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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Opinion: 'GAX in the Bronx' on Yankee Stadium Controversy

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  1. So, why exactly are the Yankees dragging their feet in tearing down their old home?

  2. Let's get the old Yankee Staduim torn down immediately. While the Yankees and the City can not figure out who is going to get the profits, let the people get it condemed and give the money to pay for the PARKLAND that the Yankees and the City took from the people. We want it NOW.

  3. Thanks Gary...I passed this info along.
    Regards, Bev Da Bronxbabe

  4. Thank you Gary. Your voice is a breath of fresh air. When will these politicians stand up to the Yankees? Is there not a single one fighting against these corporate SOBs? Wake up - the Yankees don't care about the Bronx. It's just a place to generate money, not a place to call home. It wasn't that long ago when George was grumbling about heading to New Jersey. We should have let him go - maybe we'd have more parks and less parking garages. Keep up the good fight Gary. We need your voice to speak for those of us who can't.

  5. response to anonymous...

    because no one is making them! someone needs to represent the people of the bronx and what their needs are. at this point, there is no one doing that.

  6. Its shameful that in these harsh times, the city is giving more public monies to the wealthiest team in the country. For what? 6,000 constructions jobs. These are a positive but the city never made an effort to push for local hiring or training oppurtunities. SO who knows how much NYC municipalities are benefiting from these construction jobs? And equally important are the majority of low wage seasonal jobs to be created. Are these worth alienating historic and heavily used parklands- don't even get me started in the meager replacement parks- and more than one billion dollars in public money? The Metro North Station is a plus- infastructure is a solid investment- but the community has been pushing for it for a while; in order for them to get one, they had to "take one for the team"..Unbelievable...want more info go to www.goodjobsny.org

  7. we have to learn our lesson. a development project with thorns that is justified because of promised local jobs has to ring alarm bells.

    the problem is that the bigs who benefit from approval of the project and managing the jobs do not have the interest of the communities who make the sacrifice in mind. so they make these promises, get their approval... and then... and then... it's anything goes.

    we'd better take heed: changing our president is not going to mean anything if we don't change how we go about doing our business at every level in every state, city, town, street, and home.

  8. Tear it down. We cannot recoup any money off of it now. The sooner we get onboard with the new house that Fraud built the sooner we can get the Yankees to pay back that $!

    Maybe AFraud can provide a bailout plan to the city.

  9. Very well done Gary. I am a former
    New Yorker, I live and work in Charlotte, NC, and left
    the city to get some peace and quiet. I am highly appalled by the Yankee organization and by the entire
    lack of commitment to Bronx Borough residents.

    I will be very interested to see what happens. I think all Yankee fans with any shred of social consciousness should boycott the Yankees.

    Money should trump over principles.

  10. I meant to say money should not trump over principles.

  11. so who is paying for the electricity to light up the old yankee stadium every night?

    i'm guessing since technically it's city property, that we are.

    so not only has the unnecessary delay in taking down the old stadium screwed the public out of parkland, we're paying for it, too.

    this yankee deal is a beaut. and it doesn't get any better with each passing day.


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