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Thursday, August 27, 2009

In-Depth Profiles of the 14th District Council Candidates

The latest edition of the Norwood News is on the streets and online now. This is issue is saturated with great news and interesting feature stories (we'll have our full preview up on the blog soon), including in-depth profiles of the three candidates vying for the 14th Council District seat.

Click on the name, get the scoop on the candidate:

Yudelka Tapia

Fernando Cabrera

Maria Baez

Get informed before our 14th District candidates debate on Monday, August 31, at 9 p.m. on BRONXNET (Channel 67, Cablevision). Feel free to submit questions for the debate in the comments section. Or e-mail your questions to bronxnewsnetwork@gmail.com.

And don't forget to vote on Tuesday, Sept. 15.


  1. Real People RepresentationAugust 27, 2009 at 5:20:00 PM EDT


    Check: Yudelka Tapia: Dipping Toes in Politics heading

    What was she doing in the 1990's?

    NOW, Let see, I mean, read what Cabrera was doing in the early 1990.

    CONCLUSION.....IN THE 1990'S

    Yudelka Tapia, "founded the Grea Alliance Democratic Club, by her own account, played an instrumental role in the election of several politicians, including Adolfo Carrion..."

    "Cabrera, moved his young family to Pelham, a Westchester Suburb (The second most affluent in the state)...."

    "During this time was also a registered----"but politically inactive," he says---Republican which would remain until after the 2008 presidential primary."




  2. The educated voters in the northern part of the district are, for the most part, the only people who read this newspaper. Those residents are generally more educated and earn higher salaries. Those residents will be able to discern opportunism from authenticity. Maria Baez is very disliked in that part of the district, so she is out of the question. The choice comes down to Fernando Cabrera and Yudelka Tapia.

    The facts are clear: the article states as has been said many times, Cabrera is a Republican & and he has has not lived in the Bronx. He was born in the Bronx and moved to Puerto Rico when he was 4. Then he moved to California until he was 17. Then he went to college in Virginia. He moved back to the Bronx and started a church that is NOT in the 14th District in 1988. Then in the early 1990's he moved to Pelham in Westchester. Now in 2008, he moved back to the Bronx.

    If you do the math, the total years Cabrera lived in the Bronx, since he was BORN, his ENTIRE life, is probably less than 10 years. Factor in his Republicanism and 6-figure salary, and there is absolutely no way he can relate to the residents of the Bronx.

    Yudelka Tapia is the correct choice, if only by default.

    The readers of this newspaper will see this.

  3. The paper left out I wonder way the fact that he Cabrera is a follower of conservative right wing Rev. Jerry Felwall. Why leave that out. That is an important fact to the democrats in the 14thCD

  4. you guys are getting more and more desperate. Yudelka LOST A STATE COMMITTEE RACE TO AN UNKNOWN, so how could she win a council race? its over...say hello to Councilman Cabrera

  5. I want to thank all the Yudelka and Maria fans, for being such good sports and bringing up CABRERA on the blogs. You have brought so much exposure and more and more people are hearing about him through you! Great Job! Unfortunately I cannot pay you, but you will get your reward.

    It's almost like a soap opera. I can see you all constantly logging in and seen what is next. Are they going to talk about CABRERA. And bang there it is, you become angry and MUST blog and give your opinion. Your blood preasure goes up. You wish you can say what you want to say to the faces of those who do not support your candidate.

    You begin to nag, nag, nag, and nag, about how
    CABRERA is a republican. Fun, fun, fun, fun. And you don't feel like you are getting anywhere = frustration!


  6. Concerned Bronx District 14 citizenAugust 27, 2009 at 11:24:00 PM EDT

    I would like to congratulate Mr. Cabrera for a great job done in the northwest Bronx while leaving in Westchester, counseling at Walton High School and preaching at his church, both of these are great contributions, but unfortunately, both of these (his church and Walton High School) are NOT in the 14TH DISTRICT.

    The same goes for his Mercy College counseling which the ONLY BRONX CAMPUS is in Co-op City (Very far from 14th district).

    For a look at city council district 14 goes to: http://www.vote.nyc.ny.us/pdf/maps/co/co14.pdf

    Cleaning parks does not make my district a solve my district deeper issues.

    NOT tangible contributions of yours in the Bronx can be linked to district #14, I tried to find the link but it did not exist.
    And your contribution as board member does not count since you were missing in action majority of the time, if not, all the time.

    As a preacher, you should be ashamed of how you are selling yourself to a community you have never really served directly, with lies.

  7. Great picture of Cabrera on the norwood news!

  8. Have you seen the nice "CABRERA TRUCKS AROUND THE COMMUNITY"?


  9. Concerned Citizen still a confunsed citizen. Walton High school does serve district 14 STUDENTS. Mercy college is NOT in Coop City and IT DOES serve students who live in district 14, just like many other colleges. He also started the ONLY online Counseling program in the state so student in the 14th district who cannot attend a classroom setting can graduate with a masters degree. You obviously do not know anything about Campaign Finance Board rules. In order to get campaign finance matching funds a candidate MUST have district 14 contributions. Fernando Cabrera was the FIRST and ONLY to receive the matching contributions from the city. Yudelka is yet to receive any matching contributions from the city and Baez got it late and not all of it.

    So the only one who should be ashamed of his/her self is you, so called "concerned citizen" for making false allegationns and slandering Cabrera with false information. But I understand, this is typical of someone who is desperate because their candidate is loosing. It is sad to see how low they will go to attempt to tarnish his good name, but district 14 candidates know better.

    Cabrera you got my vote. Keep up the great work you are doing!

  10. I agree Juanquintana. This is the problem with Bronx politics - gossip and false accusations. We finally have a first class candidate and people with hidden agendas are trying to bring Cabrera down, but it will not happen because Cabrera has an army of support which is unmatchable in this race.

  11. Concerned Citizen has given good points in terms that the services he claimed has done for the community has been doing in institutions located out of the district, which logically does not guranteed he has served anybody from the community.

    Another point: moved to Westchester county in the 1990's and just moved back last year, and never be involved in politics before. That's odd!

  12. Anonymous...this makes him grassroots all the way. Thank you for the compliment.

    Your logic is flaw, since he personally knows many students both who were at the High school and college level who live in the district. It shows how little you know where students in the district attend college and school.

    What is really odd is that Yudelka keeps loosing election after election and she does not get it...people don't want to elect her. What it is odd how Maria Baez has been in politics and has done nothing for the community!

  13. Why did Fernando Cabrera move to Pelham in the early 1990s?

  14. why do you keep asking questions which were answered already? Umm.

    Why don't you answer the questions we have been asking, such as Why has not Yudelka received campaign matching funds from the city? She is a city auditor and yet she can manage her campaign finance?

  15. I have another question. What possessed Fernando Cabrera to register with the Republican Party?

  16. To all you nagging Yudelka and Maria supporters - you keep asking the same questions over and over and over again, and they have been answered over and over and over again! Do you think that by pondering and getting all worked up that CABRERA will drop out? Well he is not dropping out of this race, accept it you are on the losing team. Fernando Cabrera has my vote!

  17. Ladies....Gentleman....Bloggers......the 999 anonymous people in the room...............

    May I suggest, if we are going to ask questions, lets ask from WHAT IS NOT in the profiles...as the norwood news provided a glimse of both the candidates and the hopeful answers to some of the questions on this blog:

    so, whats missing.............Heres goes one:

    Candidates....(or bloggers)........What can the council candidate do to insure WATER in the jerome park resevior?

    Or lets see: What can you do Candidate (or blogger) to provide better police coverage on the fordham & kingsbridge neighborhoods...........


    good luck norwood news and bronxtalk primetime

    North West Bronx Democrats

  18. Anthony it's always about you .... you talk about the bloggers...why do you keep adding your blog spot. Please no one likes you and no one wants to deal with you. You act and claim to be a reporter. You are liar and a backstabber. All you are looking out is yourself. You wish you owned the norwood news. No pays any attention to you, that is why you are on Yudelka's team. You both probably cry on each other's shoulders "no one pays attention to us!"

  19. In Yudelka's profile she answered the question regarding the matching funds: She said that "some documentation was not submitted, hence the delay".

    In Cabrera's profile it states he moved to Pelham in the early 1990s but doesn't say why. Therefore:

    Why did Fernando Cabrera move to Pelham in the early 1990s?

  20. Also, why did Cabrera move into his University Heights condo last fall? He says he would have made the move "regardless". Why?

  21. It's interesting that you are so obsessed with asking all those questions about CABRERA - but meantime not one soul in District 14 has asked them.

    So if you want answers call CABRERA yourself. Because it does not matter what his supporters will answer you....it's not good enough.

    So why not the answer be .... BECAUSE HE WANTED TO!

  22. Hey Bronx-Net and Norwood News, in the interest of District 14 residents please ask the candidates during the debate the some if not all of the following general/open ended questions:1) What would you do to address the high unemployment and poverty rates? 2) How do plan to address the impact that this economy is having on small businesses? 3) What educational support would you implement to enhance our public schools? 4) How do you plan to restore confidence in the residents of this district, given all of the scandals currently going on in the Bronx? 5) How will your administration make an effort to connect with the residents of the district, in order to serve them more efficiently? 6) The 14th District has up to 50% less public schools than neighboring districts like the 15th & 17th, which contributes to severe overcrowding. How do you plan to address this? 7) What do you feel is the most pressing issue in the 14th district? What can you as councilmember develop a feasible solution for this problem?

    Then time permitting ask each candidate more individually related questions that focus on absenteeism, residency, party affiliation and what types of services/solutions each has delivered to the residents of District 14?

    We must hold them accountable as candidates otherwise what are we to expect once elected!

  23. I live in the 14th District, so count me as that soul. And I am not obsessed, I am simply interested in the background of a candidate that wants to represent me in the City Council.

    Surely, you as a dedicated Cabrera supporter can answer the questions better than "because he wanted to."

    So let's try again.

    1.) Why did Fernando Cabrera move to Pelham in the early 1990s?

    2.) Why did Fernando Cabrera move to his University Heights condo last fall?

  24. Normally, I do not answer questions from someone with NO HEAD (anonymous), but my questions were district questions-not Cabrera questions.

    AND GET THE FACTS RIGHT: I am not a reporter, I am a columnist:
    A COLUMNIST BY THE WAY THAT WAS Terminated by The Bronx news-at the hands of Boro president Rep "hitman " John DeSio'. TALK ABOUT HOSTILE!!!!!(on the website)

    PS....And A Liar And a Backstabber................WOW...You mean like when Mr Cabrera yells for a "Living wage" when his campaign manager, supporter and CB7 Chairman Greg Faulkner decided NOT TO put this question up for a vote on the community board?????......Or do you mean when Cabrera says he stands with KARA and Morton William Supermarket but his supporters on staff (and in CB7) voted FOR ANOTHER SUPERMARKET...PUTTING MANY 14th Council resident Jobs at risk.......YOU MEAN TOSE FACTS?????.....YOU MEAN THOSE LIES???? THAT BACKSTABBING????

    Mr And Mrs NO HEAD...DONT SHOOT THE MESSANGER...If the facts are right....and you dont like the facts............then maybe you (or Cabrera) should change them

    BUT AGAIN, my orginal post asks for DISTRICT QUESTIONS-NOT SLANDER.............YOU CAN READ RIGHT Mr Or Mrs....Anonymous?????

    As far as being for myself......Mr OR MRS NO HEAD...............I think i might speak for the 1000 plus members in North Bronx thinktank.........(over 30%) living in the wonderful Northern areas in the 14th Council District----where my 2 District Questions still take place (Enviornment & Crime)....Its a shame, Mr or MRS No HEAD...that in your rant about me............You could not find the intelligence to either answer any of MY 2 Districts or come up with 1 yourself..........UNLESS YOU DO NOT LIVE IN THE DISTRICT....And of course, that would answer your total lack of knowledge in the first Place

  25. The Bronx News Network blog... where xenophobia and racism live on!

  26. Please someone, informs us of the truth about this Cabrera guy who came out from nowhere, no previous political involvement and recently moved in my community where he has never lived and conveniently switched party last year (see voter registration card at the voter of elections.)

    He might confuse you all with his title and support from the Diaz Dynasty.

    But our community will not stand for an unkown republican who anyways has been getting PAID for the work he claims to be doing in the community (which are out district 14 anyways)

  27. You guys make stuff up...
    1 Greg Faulker is not Cabrera's campaign manager, if you got beef with Greg...call him.
    2 Cabrera did not attend college in Virginia (stop the nonsense already)
    3 "Paid" for doing work in the community...you mean his REAL job as a professor...or the REAL job he had with the Board of Ed as a school counselor...?!?!? Since when is it a crime to have a profession!?
    OMG if your gonna throw crab to the wind and hope it sticks...at least get a clue.
    I think that the fact that he has an education and a profession are attributes of a good role model, he obviously made good choices in his life. And if he's smart enough to be where he is...then I want advice from him...and I think he can take our District to greater heights!

  28. Ohhh I love the exposure... Talk more Cabrera! Tapia people have nothing better to do. It's great. Write more Write more...Cabrera Cabrera Cabrera.

  29. Yudelka Tapia has been a true community activist who has worked in this community tiressly, not as a profession but as A PASSION.

    She's been in the community fighting for better schools and better re-distrcting of the #4 council district so the Latino vote did not get divided.
    he did not pack and went to suburbia for a better education for her sons, but stayed back in the community fighting for a better for education and a better community. YUDELKA TAPIA is a person to be admired and respect for her long time activism and tiresless work for the community of District 14.

  30. In all honesty, I have yet to see an visible institution or organization that Yudelka has built to better the community. It goes without saying that Baez has done nothing since she does not even show up to work.

  31. Anthony if you claim to be a columnist, you sure are horrible! - it is obvious that you are 100% for Tapia.

    The debate was on Saturday, after watching it, I am still for Cabrera.

    Yudelka claims that she has fought for education? Where do her children attend school? Where did they graduate from? Where are they today?

    Where did Cabrera come from, he has been working in the bronx for the last 21 years. If you understand the life of a pastor, it is a 24/7 job and working as a professor, taking being a husband and a father.

    Obvious the party and the unions all have investigated and if you know the endorsement process, he has interviewed, just when you interview for a job. At the end they select the best "CANDIDATE." All background check has been done....his resume was not altered, he has the proof of who he is and his character.

    And to the last comment, that he gets paid to work in the community, show me who and how he is being paid to work in the community? Again, there you all go with your false claims!

    Cabrera is going to win.......!

  32. This is going to be a new kind of election, where the PEOPLE choose, not the Bronx Democratic Party.

  33. For the person asking about her children: 2 of them are in college, one in his 3rd year at Lehman College, double majoring in History and Political Science. The other one is in his second year at Herkimer County Community College majoring in Liberal Arts. The youngest is beginning his senior year in high school at Bronx HS for Visual Arts.

  34. Now for the ultimate questions: Of the three candidates, which one is going to be beholden to District 14 and not the special interests that contributed significant amounts to each candidate? If so, how will you demonstrate such commitment?

  35. Cabrera is the ONLY one who has not taken contributions from a developer.

  36. Duly noted, allow me to clarify the original question.

    For argument sake let’s conclude that special interest contributions come from many different sources such as but not limited to developers, Pac’s, clubs, single-issue groups, etc., How will such contribution(s) influence the candidates’ decision making process?
    How will District 14 residents be engaged in such process?


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