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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baez Will Not Participate in Debate

We just received word that Council Member Maria Baez has decided not to participate in an Aug. 31 television debate of District 14 Council candidates sponsored by the Bronx News Network and BronxTalk.

In a statement, Baez's campaign took a swipe at challenger Fernando Cabrera, referring to him as her "Republican opponent."

"As to her Republican opponent, she will be more than happy to debate him once his name appears on the Republican line, in the November election, which is where his name belongs," the statement read in part.

(Cabrera was a Republican until last August. He explained his decision to become a Democrat in this Norwood News article.)

We are very disappointed in the Council member's decision but look forward to a spirited and informative debate between Cabrera and Yudelka Tapia.

And we'll have a seat ready for the Council Member Baez if she changes her mind between now and Aug. 31.

(This post has been corrected from an earlier version.)



    As much as I appreciate Baez's Attempt to finally speak the truth about Cabrera. I must remind you that Fernando Cabrera was a registered REPUBLICAN until August of LAST YEAR...ALSO KNOWN AS 2008...ROUGHLY ONE YEAR AGO! NOT TWO. He left his party of over 10 years to join the Democrats last summer.Please report the facts and correct this information BNN.

  2. Real People RepresentationAugust 20, 2009 at 4:08:00 PM EDT

    Maria Baez's decision not to participate in the debate does not come by surprise. Expected as she does not posses a brain anyways. As per Mr. Republican Cabrera's Voter of Elections Registration card, he was a Republican up to last year, so try to make a more accurate calculations Mr. Moss. The Bronx Residents deserve honesty, not false info. Thanks.

  3. Thanks to Anonymous (1st commenter in this string) for pointing out the error. We've made the correction.

  4. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! NEWSFLASH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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  5. WOW... This lady (Baez) seems to just be digging herself a deeper and deeper hole. Yes, I understand that Cabrera is a Republican but it seems like she is using this as an excuse to not debate. She should worry about showing the voters what she has to offer and not worrying about Cabrera and his lies. I commend Tapia for taking the time to debate and to show voters what she has to offer. She, as I recal, is the one who uncovered the fact that he was a Republican until a few months ago. In reality, Tapia actually should be the one saying that she wont debate Cabrera not Beaz, whom seems to be riding the bandwagon on this issue. Maybe Beaz will send a representative from her camp since that is what she always does when there is any event or hearing in our community. HAHA

  6. Bogus, as expected! If she is so into that Cabrera is a republicant, then even more she should take up the challenge. They should do it without, with an empty forum ...so the community can see AGAIN NO SHOW!

    Maybe we can put a "Wax Museum Model" of Maria.

  7. Not surprised...since she doesn't show up to anything else

  8. Of course she will not debate, well, unless it is held in Pennsylvania. Look, she doesn't give a damn about the residents of her district. When will people get that into their heads? Please do not wait for her to change her mind. In fact, why don't you offer her an exclusive interview without the other candidates? She will refuse that too. Please publically offer her an opportunity to answer questions without the others there and then let's see her excuse.

  9. Real People RepresentationAugust 20, 2009 at 10:01:00 PM EDT

    The only true coming out of her mouth is that FERNANDO CABRERA is a REPUBLICAN. FACTS uncovered by Yudelka Tapia.

    But she left out that he voted in Super Tuesday in February 2008 as a REPUBLICAN in his Westchester county home address. Sources can be found at Westechester County Board of Elections.

    These are public records easily accessible by journalists who are objective and anybody who in in the side of honesty and Real Representation.

  10. So why not attend the debate? All the records have been set and confirmed. So get over it, your candidate Maria Baez is a loser. You are all her puppets.....she sends out everyone to do her job. That is why it's time to get rid of her. She wouldn't know how to compose herself in a debate. She is avery angry, mean, ghetto woman. She will blown away. This shows that she is fearful, she only barks but does not bite.

    The community already knows what she is all about.

  11. Cabrera never hid that he used to be a republican, so Yudelka discovered nothing. Yudelka is loosing her few troops by the day. Her few supporters are now recognizing that she is not what she tried to portrait herself to be.

    Maria Baez is simply scarrrrrrrrrrrred that Cabrera will openly exposed her poor attendance record (46%), slush fund scandals, anti-tenant bill and lack of involvement in the community. I am also not surprised since the Maria Baez does not show up to anything. Cabrera is my candidate and ready to bring the leadership we need now.

  12. Cabrera is a register democrat. He has done more democratic based value work than the other candidates. Cabrera is endorsed by more democratic elected officials than the other candidates. Cabrera is endorsed by the Bronx Democratic Party. Juanquintana you are right...Baez is simply scarrrrrrrrrrrrred.

  13. Maria Baez had it too easy with the "Old School" Jose Rivera gang. He did everything for her. They bullied everyone around. That's why this is a new day, new beginning and time for change and get rid of the old and in with the new. Maria is used to everyone doing everything for her. And now that she is faced with a "REAL CAMPAIGN RACE" she is scared.

    She would be blown away by Tapia and Cabrera. I can see her, getting upset and have her fits.

    Feel sorry for her supporters who are working so hard, and she is sitting back relaxing.

  14. I agree with the last commentator. The real race is between Cabrera and Tapia who are both hitting the streets. Cabrera on a unionized level and Tapia on the grassroots level. But one must note that power is not given up that easily and foul play is almost guranteed on election day. Beware.

  15. A dynasty does not last forever. An emperor eventually gets knocked down when does evil and wrong. Rivera and his dynasty is being knocked down one by one. You can trick, cheat, lie for so long before it catches up to you. If anything we know the game and know not to let our guards down. Rivera is 110% behind Maria's campaign...I know that for a fact. He taught her to be who she is now. Unfortunaly if she is trying to redeemed herself it is too late. They will try to throw the arrows at the end, but it is too late....the community knows MARIA nothing more to offer. People no matter who you are for, don't let your guards down.


  16. Real People RepresentationAugust 21, 2009 at 11:18:00 PM EDT

    Republican dressed as DEmocrat. Not again. We are tired of that. We have enough with the dynamic duo at the state level. We are not going to vote to have a trio now.
    District 14 residents will not stand for deceivers who are just running for their own's sake since they took their family out of the Bronx to better themselves, then come back to imposed their ego (because they got a "better" education some where else).
    Not in our neighborhood, not with our votes.

  17. Anonymous above is right we should all be aware of foul play on election day no matter who we support. Keep in mind that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 gave all of us the right to vote and that right should never be violated.

    We must protect everyone's right to vote no matter what side we are on.

  18. Maria is the one who has ACTED as a democrat by supporting an anti-tenant bill. Maria Baez and Yudelka Tapia FULLY supported Nelson Castro (who is soon going to jail for perjury and campaign fraud)who was the campaign coordinatior for Republican Pataki.

  19. Baez has way more to lose by showing up to this debate. Tapia and Cabrera will openly attack her attendance record and slush fund...and especially the ANTI Tenant BILL! I am very interested in hearing her response about this.


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