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Monday, August 31, 2009

Liveblogging cont'd ...

9:12 What specific legislation would you ask, James asks Cabrera? Living Wage says Cabrera. Points to borough unemployment rate. (Living wage has been a central issue in armory battle.) Other piece of legislation he'd put forth would consolidate services into one application -- Medicaid, food stamps, etc.

Tapia says jobs and education. Gary asks how it translates into legislation. Says she'd look for more money for more school space, that would reduce overcrowding.

9:14. Kingsbridge Armory. Asks how they'd vote if project came before them without CBA. Tapia says project without full-time jobs, and without CBA she'd never vote for it. She says Related Cos. would still make money if they had good jobs at the ARmory.

Cabrera says we need a CBA that would elevate people out of poverty -- living wage jobs, 4 public shcools. Wants a youth center there and other areas of District 14

Alex asks if a no vote would risk it being vacant. Tapia says Related won't walk away -- they'll still make money. If borough president makes "right decision" they'll still make money.

9:16 Affordable housing. What would you specifically do to address this? Cabrera says high rents is the things he hears most about when he doorknocks. Any new development in Dist. 14 must have 33% of its units devoted to affordable housing.

Tapia agrees that this is the main issue. Says peopel are paying half their salaries on rent.

Gary says one of the biggest issues is the condition of existing housing. People can't get action from landlords. Cabrera says Council member must collaborate with Bronx BP and bring in the Buildings Dept (actually, it would be HPD).

Tapia says a similar thing about collaboration.


  1. Fernando Cabrera was born in the Dominican Republic. Thats not being Born and raised in the Bronx. Moved to Puerto Rico, then went to California, then Virginia, then finally to the Bronx for a short time until moving to Westchester County. That equals living only 9 Years in the Bronx -total

  2. Cabrera did it again, kicked butt!

    Go Cabrera!

    It has been spoken and now it's up to the people in the community!

  3. Every time Yudelka Tapia loses an election, everyone in the Bronx breathes a sigh of relief.

  4. Cabrera was born in the Bronx and he is proud of it. Cabrera you did tremendously great in the debate.

  5. 3 empty chairs would have been a better debate.

  6. Real People's Representation in the BXAugust 31, 2009 at 10:37:00 PM EDT

    As said by Cabrera at the debate tonight all the community WORK he could has done in the Community (all out district 14th) he's been PAID for:

    1) Counselor at Walton High School= PAID

    2) (Assistance) Professor at Mercy College (out of the district also)=PAID

    3) Pastor at his church (out of the District)= PAID

    YUDELKA TAPIA: has demonstrated her work in this community has been for the passion she has for District 14.

    1) President of Parent TEachers Association MS118 AND P.S.15= UNPAID

    2)President of the School Leadership Team of Roosevelt High School = UNPAID

    3) Immigrant Advocate= UNPAID

    4) Against Domestic Violence Committee in 1996 that celebrates the week without Violence = UNPAID

    The real community activist was revealed tonight and that is YUDELKA TAPIA.




  7. After watching this debate I'm having a change of heart. I expected Dr.Cabrera to really know his stuff and I'm sadded by his performance. Ms.Tapia really came after him and painted him as an out of touch ex republican. Also, he did not come off as authentic an issue I'll have to take up with him personally.

  8. You can call me James.................James BondAugust 31, 2009 at 10:58:00 PM EDT

    Hello there party people,

    Here we go again, Yudelka supporters with the same tired argument. Lets stick to the debate and look at the performance of both candidates. Cabrera gave CLEAR answers, STOOD ON TOPIC and answered questions CORRECTLY. With all the requirements that are needed as a city council member we see that Cabrera knows how to stick to the issue and bring it home.

    Ms.Tapia on the other hand sounded as if she were using the same answer to every other question. Im glad that her "4 sons" are her inspiration but lady please lets answer the question and move on from the fact that you were a single mother of four boys and were involved on the schools as a PTA Member/Pres. Also, whats with acting like she knows statistics and numbers??? immediately afte Cabrera gave the facts,percentages and statistics that hinder our district here comes Tapia acting as if she knew. GIVE ME A BREAK!!.

    Cabrera knows how to execute the question and
    make his point. Someone who finally is not only prepared but someone who is in tune with the needs of our district. A Promise For New Leadership Has Arrived and i am going to jump on that wagon!!!

    p.s. Somebody has to remind that lady that Carrion is not our present elected official in office that she can look up to.

    0oh i almost forgot, What was with her looonnggg closing statement that meant and had absolutely nothing to do with what she was asked to say. again, another reason why Cabrera will be our NEXT CITY COUNCIL MEMBER IN THE 14th DISTRICT.

    James has left the blog..........

  9. Yudelka CLEARLY won this debate!
    Maria Baez was a no show.
    Cabrera trying to look like a Democrat from the Bronx...HA!
    Yudelka explained why she is qualified and most importantly a life-long Democrat from the community and not a Republican from Westchester.



  10. real ppl, please get your facts straight. Cabrera has never accepted nor taken a penny from his church. Dont throw nonsence this way fella

  11. Yudelka looked very knowledgeable about the issue of the community and a person who really understands because she has been a mother of four sons, she is a tenant, and she has been in the community for so long.

    A person with such a experience will represent district 14 with diligent and competence.

  12. Obviously the Democratic Party, 1199, UFT, 32BJ, etc. etc. etc. doesn't think Yudelka is qualified to be our next district leader....HA!

    Why don't you argue with them and contact them of why they didn't endorse Yudelka.....BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T HAVE IT!

  13. as a cabrera supporter...please let us not forget who the real problem is. it's maria baez. as usual she stays away and lets cabrera and tapia fight against each other. although I am a cabrera supporter i would much rather have tapia than baez. lets put the real focus on an anti-baez campaign. she is the real problem here.

  14. CABRERA is the Real Problem for Being a Liar (and even worst, a Reverend who lies), an outsider, and a deciever, and on top that, Republican trained in an ultra conservative school.

    Baez, is a big problem because of her attendance record, and her inability to run the district properly and for being a crook.

    Tapia is the real candidate, for her work, dedication, intelligence, and solidarity with others, especially women, immigrants and the youth.

  15. Thank you for watching the debate. Your passion for your candidates is inspiring.

    However, i would recommend that if you want your comments to have maximum impact then you ought to post them under a name other than "anonymous".

    You can choose a name that doesn't necessarily identify you personally.
    But having a login name will make it easier for others to follow the dialogue and will make this excellent forum a little more dignified than the graffiti wall it turns into when each posting is by "anonymous".

    Again, thank you for your interest in our program and let's continue to raise the standard for political discourse in the Bronx, including here on the Bronx News Network blog.

    (For those who did not see the debate we'll be posting the link to the program here on the blog shortly)

  16. I need a council person that can speak english. After watching the debate clearly Tapia is not ready she can't answer question clearly. She has done nothing for the black community which also make up a large number in this district. She only have done things for one race which is the dominican you can check out her website and see to it your self, while cabrera has done for all races. I was an undecided voter but after watching the debate you will have to be a fool to vote maria or Tapia. Real democrat fake democrat it doesn't matter only issues matter because the bronx always elect democrats to office and they don't do anything anywazs so wats the point. What has democrats done for the bronx lately

  17. What I see here in this blog is an attempt for damage control on behalf of Yudelka Tapia. She could not answer the questions appropriately. Cabrera is obviously the clear winner of the debate. It is unfortunate that Tapia's supporter will try to smear a good man's work and name - Fernando Cabrera. People may want to blog whatever they want, but the debate clearly shows that Cabrera is more informed, prepared and skillful to lead district 14 out of proverty and crime.

  18. Real People's Representation in the BXSeptember 1, 2009 at 9:49:00 AM EDT

    With no previous political experience, never lived in district 14 until last year, paid work in the community and a church out of the district and registered in Westchester county. All these makes him VERY unqualified for as public servant.

    Just google his name and nothing will came out of him that relates to the district 14 community. The only thing is the Fordham Library (which is out of the district), but there's nothing he has achieved for my community that would qualify him.

    He needs to build up his resume a lot more. Very, very week in the community experience.

  19. I don't know about all of you, but I saw the debate and channel 12 people were even impressed with Dr. Cabrera's answers.

  20. Have you heard about Yudelka's former campaign manager (until just three weeks ago)? Check it out on the New York times:


    Yudelka, you really know how to picking them!

  21. Firstly, As Mr Axelbank says (and I repeatly)....please...if you want to be stand up and counted...please use your name

    Secondly, as a watcher of the debate...I gave it to Tapia.....70%-30%

    Do we deduct points because they both can not speak "proper english"?

    Do we upgrade the points because they both through out some Council District 14 Stats?

    Do we continue to understand the message of the bloggers---when the bloggers have no name?

    On The First Debate....Cabrera Won 70%-30%
    Ronud 2-Tapia...70%-30%
    Round 3-Thursday on News 12

    Whomever your choice....THE TIME IS NOW......TO GET RID OF MARIA BAEZ

    NWB Democrats

  22. Anthony give me a break, your opinion on how the debates went is based on only one person "YOU" - Cabrera won both.

  23. Anthony, I can see why you were let go by the Bronx News. You know full well that Dr. Cabrera was simply superior in his articulation of his platform and demonstration of his leadership skills. Yudelka was blown away, and the funny thing is that you KNOW it. Hundreds of people come to hear Dr. Cabrera speak every week because of his strong speaking abilities. How many people come to hear Yudelka?

  24. Juan, I was let go by The Bronx News, after a 5 year relationship, because The NEW Borough President's office Stiffled independent newspaper writing and my boss frankly got scared.

    This is a new occorance in The Bronx, as Mr Diaz media hitman John DeSio has ordered all community newspapers to be "Diaz-Friendly"

    But I huess in your world Juan, they call this Big Brother approach, Good Government?

  25. This is part of the reason you were let go...you see everything as a conspiracy...and you can't write.

  26. Just some thoughts on the debate:

    Party Affiliation:

    Considering Cabrera’s confidence in his body of work and true republican roots he didn’t answer Gary Axel bank’s follow up question as to why he changed party affiliation. Hmmm?


    Cabrera’s pledge of passing legislation in the areas of:

    1) Living Wage for “all NYC city residents” is unrealistic. Outside of a stipulation in a mutually agreed upon Community Benefit Agreement it would be extremely difficult to pass such a bill on a local much less citywide level.

    2) Consolidating services into one application such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. is a moot point considering that such application already encompasses Public Administration, Medicaid and Food Stamps services all at once.

    Tapia’s pledge of passing legislation in the areas of:

    1) Jobs is vague. She needs to elaborate on how she plans to deliver such promise.

    2) Education by looking “for more money for more school space that would reduce overcrowding” is not actual legislation. Instead, it sounds like she would utilize discretionary funds which are a short term approach to an issue that requires a long term solution.



    “Tax Incentives” will be the determining factor in the “Living Wage” Armory debate.

    Affordable Housing:

    The term “Affordable Housing” in terms of District 14 must be re-defined to include in its’ formula a provision that accounts for residency for low income, working and middle class families.


    James Ferguson says Baez has been criticized for poor attendance record and not being visible in community. But says "that neither of you two have been regulars" at community meetings. What's to say that if you’re elected it will be any different?

    Neither candidate answered why they haven’t participated.


    Cabrera justified his absence by noting that as a previous board member “he never saw Council member during that time.” Huh?

    Tapia justified her absence by saying “she was president of PTAs at all her kids' schools (she has four children). She has been active on disability issues.” What about the community meetings?

    Fellow District 14 Residents please call on all three candidates to put forth a clear and deliverable platform as we decide the fate of our community for years to come. Otherwise we may be dealt the same hand regardless of the victor and in that scenario District 14 loses.

  27. Please note the following correction:

    Consolidating services into one application such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. is a moot point considering that such application already encompasses Public Assistance, Medicaid and Food Stamps services all at once.

  28. K.I.R.B. thank you for your comments.

    Regarding Living Wages, it is not an unrealistic goal. It is already implemented in other cities such as Mineopolis. Regarding the consolidation of services into one application, Cabrera was referring to an expansion of it. Regarding attending meetings, the question included community board meetings, which Cabrera was a member and also has attended. The last community board meeting he attended he addressed issues regarding Bailey Avenue and Fordham Hill just a few months ago (Board does not meet in the summer).

    I agree with you regarding Tapia's answer regarding legislation. It seems obvious to everyone that Tapia has no idea what legislation is about.

    K.I.R.B. keep in mind that these debates are only 30 minutes long. It is unfortunate, because to address community issues in a comprehensive manner, would take at least 1 hour.

  29. juanquintana thank you for your response.

    Indeed 30 minutes isn't long enough therefore why not have each candidate take this opportunity to answer the aforementioned questions via:

    1) this media outlet;

    2) their respective site;

    3) a press release detailing their responses in a comprehensive manner?

    This approach would give each candidate the opportunity to distinguish themselves in a comprehensive manner.

    Any other approach would be an excersice in who can say and deliver the least as opposed to the most. Let raise the bar not lower it!

  30. K.I.R.8 I agree with you.

    Hey, K.I.R.8 I appreciate your stick to the issue approach, rather than the attacking approach I often experience in this blog. Your recommendation are constructive.

  31. Hey juanquintana,

    Engaging in personal attacks is part of the problem in politics. I'd rather focus on issue/solution based discourse. I think this is the way to get results. All the other stuff hides people's true competencies.

  32. Just some thoughts on the NYC CFB 2009 Primary Election Voter Guide City Council District 14 profiles: http://www.nyccfb.info/public/voter-guide/primary_2009/districts/cd14.aspx

    Question 1: What is the most important issue in council district 14 you would address if elected?

    Maria Baez: “I will continue to work on policy that helps to preserve affordable housing in our community.”

    Fernando Cabrera: Didn’t state the most important issue he would address, instead cited the issues with no commitment to addressing them.

    Yudelka Tapia: “I will develop [Educational] programs and work in conjunction with parents to effectively reduce the school dropout rate of our middle and high school students…”


    The incumbent’s track record should be an indication of whether she will deliver on her pledge to preserve affordable housing.

    The jury is still out on Fernando Cabrera since he states the obvious in terms of the issues. FC should pledge to deliver on solving one of the many issues he cites so that we know where he actually stands.

    As for Yudelka Tapia, if past experiences as a PTA member, self proclaimed community activist, etc., are how we should judge her, then it is critical that she prove that she can deliver on a broader district level.

    Question 2: What other important issues would you address if elected?

    Maria Baez: Expanding Job Opportunities; Improving Education; Enhance Senior programs and services.

    Fernando Cabrera: Jobs with fair wages; Health services to senior citizens; Quality of life issues.

    Yudelka Tapia: Affordable Housing; Financial Support for Green Developments.


    The question here should’ve been further expanded by requiring each candidate elaborate on how they would address the issues they raise.

    Question 3: What makes you the best candidate for this office?

    Maria Baez: Touts her 30 years of experience of working with community groups and government to improve social and economic conditions. Also, states that as an elected official she’s been able to delivers millions of dollars to an array of essential programs.

    Fernando Cabrera: Touts his work in the community, educational system and his church as the backbone of his first hand experience in dealing with the many issues facing our district. He implies that his work ethic and leadership skills will position him to bring the necessary resources to tackle our problems.

    Yudelka Tapia: Touts her 20 years of experience working as an advocate for better education, affordable housing, quality healthcare, civil rights and immigrant rights. She also states that as an independent voice she will represent the community with honest, accountability and transparency.


    Each candidate in their own words claim to having a body of work that qualifies them to be the choice. That said, the common denominator between them is the issues facing the community. What will set them apart or distinguish one from the other is what action plan they have to deliver the solutions necessary in our community.

    Make your Pledge and Qualify It!


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