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Monday, August 31, 2009

Live 14th District Council Candidates Debate, Tonight, 9 p.m., BRONXNET

Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. to BronxTalk (BRONXNET, Cablevision channel 67) and find out where the candidates of the 14th District Council race stand on all the important issues facing the northwest Bronx and local residents.

The show will be airing on BRONXNET at 9 p.m. for the rest of the week as well.

Candidates Yudelka Tapia and Fernando Cabrera will be answering questions from Bronx News Network editors Alex Kratz and James Fergusson. The debate will be moderated by veteran Bronx talk show host Gary Axelbank.

As we mentioned before, the incumbent in the 14th District, Maria Baez, has declined to appear with the other candidates to talk about the issues.

Update: You can also watch the live debate stream on the Web at http://bronxnet.org/home/live/webstreamtrial.html


  1. Cabrera will kick butt again!

  2. This Cabrera guy can't give a straight forward answer to a simple question. 2 opening questions, how long have you lived at Sedgwick (since May 09 for the record), why did you switch parties. So in summary---Cabrera supporters talk about integrity, leadership, being real etc...but in the integrity department he has blown it as he lied about where he lives, an interview he agreed to says he moved into his current home last year, but he knows, his supporters know and his neighbors know that he moved in this past May. He just changed his party lines to Democrat, was this specifically to run in this district? Dont give me this ideology nonsense, he's too smart to just recently realize that he was part of the wrong party. Leadership of what??? What has he done? Protesting about the Fordaham Library does not cut it. Anyway he wasn't the first to voice dissent about the Library, it was Yorman who spoke first and spoke loudest. No one has heard of this guy Cabrera ever. Yudelka Tapia may have lost elections but at least she has run for office in the past...and by the way losing doesn't make a person unqualified. She has been honest about herself and her campaign thats more than Cabrera can say. And what about Mr. Cabrera's stance on gay marraige and a woman's right to choose. Why don't his supporters chime in on this? So, he has no experience, no past evidence of ever having done anything substantial in the community, and I don't want to hear about what he has done for the church, that's not the community, he is a liar about where he lives and a deceiving opportunist about his party affiliation. Can someone Tell me again why he should get my vote...loyalty is a great thing only when it's based on facts and principles that merit it. Cabrera hasn't shown these. Please dont post irrelelvant responses, it would be nice to hear rsponses to the statememts in this post. As for the debate, I will call it a near draw with the edge to Tapia

    Heastie must be getting sicker by the day!

  3. GAX you posed a great question to Cabrera, too bad he never answered...talked along time but never answered...

  4. Yudelka honest... please be serious...DC has constantly asked her to take down her pretending in her website that DC has endorsed her, while everyone knows that Fernando Cabrera received the endorsement of DC37.

    Yudelka honest...she claimed in the first debate that she was involved in the marches and meetings for the Old Fordham Library. She LIED. I attended all of the meetings and marches and I NEVER saw her once. Cabrera had the biggest march for the old Fordham Library and has been in the meetings.

    I smell total desperation from the Yudelka team to attack Cabrera, since everyone knows that Cabrera is going to win and bring the leadership we need in District 14

  5. You are wrong about the old Fordham Library it was not Cabrera it was Yorman Who Spoke First and Spoke Loudest. Give credit were credit is due. He just joined the band wagon on that one. He was not the one to bring it to light. Get your info right.


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