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Friday, September 4, 2009

14th District Debate

Here's the debate between Fernando Cabrera and Yudelka Tapia, candidates for City Council in the 14th District. Incumbent Maria Baez declined to participate. The debate aired live on BronxTalk Monday night on BRONXNET channel 67 and was co-sponsored by the Bronx News Network.


  1. Great job CABRERA! Again, you won this debate.

  2. You Cabrera people are a joke. Did you guys not read Kappstatter today. He agreed with me the debate was an embarrassment. Like I said 3 empty chairs would have been a better debate.

  3. Great job CABRERA again you have my vote!

  4. LOL, great job moonies.

  5. Cabrera, claiming to be what? please, you cannot obviously even speak Spanish clearly. You ducked the Spanish debate by saying "I am too busy, blah,blah," but yet was around the corner to get free press at the KARA event, please, you are just an irresponsible Republican from Westchester who did not want to talk to the Latino audience from our community, but yet wants their vote. Hipocrite!

    Your hat as park maintenance fits you much better. And wathch your mouth by saying you are a community activist, because the definition of community activist is not to GET PAID for what you do, but the opposite. That word is too big for you. Dont' self proclaim you.!

    Claiming to be so many things you ARE DEFINITELY NOT:

    Not a Democrat
    Not a Bronx Resident(until couple of months ago)
    Not a Community Activist(A paid opportunitistic)
    Not from my community.
    Not Half Dominican(Born in US, both parents are Puerto Rican)

    Fool us once, but not twice!

  6. Mrs. Bronx (or should I say, Yudelka's paid interns - bloggers).

    It does not matter what you say! You are just a ghost written trying to tarnish Cabrera's character.

    FYI: Does not work, has not worked and will not work!

    CABRERA IS THE WINNER....SO GET OVER IT! And accept the new change!

    Change that brings integrity into this community.

    I am tired of all the crooks ... including Yudelka....have you wondered why people are leaving her camp? Check it out, or why not speak to her directly, since you are there with her. The word is that she is a liar, a crook, she cannot be trusted. People don't have faith in her anymore! She showed her true colors.

    And for you comments on ... Not.....????? you still have not done your homework...intern. Go back to college, where you belong!

  7. Again, I know it's a hard true to face, but facts are there that Cabrera has never been a community activist.
    Yorman Nunez is a true community activist, Yudelka Tapia is a true community activist. In the Bronx the list is very short. Sorry.

  8. Again, get your facts right....Cabrera has never gotten paid for any of his "community activist work"

  9. Cabrera people seem to think that only Tapias people have comments. There is a community out there that is not as stupid as you Cabrera people think they are. (We do read) Even Kappstatter wrote what an embarrassment the debate was. He also wants to know when did the light shine on Cabrera to became a Democrat. Maybe the young interns are you moonies that just dont seem to get it. Mrs Bronx is right he is not a true activist. And never will be.

  10. No we know it's all Tapia's people....you think that CABRERA's supporters are stupid or what? Kappstatter is only upset because no one is giving him a story to write....he attend events and lingeres waiting for something...but no one speaks when he is around, he cannot be trusted. And of couse he used this to get feedback from the party to "bring the other side" CABRERA's people don't play those games...! If he wants answers then he can speak for himself. FYI: We do not have interns and use them for our self gain.

  11. So then I guess you Cabrera people feel that no one but them and Tapias people read BNN and make comments. Well then what is BNN going to do after Sept. 15. Also,I am sure Kappstatter will be happy to know that Cabrera people say he can't be trusted. No you don't have interns what you have are a much of kids that can't take the truth about their boss. REPUBLICAN, WESTCHESTER RESIDENT. NOT A DEMOCRAT, NOT FROM OUR COMMUNITY, NOT AN ACTIVIST.

  12. I am sad, truly sad that all this candidates selling themselves as a true democrats and they are cutting their throat one to another. I just wonder why M. Baez sent out her mailing attacking cabrera if in- fact he was not a true republican? Just wonder. I am sad that the only voice talking loud has been Kappstatter whe is been publishing "real facts" about each candidate. M. Baez been absent 52.5% on 2008, absent 44% 2009 (see daily news by sally goldenber been more specific. And, on the other hand, Cabrera said he has been a democrat but his voting card showed otherwise. Then, is anybody there, "hello", the lights are on but there's no one home?


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