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Monday, August 17, 2009

Ferrer to Endorse Baez

Fernando Ferrer, the former Bronx borough president and mayoral candidate, will formally endorse Maria Baez at 2 p.m. today, on the steps of City Hall, according to Baez's campaign.

Ferrer and his wife, Aramina, appear to be big fans of the two-term council member who is running for reelection. In March, they gave her $1,500 in campaign contributions.

As you may have read, Ruben Diaz Jr., the current borough president, is supporting a different candidate.


  1. Hey James, are you a republican? Maria finally gets some good press and you go bashing it by putting in a Cabrera plug in. Its sooo obvious that the Bronx News Network is in the tank for him.

  2. When Cabrera received the Bronx Democratic Party endorsement, there were MANY plug in for other candidates. It sounds to me like they are consistent in their process. Check out the norwood news.

  3. That's Great!. Congratulations Maria

    Enjoy your day at City Hall........

    Maybe THIS TIME, The City Council will mark you "Present"????

  4. As I see it, mentioning that the current BP is supporting another candidate isn't exactly "bashing" Maria Baez.

    Re: being sooo in the tank for Cabrera, I don't think that's fair. We're just trying to cover the race. There's no agenda - really.

  5. Oh James - be serious. You are just following the race. All your postings and website supports Yudelka. You have not once supported or even talked about Maria Baez. Seems to me that Yudelka has been paying you to support your website.

  6. This Is Great.... Baez Deserves To Win...=)...Cabrera Is An Outsider...And Yudelka Is Great...Wish Her Well...

  7. This website supports yudelka? I see very little evidence of that. No one wants to print all the great things she has done and is doing. Baez and Yudelka should be the only people able to run. As for Cabrera he is not even from the district and was a republican!!!

  8. Mr Fergusion.....I assume you received our letter (NWB Democrats0 for clarification?

    I have not heardfrom you yet? i sent it to the e-mail suggested on this website

    and ladies, gents, and the 88 internet speakers that have no name.........please speak fair and honest.....

    Ms Tapia has NOT BEEN COVERED IN ANY CAPACITY by the norwood news, even despite our numerous attempts at introducing the candidates to the executive editor of the norwood news

    Mr cabrera, IS NOT AN OUTSIDER-hes a 1 year resident/20 year worker of kingsbridge/pelham. 19 republican-1 democrat. If it brings more questions than answers-than maybe this is what the norwood news...oops...the bronxnewsnetwork....oops....bronxnettv should cover...

    And Ms baez being great?????/...Let me put it this way.....maybe fernando can show her around city hall today..............she barley there.

  9. so did she show up at 2 pm.?

  10. How can a guy who has worked in a community as a pastor, family counselor and community board member be an outsider. Anthony, according to you the longest serving resident should be elected in every race. Look more at the work that was being done in a community. Also, your candidate had no problem supporting Nelson Castro for the assembly last year when he hadn't done squat in the Bronx and just moved from Manhattan and was a republican. If your candidate had no problem with it last year, why do you keep bringing it up??????

  11. I think that the Bronx News Network should do independent profiles of each candidate to inform the voters.

    I also think that the BNN should write an editorial endorsing a candidate so that readers can know who our community newspaper thinks should represent our community.

    Personally, I support Yudelka Tapia because of her authenticity and genuine trajectory in the community. I think that the fact that she has raised a family in this district, gives her a unique understanding of the issues facing this community. Because she and her family still live here, issues like affordable housing, adequate healthcare, and decent schools, are issues in which she has a personal stake. I believe she will feel an urgency and responsibility to tackle these problems. I also think she has a very detailed and ambitious platform (on her website), which is what we need in this district.

    Let me emphasize that this is MY OPINION; just as everyone else is entitled to theirs'.

  12. still awaiting a response from anthony about Tapia's support of Nelson Castro last year knowing he was a former republican who moved from Manhattan.

  13. Maria and Yudelka did not get their matching funds....I wonder why? They probably took illegal money and are under investigation.


  14. In response to Jorge's comment above:

    The Norwood News and the Mount Hope Monitor will be running profiles of the candidates before the Democratic primary.

    As I mentioned before, the Bronx News Network and Mosholu Preservation Corporation -- which publish the Norwood News, the Mount Hope Monitor and the Tremont Tribune -- are not-for-profit, tax-exempt organizations and thus cannot make endorsements in political campaigns. Thanks for the comment.

    Jordan Moss
    Bronx News Network

  15. thanks for the comments jordan

    translation: We can not endorse because we will lose all that public money the elected officals give us so i will just use the same "Only Cover My candidates" articles and if i do not do not cover the other candidates-maybe no one will notice them"
    ps. give norwood news staff raises if cabrera wins

  16. Cabrera people be for real. You cant hid the fact that your candidate is a Conservative Republican by sighting other Democrats who were once registered as Republicans. For the record. Cabrera is no Hillary Clinton. Hillary was a Republican while in college and then was a DEMOCRAT for decades before she ever ran as a Democrat.

  17. Concerning Assemblyman Castro he has a long history as a Democratic activist. In college he was a Democratic activist, he promoted democratic causes while at "Dominicanos 2000" with Ydanis Rodriguez; he was Chief of Staff to a Democratic Assemblyman, organized Bronx Dominicanos for Hillary Clinton, etc, etc. That is very different from a Westchester Republican who just joined the party after, twenty years of being a Republican and voting for the Republican Presidential candidates last year.

    If Cabrera wants to be a Democratic Leader he should be a foot soldier first. Maria Baez is a real democrat. She has fought for Women Rights, against the Armory Development and for seniors. If we give her another for years she will fight against the landlords and and save rent control.

  18. Maria Santiago...Maria Baez is the one acting like a republican. She is the one who attempted to pass an anti-tenant bill just last year. Regarding Assemblyman Nelson Castro, don't you hear the inconsistency you are pointing out. YOu are saying that he acted like a democrat and then WORKED as the CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR in Washington Heights (the very area Ydanis is from) for the Republican Party and then ran for the Assembly seat outside his district...oh you obviously intentially left out the councilman he worked for - Miguel Martinez, who is now in his way to jail. Nelson committed perjury and now he will soon be going to jail himself. So please, stop the double standards. Maria and Yudelka both fully supported a campaign coordinator for the Republican Party. If Maria was a real democrat she would have shown up to work!!!

  19. Anonymous, I can tell that you assumptions keeps getting the best out of you. A non-profit is NOT allowed by law to endorse a candidate. This is common knowledge.

  20. Maria Santiago (or should we say Yessenia) - Castro is on the news this morning for BEING a liar. So how do you defend him now?


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