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Monday, September 14, 2009

Fernando Cabrera's Mailers

Fernando Cabrera's mailers

Here's some hard-hitting mailers sent out last week by Fernando Cabrera's campaign to voters in the 14th District. As you can see, as the primary nears (it's tomorrow) Cabrera and his people have been really going after Councilwoman Maria Baez and her record.

The second one down seems to be reply of sorts to something Baez put out - something about Caberea's Republican past and his house in Westchester, no doubt. Does anyone have this mailer? Or any others for that matter, from Baez, Cabrera or Yudelka Tapia. If so, please send them to bronxnewsnetwork[@]gmail.com.

Thanks to the reader who sent the above ones in. To enlarge the text, click on the v in the top right hand corner.


  1. Republican Republican Republican.. Oh please.. This is old news.. I know this already.. He WAS a republican.. big deal!!! No one made a big deal about Hillary Clinton being an ex-republican, and we all backed her with open arms.. I guess her history disqualifies her as well? For that matter, Lincoln was a republican too.. cmon people.. BRING OUT THE ISSUES!! Bring out something that sticks.. Cabrera is solid.. straightforward.. hardworking.. stop Hating!

    To the bus stop vandals: Thanks for the publicity!

  2. Maria Baez straight up LIES that Cabrera is a republican. It just shows how desperate she is. She thinks District 14 residents ae dumb. I heard with my own hears Yudelka telling people that Cabrera is a Republican. She has no class as a candidate. She simply lies out of desperation. Why does she talks about how her own close people have left because she committed fraud on the campaign finance forms. Why does she talk about those who gave her a loan and then she wrote a bounce check! Alex you should follow on that story.

  3. Erica Gonzalez (Kingsbridge, Bronx)September 14, 2009 at 11:40:00 AM EDT

    Let's face it, folks. The fact remains that Dr. Cabrera had been a Republican (yes, the same party that got us in a war that has killed thousands of our brave men and woman, not to mention the innocent civilians along the way) for most of his adult life. The only reason he switched parties was so that he can pursue this eat, which I understand and respect since that's why we live in a democratic society.

    Two, the fact that he has lived most of his life in that very nice neighborhood in Pelham is the reason why he was unable to present real solutions to our district's problems, not to mention the fact that policy-wise, Dr. Cabrera has no real ideas. I don't blame him: he barely has been living in our district for a little over a year.

    On Yudelka, I think that she has the heart to represent the district at City Hall. problem has been that she has been unable to mobilize her troops and motivate voters. As a single Puertorican mother, her story is appealing and inspirational of sorts. The fact that she's a woman, running against a candidate that has the support of the local Democratic Party, speaks volumes of her courage and commitment to the district. Some have called her the "spolier" but I think that she's well-deserving. Of course, not to say she's perfect, no one is. However, it is a major difference when one candidate has lived in the district for almost 20 years vs someone who just moved in last year: MAJOR DIFFERENCE.

    To all candidates: RUN ON THE ISSUES & YOUR RECORD! That's what Maria Baez is doing and that's why I personally think she will win re-election (as much as I hope she does not).

  4. From The Blog: Common Sense

    "Cabrera Can't Stop Lieing!!!

    At a recent City Council Debate Rev.Cabrera's blatantly lied about his attendance record as a member of Community Board #7. He then brazenly invited challengers to look as his track record. When we did we found that the Reverend was in violation of that 9th Commandment. "Thou shall not lie."

    Cabrera's attendance record as a Community Board member was less than 30%. At the debate he stated,

    "I was a community board member and I had good attendance. As a community board member the former Bronx Borough President had a policy that if you did not have good attendance you were automatically taken of the board. "

    After getting access to copy and inspect the records the following was identified: (Copies could not be made because CB7 Copy machine was not working when we showed up)

    Marked Present:

    Marked Absent at Board meetings/ Not Present at Parks & Recreation Committee Meetings:
    02/07/06 (NOT CONFIRMED)
    Missing Records Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June 2005, June 2006

    A footer found on the files of the monthly minutes reads.
    "Your attendance and participation at community board meetings and committee meetings is vital to a productive operation of the community board in order to achieve excellence in service to our community"

    Needless to say Borough President Carrion DID NOT renew Rvd Cabrera's membership on the Community Board.

  5. Yudelka was the first one to expose Cabrera for what he is a Republican, Westchester resident. She is the right person for the 14th that is why the NY Daily News has endosed her.

  6. Oh please give me a break, Yudelka did not expose Cabrera of his past. If you read previous articles, he was up front from the beginning. Yudelka, is such a liar.... ex. sending out literature, that she has been endorsed by Ruben Diaz, Jr. straight out lie. His people and so angry at her, watch out when she wants to run again, no one including county and the BP will ever support her. Everyone know she is a liar a crook.....I can't wait till she is exposed on her campaign fraud.

    You can say all you want about her, the only people who are supporting her and a few....does not have many.

    Cabrera's camp is full of his people who have endorsed him, including all the Unions. And guess who will be at the celebration.... the BP Ruben Diaz, Jr. He does not like liars and crooks.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVVhnJSn0FA

    Fernando Cabrera and Friends celebrate.


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