with something about her losing a couple of elections and not being appealing to the voter (Whatever that meant). Now as a responsibile voter, I like to do my research and I was very disheartened to learn that after a 15 minute chat with Cabrera he failed to mention that he used to be a REPUBLICAN and recently became a DEMOCRAT. I think if he had told me that information we could of discussed his change of heart. He is not telling voter the whole truth! So beware. Perahps you can ask him about it when you see him roaming around your block. My vote is still up in the air. I'll have to meet Yudelka and learn about her and see if she is "not friendly" like Cabrera told me.As for Baez, NO WAY NOY HOW..SHE NEEDS TO GO...Only time will tell.

  32. To Yudelka supporter: You obviously are a supporter of Yudelka, why do you have to lie on this blog and try to discredit Cabrera. Why does Yudelka only target Dominicans - that it's their turn and this district belongs to them. I am very offended and so are others, who are not dominican. Yudelka keeps saying she is the only Domincan running.....you keep failing to acknowledge that Cabrera is from Dominican heritage. She is only targeting to "HELP" only one race. What about others...Oh yeah you talk about Cabrera, bashing Yudelka and Maria....he is only stating the facts. Oh and Yudelka lying that DC37 has endorsed her...LIAR. DC37 is very disappointed with her, they did not endorse her. In her website she fabricates the truth. She lies about her being "elected" meantime she has lost 5 times. Why not tell the community that "truth." It's OK we all know FERNANDO CABRERA IS THE MAN OF THE HOUR AND HE WILL BE OUR NEXT CITY COUNCIL - DISTRICT 14. I am excited because I can envision the change and his name will be heard and known nationwide.

  33. Please make the appropriate distiction between negativity and fact. Was there anything Cabrera spoke to you that was not true? If it sounded negative, maybe is because Baez ACTIONS have been negative. It sounds to me like he gave you the facts as it has been reported in the news.

  34. You can call me James................James Bond!August 10, 2009 at 11:51:00 PM EDT

    As I read over these's blogs I can't believe that it flew over my head to see that the remarks that were thrown my way have nothing 2 do with who I am. BUT whoever you "think" I am I'm not. Mr. Berrero is totally correct, I don't do pictures. and come to think of it that night I was smiling for my mirror as I brushed my teeth. So will the real big loser please stand up!!.....but to answer the anonymous below my last post , The fact of the matter is Cabrera never lied about anything and when asked he never denied it, whether or not you are satisfied with his response that its up to you. I think people should focus less on what party he represented or where he lived and look at his values and integrity. If you your job was on the line or if you knew that you were going to lose an opportunity you waited 6+yrs for what would you do?.....your exact answer will probly reflect everything that baez and tapia are doing. What I see is that baez and tapia had 2 scoop up anything they could find 2 tarnish Cabrera. Those negative comments are only a sign of fear and weakness. Tapia & Baez speak of past but the discussion that Cabrera had with you are present facts and thing that will soon come to past. Talk to Baez & Tapia and ask them one question. Why shouldn't I vote for Fernando Cabrera??..and I'm sure you would be amazed at all the Hate that spills from their lips. In conclusion you should think about this. Look at all his endorsements, union backup and politician backup. Why in the world will they stand behind Cabrera?. Ill tell you why, because his values,integrity,dedication,credentials and character has a louder roar then the whispers that peep from under the doors of Tapia & Baez. Till next time........James has left the blog!

  35. I LOVE YOU JAMES BOND!!!!. Will you MARRY ME?. Your energy and way of expression turns me on. I cannot help but to read your posts. My vote will totally go to Cabrera!! But please Marry Me!!. I love a Man who can stand up for something and defend it with Pride, Truth, And Respect. YOU ROCK JAMES!!, or should I call Mr. Bond??. which ever you'd like mystery man. I don't do politics but watever your heart speaks I'm there Baby!!. I'm Your #1 FAN!!. Go Cabrera & Go James!! W00000!!

  36. Someone In the Trenches of the 14thAugust 11, 2009 at 12:35:00 AM EDT

    Word around town is that Cabrera is going around the district and lying to the voters directly. But moving on.

    The fact remains, that no matter how many supporters he has on this blog, how many unions and elected officials he has supporting him, or how much money he raised; HE WAS STILL A REPUBLICAN THAT VOTED IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES LAST YEAR AND MOVED INTO THE BRONX IN JULY!!

    No matter what you say this WILL ALWAYS BE TRUE! And when I tell this to the voters, they all respond the same way: "A reverend did that?!?" And just in case anyone does not believe me, I always walk around with a copy of Cabrera's buff card and his voting record, to show them the proof. And then they know the truth and can draw their own conclusion.

    Coincidentally, their conclusion is often not in Cabrera's favor.

    This is not an opinion or a worshipping post. This has simply been my experience.

    To any of you who want a copy of his buff card, residency, and voting record, post your email address and I'll gladyly send it.


  38. Someone In the Trenches of the 14thAugust 11, 2009 at 1:28:00 AM EDT

    Nelson Castro is not running in the 14th, Cabrera is.

    And I'm not talking about Tapia, I'm talking about the residents of the district and their response to the fact that Cabrera was a Republican who switched parties and moved to the Bronx solely to run for office. These facts have nothing to do with Tapia or Castro. Therefore, Nelson Castro is irrelevant in this context.

    The one thing voters don't like is insincerity and carpet-bagging: Cabrera represents both. He should've run as a Republican and on his merits, and perhaps the voters would have respected him more.

    His voting and residency issues are insurmountable problems with voters. His supporters keep pretending that this is something they can simply brush off, but it is not. If there weren't people actively and effectively disseminating this message, then he would have nothing to worry about. But there are...

  39. Someone In the Trenches of the 14thAugust 11, 2009 at 2:01:00 AM EDT

    You seem very agitated. Don't type in all CAPS, it doesn't look good.

    Once again, this has nothing to do with Tapia, Baez or Castro. It also has nothing to do with speculation or opinions. It is about plain and simple facts that are quantified by plain and simple evidence.

    Nelson Castro is absolutely irrelevant in the City Council race in District 14 in 2009.

    Fernando Cabrera's voting record and residency are very relevant, and don't take it from me, take it from the residents. That is what this is about.

  40. To Learn more about Cabrera read more at http://bxcommonsense.blogspot.com - evidence about his Westcheseter Republicanism.


  42. You can call me James...............James Bond!!August 11, 2009 at 9:51:00 AM EDT

    L0L!!......Sorry Jenny, I'm in Love with another women lol. So, trenches what do you feel about Ms. Yudelka Tapia & Maria Baez??....Where do your opinions or "facts" lie when it comes to them??. Please Respond!!

  43. omg omg...yudelka baez supporters...yeah yeah yeah he was a republican yea yea yea he lived in westchester...blah blah blah...its getting tired. He said he was and said he did live there. There is no lying or denying going on. You have nothing else. (yawn). As Carl Heastie said "This is a way to distract" We are not distracted. We are working hard. Cabrera is going to win!

  44. Don't sleep on Baez...She (well her people) is working......FYI... -A quite listener

  45. Calling Yudelka Tapia a 5 time loser really shows how empowering the Cabrera Camp really is. (And YES i understand this is an election...Thank you very much) Ms.Tapia may have lost a couple of elections but why should that be a disqualification for running. In this country people should be allowed to run as many times as they please. Should Hillary Clinton be scrutinized because of her own failed bids? History can tell us that although Clinton lost crucial states in the primary, she never gave up. With that said, Yudelka Tapia will not give up and continues to run because of her deep roots in the community that she cares for. After watching how current elected officials simply neglect the community and watching how outsiders are trying to take over, she is infuriated. With GOOD REASON! The fact that Yudelka is running displays her strength and will to bring change and accountability to the community. Many people are seeing that and are throwing their support. Including ex Cabrera supporters . My advice: CHANGE YOUR TALKING POINTS...YOU GUYS SOUND LIKE SOAR LOSERS AND HAVEN'T EVEN LOST YET!
    Yes, I'm a Yudelka supporter and Proud of it! I say no to REPUBLICANS TRYING TO TAKE OVER MY HOOD! Yudelka is gonna win this one. Watch out!

    PS- All the Yudelka Bashing seems to be coming from the Cabrera Camp. At least Baez doesn't attack her opponents based on past bids, I'm sure she is more in touch with the struggles of the Bronx Mother. Which leads me to ponder... Does Fernando Cabrera have a problem with female elected officials...hmmm..just throwing it out there.

  46. There are many heated arguments in the blogs, but As I said before, why nobody is talking about Rev-Cabrera-buying votes for $200 bucks in my building last week? UHHH UHHH Do you have anything good to say about this, dirty tricks?

  47. That is so disdainful to the community!!!! If Rev Cabrera thinks he can just move into the district and BUY himself into the Council he is mistaken. The voters need to learn about his past and his degradation of the people of te Bronx! He is basically making us look like cheap commodities. DONT VOTE FOR FERNANDO CABRERA!


  49. Someone In the Trenches of the 14thAugust 11, 2009 at 7:09:00 PM EDT

    Anonymous, I never supported Nelson Castro, so stop mentioning him. And Fengshua, the fact that Fernando Cabrera was a Republican and lives in Westchester is not getting tired; trust me, I'm talking to the voters. They find it interesting and very relevant.

    As for circulating my resume, no thank you. I'm a junior in college and I VOLUNTEER.

    Don't worry about who I'm pushing, but do know this: I live in the 14th District and I won't allow a man who is not from my neighborhood to come and think he can decide what goes on here. I have lived in my neighborhood my entire life, and I am making sure that all of my neighbors who vote in this district know what the deal is.

    If that scares you, then so be it.

  50. It sucks that someone with so much enthusiasm for Cabrera can't mention who he's "pushing". Sounds more like a ghetto junior in high school to me. Seems to me that your not the proper speaking, sophisticated individual you made yourself to look like in your first few post. I can see that you are nothing more then someone who has nothing better to do then bash Cabrera who will win this race. If your out there talking to the voters and care so much about your neighbors and the community then why aren't you running. You got a lot mouth but yet won't blog with your name, won't post who your voting for. You fall into the category that Heastie was talking about "Just another way to distract". You should call yourself someone living in the shadows of the 14th because you obbviously can't stand the light that WILL come from Cabrera after his VICTORY on Sept. 15th. 0oh and should take FengShuas Advice, lay off the Partie & Residency Story It Really Is Getting Tired.

  51. Jenny "soon to be mrs. bond" from the blockAugust 12, 2009 at 12:35:00 AM EDT

    Mr. James "Snuggles" Bond understand this, If I can't have you no one can. Your just in denial about your love for me like "Trenches" is in denial about the fact that Cabrera is going to win. Sept. 15th will be a day to remember. Cabrera will be the City Councilman for District 14 and I will have a Fiance. Baby plz don't do this 2 me.

  52. Someone In the Trenches of the 14thAugust 12, 2009 at 12:38:00 AM EDT

    Mr. Moe Jones, you shouldn't resort to name-calling. I used the word "pushing" to describe the volunteering I'm doing with my preferred candidate. You shouldn't judge me for that. I'm a 20-year-old college student and I feel that I am doing work to improve my community. Rather than label me a "ghetto junior" or say that I am not a "proper speaking, sophisticated individual", you should stick to the issues at hand. I have not attacked anyone on this blog. Nor have I attacked Cabrera personally.

    All I have done, and will continue to do, is spread the word about Cabrera's voting record and residency. That is fair game. And once again, when I tell this to voters, they seem very intrigued, so you shouldn't dismiss it.

    Just because I care about my community and neighbors does not mean I have to run for office. But it also does not mean that I have to sit around and do nothing, while a carpet-bagger comes in and tries to run things in my neighborhood.

    We have a secret ballot system in NYC; I don't have to say who I'm voting because it is unrelated to the work I'm doing. I support authenticity, honesty and integrity.

    Don't be angry and aggressive; it takes away your credibility. I post comments on this blog as a hobbie, during the day I'm out in the trenches. And there are a bunch of other young, energized college students, with free time this summer, that are doing it with me.

    Lastly, is your name Mr. Moe Jones?

  53. Oh I got now, you are the intern who was hired by Norwood news to do blogging! You are the one who is being used by Norwood to keep some drama going. We all know Norwood is against Cabrera. No Fear when he wins they will be all over him for news.

    So when do you return to school???? Enjoy your debates.

  54. Someone In the Trenches of the 14thAugust 12, 2009 at 10:55:00 AM EDT

    Now you have resorted to saying the Norwood News is against Cabrera? You are incoherent.

    If I were spreading the word about Tapia or Baez, like I am about Cabrera, you wouldn't be so upset. But I understand; I am saying the truth about Cabrera, and what worries you the most is that I have absolute merit.

    When do you return to school?

    Lastly, if the Norwood News were against Cabrera they would have posted his registration card and voter record on this blog, back when they recieved it. Further yet, if I was an intern, I would have made sure they posted it.

  55. how can someone like you say that you arent attacking Cabrera personally?.....If you care so much about your neighborhood you would also be be spreading the "truth" about Yudelka supporting republicans and lying about her endorsements. I dont have to mention Baez, she just doesnt qulify to be in such a position anymore. if your so concerned then you should be spreading the truth about every canidate and stop attacking cabrera

  56. Someone In the Trenches of the 14thAugust 12, 2009 at 2:24:00 PM EDT

    I would classify a personal attack as an attack against his character, family, or his accomplishments. I haven't done any of this.

    All I am saying is that he was Republican until last August and lived in Westchester until July. Both of which can be proven by 2 pieces of paper I carry around. When you enter the arena of political aspirations, this is fair game. If I ever encounter a common person who sees no problem with his residency and voting issues, then I will move on.

    And I'm done. I have to admit that I do enjoy this, however.

  57. ok, you answered one question now answer the next. why dont you walk around with the flyer that show maria baez claims the support of Bill Thompson??. how about showing the statement that yudelka lies about her endorsements?. answer that question

  58. "Trenches" in clearly a Cabrera Hater!!. If he cannot say that he is going around showing people Yudelka's false statements and Maria's false flyers and attendance record wat justice is he doing?

  59. Someone In the Trenches of the 14thAugust 12, 2009 at 10:05:00 PM EDT

    I didn't say I was out there for "justice". I have taken it into my own hands however to tell the truth about Cabrera' voting and residency issues.

    Secondly, I don't have a flyer in which Maria Baez claims to have the support of Bill Thompson; however based on the feedback I get about Ms. Baez, I don't need to say one word about her.

    Thirdly, in what statement does Yudelka Tapia lie about her endsorsements? Give me a concrete statement, verbatim, and that will be fair game also.

    I'm not a Cabrera Hater. His supporters need to stop using such extreme language; this is not church, it's a blog. I think Cabrera's work is very admirable but I don't think that he is right for the City Council in this District. I also feel that the will of powerful people with many resources is being imposed on the residents of this district.

    I am not being self-righteous. I don't like what is going on and I'm doing something about it. Simply. I'm pretty sure there are other people doing the same. Why is this such an issue?

  60. Fervent Yudelka Tapia SupporterAugust 12, 2009 at 10:27:00 PM EDT

    HAHA...I just love it how the Cabrera camp makes information up. Yudelka doesn't have to mention her endorsements...they aren't the only thing that she has to offer (cough cough). She talks about her experience as a community activist, raising children IN THE DISTRICT, being a longtime Democrat, and her plans for the district when she wins in Sept. I, a volunteer, who was almost bought out by Cabrera for $200 inform folks about all 3 candidates. You also are making claims and have no idea what we are and are not doing..I just love it...well keep speculating :)

  61. Someone mentioned here Yudelka doesn't attack...parading in Pelham is not an attack? I went to Pelham the other day, no one remembers this clown.
    Oh and seems the Bronx daily news doesn't either, as they mention the race for district 14 as a Baez Cabrera race... sucks for you Tapia. Can't even get in the papers...and you make your own blog with "articles"...riiiiggghhhtttttt (sigh) (yawn)...
    Lies...Tapia's the liar. Endorsements do matter or she would not have lied about getting DC37's endorsement. Bigger liar for putting it on her literature...or maybe she thinks shes endorsed and her campaign manager can't get it right?!?!?
    I haven't chosen a candidate...but this lady doesn't smell right.

  62. To say you haven't chosen a candidate is right there a straight up lie...Your fancy for Cabrera seeps out of your choice of words. It is okay because you're probably a Republican, so you cant vote in the primary! Toodles.

  63. BILL EYE THE SCIENCE GUYAugust 13, 2009 at 3:10:00 PM EDT


  64. I guess this a love Cabrera site and that's fine I guess, but the really sick joke is that politics in the Bronx is pathetic at best. The corrupt lifetime politicans just laugh in our face at every turn and we do nothing. Well not exactly nothing, we continue to elect them and their croonies. Cabrera talks about change but guess what - he is being endorsed by all the slimy politicans currently in office. Change you can laugh at I guess. One more point- it seems that people are being elected to offices based strictly on their ethnicity with little consideration for any qualification- which just adds to the sad state of affair in the Bronx

  65. Oh Dan K stop hating yo.. where the hell your at? At least he got this far into the politic and quess what my brother he won!! how about that for a no experience running with slimy politicians?? You just love to hear yourself talking so keep taking esptupido.


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