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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cabrera Is In for Debate

Fernando Cabrera, candidate for City Council in the 14th District, has agreed to participate in the debate we are sponsoring on Aug. 31 in conjunction with BronxTalk on channel 67 (Cablevision). We are still awaiting confirmation from Yudelka Tapia and Maria Baez. We'll keep you updated.


  1. Great! Finally we get to hear all 3 of them.

    That is if Maria shows up....LOL

  2. I hear Maria may send a rep...if that's the case then Maria Baez should be disqualified from this debate.

  3. Not surprised - I hope they don't allow the debate if Maria does not show up.

    It's just like her - NO SHOW again, again, again, and again.

  4. They should not let a Baez rep participate in the debate. Only the actual candidates should be allowed to participate.

  5. If the debate only includes candidates who have been DEMOCRATS FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR it would only be Baez & Tapia; and Maria would kick Yudelka's but.

  6. Yudelka is going to get her butt kicked either way.

    Looking forward to the debate. It should not be canceled if Maria does not show up. This will be perfect proof of her no show history. This will show that she does not care for the community and she needs to be out.

  7. Don't underestimate Yudelka.... She is prepared to take on either candidate. This should be interesting.

  8. Maria will only show up if her "boyfriend" Jose Rivera stands next to her. It seems that she doesn't do or go anywhere without him. You see him wherever she appears....(at least the very, very, very few times).

    Did anyone read the Daily News this morning regarding CASTRO?

  9. You can call me James................James Bond!!August 19, 2009 at 2:09:00 PM EDT

    Well, as of yet only Cabrera has confirmed for this debate. I am all in favor of them NOT allowing Baez to send a Rep, and I am also in favor of them NOT allowing a translator on the behalf of Tapia(if you know what I mean) (wink, wink).

    Besides that I am so excited to see that the facts,truths, and unanswered questions will finally be brought to the light to all bronxites of the D14. How many are excited??!!!....

  10. WOOOOHOOOO! Looking forward to it JAMES BOND!

    So can you please tell me why Maria and Yudelka have not gotten their matching funds?

    Why Maria only now appears .... less than a month before September 15?

  11. http://boropolitics.com/stories/1/4/01_04_tapiatwo.html

  12. hey bronx news network, why dont you guys make yourselves useful and investigate Cabrera's sketchy past. The only folks FROM the Community are Baez & Tapia! Will you take me up on that offer? I would like to see how well your "true" journalism skill really are.

  13. Bronx network has done the right thing, it's been already spoken. You all keep seeking for answers...why don't you wait for the debates? Why don't you ask Cabrera for yourself. You are all cowards, by asking the "media" to speak for him/or his representatives. So why doesn't Yudelka speak up for supporting Castro. What about Maria working with Espada. If I recall correctly at the Dominican Parade, a float was advertizing Maria, Jose Rivera and Espada.

    You ask for Bronxnews to post, then you get upset and accuse them of being for CABRERA. Stop it! Yudelka already accepted the debate. Let's all wait and get answers from both of them live!

    Everyone knows that this whole campaing is about Maria Baez and Fernando Cabrera. So start looking for a new job!

  14. You can call me James...............James Bond!August 20, 2009 at 12:51:00 AM EDT

    Well I am some what a firm believer in order, and I for one know that the process towards receiving matchable funds have a lot to do with the order in which it was handled and how it was handled.

    Now, I look at Baez and I don't see much order. Its obvious that Baez mis-uses her money and evidently doesn't care to give it to places that don't exist. Now ask yourself this, does her finance manager/advisor have order?, Better yet, do any of the two have order or common sence for that matter??....It was so predictable that she wasn't going to receive her matching funds. Sources say that Baez is broke. I'm talkin "in the negatives" broke. So broke that I saw they were throwing a fundraiser for her in the monti carlo room located on Kinsbridge & Jerome ave. That was a fluke!!...hahahahah!!

    Now on to Tapia, She on the other hand should be the most informed on this process and she still manages to lose out. (The losing streak continues..wink..) but besides that look at who she has "managing" her campaign non other then the famous journalist himself Anthony Rivieccio, do you seriously think that man has a clue. No one listens to him just as much as no one reads his stuff.

    Moving on....

    Baez is just a pure joke, I refuse to waste my time and try to explain why she waits now to come out. We all know, there isn't much to say anymore. Its time for her to go.

    Listen people I am a full blown Cabrera supporter and im just stating facts that are at hand. If you choose to throw back the same ol' "but Cabrera is a republican" and " but Cabrera lived in pelham, ny" stuff then you can go right along and do so but that's all that every Baez and Tapia supporter has to say.

    The Success and Victory of Cabrera's Future will N0T be linked to his past. Let's get it straight he never denied it. If his answers were not good enough then that's tough.

    I once again am so excited to see this debate and cannot wait to see the results of it. Until next time.....

    James Has left the blog.........

  15. Ladies and gentlemen, rather than taking shots at each other, lets try a novel approach. Let's develop a series of open ended questions that would require all 3 candidates to answer during the August 31st debate. For example, if elected:

    1) What would you do to address the high unemployment and poverty rates?

    2) How do plan to address the impact that this economy is having on small businesses?

    3) What educational support would you implement to enhance our public schools?

    Please add your questions. Personal attacks will not address the issues facing our community. A detailed and well thought out platform that is result oriented will.


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