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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School and Community Center Being Built in Mt. Eden

In what was described by many as “a great day in the Bronx,” the Settlement Housing Fund, a non-profit organization, began construction on its New Settlement Community Campus in the Mt. Eden neighborhood. Located on Jerome Avenue between West 172nd Street and Globe Place, the site will include a pre-K – 12th grade public school, community center, and a state-of-the-art indoor swimming facility.

Pricilla Henegen, a 19-year resident of the neighborhood, who plans to send her grand niece to the school, could not contain her excitement for the new complex. “I wish they had it when I moved in,” she said.

The project is expected to be completed by 2012 and create over 1,000 new seats for students in a neighborhood characterized by overcrowded schools. The Department of Education will own the school, but New Settlement Apartments (located adjacent to the site and a project of the Settlement Housing Fund) will provide facilities management for both the school and community center. Total development costs for the school, center, and pool are estimated to be $83 million.

New Settlement Apartments' executive director, Jack Doyle, credits the collaboration of several government and private funding sources for the realization of the complex in a community that has been the scene of many rehabilitation efforts on the part of the organization over the past twenty years. Since 1987 the Settlement Housing Fund has been running affordable housing buildings and offering youth and parental development programs to the community.

“The future of many children and generations of children to come rests in large part on our success,” Doyle said. “We have no choice but to be successful.”

Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch and Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott attended the groundbreaking ceremony and both echoed praise for the organization and its vision. Ravitch called the school and community center the perfect combination that he hopes to see repeated. “[The Settlement Housing Fund] always manages to rise at a problem with a solution,” Ravich said. “They have made life better for tens of thousands of citizens.”

Top photo: Deputy Borough President Aurelia Greene (left); Jack Doyle, New Settlement Apartments executive director (second from left); Councilmember Maria Baez (center). Bottom photo: Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch


  1. What is this, Maria Baez trying to catch up - 36 days before september 15...give me a break.

  2. Well, considering that she's not around much, she's got to do her campaigning before she goes back to Pennsylvania.

  3. OMG a picture of her...she showed up!!! WOW

  4. I will relish this sighting. Seeing her is a rare opportunity that most never have the privilege of experiencing... Like an Elvis spotting.. Or a sasquatch sighting. This photographer is amazing...

  5. I think Maria Baez has super powers. She manages to make two public events in one day and I have yet to see her walk in or out of her "Home" on Davidson.

  6. You can call me James....................James Bond!August 12, 2009 at 6:51:00 PM EDT

    I must totally agree with Manuel & The "Neighbor". Is it me or can she not lift up that shovel??....is it me or is she just in a picture and not mentioned at all what she has to do with the project. I cant believe 34 more days before Sept. 15 and she finally comes out. This is why Cabrera is the Man for the new job. Where has Baez been in any of the events, rallys,parades or meetings that have been held lately??...Come to think of it, Where has Yudelka been in any of these last few events,rallys,parades(except for the bronx dominican parade ofcourse). I hear she was out shaking the hand of a few bronxites and trying to pass the "ive been endorsed by DC37 and all these other unions". but anyway back to Baez. She is just a insane. Hey "neighbor" you probly havent seen her because shes been locked up in her pocono home sending out her resume. WELL GOTTA RUN FOR NOW...........James has left the blog

  7. Oh Mr.Bond....if only you were half as good as the real one...Yudelka has been present at many events, here are some...just to name a few. Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade, Bronx Dominican Day Parade, National Night Out in the Bronx(which she donates food every year to)several Health Fairs in the 14th district, Kingsbridge Armory Rallies,and Bronx Borough President's Public Haering on the Armory. She is very present in the communtiy. She indeed likes to meet Bronxites and tell them about her candidacy.SO STOP SPREADING LIES YOU CABRERA FANATIC. I heard that Cabrera was FORGETTING to tell Bronxites that he was a registered Republican for 20+ years, or was it 30+???? Can you clear that up for me MR.BOND? Anywho.. do your research. This is a good place to start. www.yudelkatapia.com, there are many photos of yudelka at these events, whereas I have yet to see Cabrera at any local events, except the Bronx Dominican Day Parade ofcourse. Careful what you wish for, and best of luck..you're gonna need it.

  8. It is so dissapointing that many of you bloggers just don't stay focus on message. The article is about the fact that there will be a new school and community center coming to our community and you all have decided to try to focus on Baez.

    If any of you were at the event you would have heard that Baez allocated $1 Million to the project, which is a good thing. I too was suprised to see her at the event, but was glad to know that she did contribute to the project.

    Our community needs more projects like these. Mt. Hope Community Center just had their grand opening last month, now New Settlement. This is good for our community. For those of you who continue to focus on negative comments. Please inform us of what you contributed to any of these projects?

    Both of the above mentioned projects will benefit the 14th Council District. That is a good thing.

  9. i dont care, she she is just doing it for political gain, DUh! Vote Cabrera, he is the man for the job!

  10. See....Cabrera's People Refuse To See The Truth...Baez Has Done Her Job...This Money Was Allocated Long Ago....If You Understood How The System Works You Would Know It Takes A While....So Get Your facts Straight....Baez 2009!

  11. BAEZ 2009????.......You gotta be seriously joking!!!...lol...you are so getting paid to blog dude cause there is no darn way she is going to win



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