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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More on Kennedy

Just a couple of things to add to Liz Benjamin's post yesterday about replacement Senator-front runner Caroline Kennedy's visit to the Bronx offices of Congressman Eliot Engel (she also met with Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz). We heard today that Kennedy tentatively agreed to speak at the Benjamin Franklin Democratic Club's annual fundraiser this year. Also, with the state budget gap expected to be around $15 billion, Dem leaders are banking on Hil's replacement bringing home at least half of that. They believe Kennedy has the name, connections and star power to make it happen. One thing's for certain, Engel and Dinowitz are Kennedy supporters.


  1. Kennedy is the front runner ? Do you know this for a fact ?

    Have you bothered to check her very thin resume against that of Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand ?

    Gillibrand was a hardworking lawyer(partner in David Boies' law firm); elected TWICE in a heavily Republican district; serves on the Armed Services Committee; ranks among the top ten fundraisers in the House; was hired by President Clinton to work at HUD; fought for the rights of abused women;is a genuine working Mom who gave birth to her second child just last March, making her only the sixth woman in the House to do so while serving in office; she has voted in every single election (unlike Kennedy who has missed even GENERAL elections); magna cum laude graduate of Dartmouth...

    Need I say more ? This woman has been working for years for the people of New York. Could you please do an item on her ? The Village Voice says the chatter is heating up on her. The political columnist for NPR says he believes she will be picked. So please, we want to hear about the real frontrunners !

  2. You're neglecting to mention that polls show that most New Yorkers do not want Kennedy. She doesn't even bother to vote in elections, for cripe's sake.

    This New Yorker does not want Kennedy anywhere near the Senate. Make her an Ambassador, but never an "appointed" Senator. She has not earned it.

  3. Wayne Barrett from the Village Voice today calls Kennedy's performance "stumbling," and notes her "thin resume and nose diving poll numbers."

    No one I know wants her in the Senate.

  4. Okay, I'll admit "front-runner" may have been an inaccurate adjective for Ms. Kennedy's candidacy. The truth is that no one knows who the front-runner is, though a recent Quinipiac poll suggests people like Mario Cuomo more than Kennedy.

    But there's no doubt she's campaigning hardest for the job and she's the most written about candidate. That doesn't mean she's the front-runner, but it does mean she's the most visible candidate.

    Gillibrand sounds like a well-qualified candidate. When she comes to the Bronx, we'll write about her too. She can contact us for an interview any time.

  5. Oops. I meant Andrew Cuomo, the son of ex-New York Governor Mario Cuomo. Andrew is the current New York Attorney General and another prominent candidate to fill Hillary Clinton's soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat.

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