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Friday, August 21, 2009

Bronx News Roundup, Aug. 21

The Bronx Open - an annual tennis tournament in Crotona Park - starts on Monday. More than 30 of the world's top 100 women will take part. This year, there's no men's side of the draw. The event is free, except finals day on Aug. 31 which costs $10. The New York Junior Tennis League will provide free tennis throughout the week. Here's Adi Talwar's photos from last year.

The parents of a young boy killed by a van last summer as rode his bike to school are suing the city for $10 million.

Could the Stella D'Oro cookie factory in Kingsbridge stay open after all? The current owner, who has been threatening to close it after losing a labor dispute, may have found a local buyer.

Today's New York Times carries an article adapted from Constance Rosenblum's new book, Boulevard of Dreams, a history of the Grand Concourse.

As we mentioned in yesterday's roundup, City Council candidate Yudelka Tapia's campaign manger, Onix Sosa, has been hired by Pedro Espada, the ethically challenged state senator and majority leader. When asked about this yesterday morning, Tapia hadn't heard the news. Later, her communications director sent out press release saying she's parted ways with Sosa because she "felt that the job Sosa took was not consistent with the message she is trying to communicate to the voters of the 14th District." Tapia campaign is staffed by volunteers. In fact, Sosa was the only one on the payroll, Tapia said. She's hired a new campaign manager, a former volunteer.


  1. As a Latino I can unfortunately say that this lack of ethics and standards seems to be a big problem in the Latino Political community. It is sad when Dollar $ign$ dictate where your standards and ehtics are. And if that is the case then one can argure if you even had them to begin with?

  2. $MONEY$ is a great leveler.
    I am not a Latino, please don't sell our Latino politicans short. Money's corrupting power does not discrimanate by ethinicity of skin color.
    Just look the the false campaigns being run against the health care reform initiative

  3. This is precisely the problem with politics. The almighty dollar continues to rule. Unless this dynamic changes we will continue to deal with the statuesque just different players-makes me want to throw up.

  4. Yudelka's own campaign manager left because he lost confidence on her, just like many other who tried to work with her before. It is nothing new in her 8 years of failed political campaigns. Others are getting ready to jump Yudelka's sinking ship.

  5. who are these others? I'm dying to know?

  6. Firstly, let me correct James Fergusson.The new campaign manager for The Yudelka Tapia campaign is Ms. Alba Mota, an over 10 year resident in the 14th councilmanic district, WHO HAS BEEN VOLUNTERING ON HER STAFF FOR OVER 1 YEAR.

    Secondly, NWB Democrats, upon hearing the news, spoke with Ms Tapia about withdrawing support if Mr onix Sosa was not let go. our views, while many, are very short on outsiders-GET OUT!!! This will be dealt with AFTER Sept 15th-and we are VERY PROUD of Ms Tapia taking speedy action.

  7. Real People RepresentationAugust 21, 2009 at 10:39:00 PM EDT

    Congratulating Ms. Tapia for her decision on letting him go. The community respects you even more now. You put community and moral values first than your campaign. Congrats.

  8. Who is running the Tapia campaign, NWB? It sounds like a lot of confusion in that campaign office. Three weeks before September 15 and the campaign manager chooses to work for Senator Espada over Yudelka...that says a lot about the lost of confidence on Yudelka. His actions speak louder than your words. He jump ship because he knows that there is absolutely no chance of Yudelka winning. He was the smart one, he got out and stop wasting his time.

  9. Stop blaming on money. The problem is the lack of leadership Yudelka is providing. This has been typical of Yudelka political career. I really feel sorry for those who are new to her campaign and don't really know what others have already discovered - she is a disappointment.

  10. I'm very proud of Yudelka Tapia. Go Girl!!!

  11. Onix Sosa chose money over integrity, plain and simple. Espada had 350K with which to hire new staff, and Sosa chose to go in that direction.

    Of course, Yudelka is running a grassroots campaign and everyone involved in her campaign is a volunteer. She could not have paid Sosa what Espada can.

    We all know what Espada represents in this community, so good riddance. Tapia does not want to be associated with Espada in any way.

    The important thing is that she fired him, proving that she lives by her values.

  12. It looks to me like Onix did not see a future in Yudelka's campaign. If it was about money, he would have not have been involved in Yudelka's campaign in the first place. He simply stop believing that Yudelka had a chance to win.

  13. I am with the last comment. He saw the future and how crazy she is. She did not fire Onix, he quit on her. If they talk so much about Espada why then did the Democratic Party take him back?

    Onix knows Yudelka has not chance in winning this race. He played it safe and secured a job .... before he goes down with Tapia.

    Is this how much her team loves her and backs her up??????


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