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Monday, January 12, 2009

Opinion: Axelbank on Filtration

Beginning with this opinion segment from veteran Bronx talk show host Gary Axelbank, the Bronx News Network introduces video to the blog. Gary will provide occasional commentaries on important Bronx issues. This is just the beginning. You'll be seeing more video on the blog throughout 2009. We hope you'll comment and participate in the dialogue. It's what this blog is all about!
Jordan Moss,
Executive Editor
Bronx News Network


  1. Gary, Congratulations! What a great idea! Thank you Jordan and others.

    You are right on the mark. These questions need answers.

    Good job.

  2. Very informative. Everyone should be hearing this!

  3. fantastic gary. interesting concept jordan.

    Firstly, the jobs were a bold face lie as community organizations rought as many as 650 appications for DEP work and less than 1% was considered.

    Secondly, Gary with your help, I believe we had the first "town hall membreme filtration plant" meeting which now shows that while revolutionary still in its concept, it is obviously much more cost effective and enviormentally friendly.

    Thirdly but sadly, I can understand the need for still topic on this discussion as neighborhood fighting is sadly still going on. DEP has had its 20 year history of being successful by pitting ?neighborhood vs neighborhood". If you have not recently heard, Friends of Jerome park Converncy are fighting with "Friends of Fort Independance Park" over the usage of just released water plant area for the area. The most sad: it is only $5million or 2% of the total pie.

    And finally Gary, while Yes, the Bronx has "NEW" democratic leadership, i would not get overly excited. All you have to do is look at pictures of Bronx County in the several years to see who is really a "Rainbow rebel" and who is an imposter!

    Great Job BNN & Gary Axelbank!

  4. You're the best Gary - just what we need here in the Bronx. Keep up the great work!

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