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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Espada: Assaults are 'Hate Crimes'


This afternoon, State Senator Pedro Espada, Assemblyman Nelson Castro, and others, held a press conference on Walton Avenue at East 182nd Street, to bring attention to a recent spate of vicious assaults in the neighborhood.

Police say a group of men of Dominican origin have been deliberately targeting Mexican immigrants. Last Saturday, the group allegedly shouted anti-Mexican slurs at two men before attacking them. Another man was assaulted on Sunday in similar circumstances, and another on Monday. At least one of the victims was stabbed.

“Obviously these are hate crimes we are dealing with,” said Espada, the Senate's majority leader. “There is a tidal wave of hate crime against immigrants in the Bronx, in New York City, in New York State, and throughout this country.”

He said he's offering a $1,000 reward – “my personal money” – to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators. He also talked about bringing together local clergy, community leaders, police, and youth, to form a "task force" with the aim of changing the perception some people have of immigrants.

“Our Mexican brothers and sisters have earned the right to be respected and to be protected in their homes and in their community," added Rev. Katrina Foster, pastor of nearby Fordham Evangelical Lutheran Church. "They have come here to contribute and not to take away.”

PHOTO: Pedro Espada (talking) and Nelson Castro (right)


  1. We at Trends In Hate completely agree with State Senator Pedro Espada that anti-Latino immigration violence and anti-Latino fueled violence is a rampant problem in New York (the former fuels the latter). This is why Long Island topped our list earlier this year as the Most Hateful Place to Live in the United States in 2008 and why Brooklyn was ranked third. We are, of course, also watching The Bronx. Hats off to Senator Espada for speaking out and for offering his own money as a reward for the perpetrators of the recent hate-crime violence in The Bronx.

  2. Guess who is missing in this picture again? Maria Baez...the no show councilmember. This act of violence took place at the heart of Maria Baez district. I am not surprised she did not show up.

  3. You can call me James.........................James Bond!September 4, 2009 at 3:18:00 AM EDT

    His own money??....YEA RIGHT!!!!!!!.....LOL!!, I'm sorry I must laugh at that one. You must not read up much on Espada but onto the better stuff but the same stuff at the same time.

    Where is Maria Baez????....Where is she??!!!. I knew it was tooo good to be true, ofcourse a street renaming and a ground break and now she has dissapeared back into her throggs neck and pocono home. What's going on with her district office??....it hasn't been opened for about a week now from what I've been observing. I know why, her staff has finally taken the race serious to the point that they know it is time to look for new jobs.

    Well Baez supporters can't be too far you know. I've personally seen action taking place where reps from Espadas office are traveling with baez "interns" to do some local campaigning. Well whata you know?, another reason why we need this lady out of office. Dealing with someone like Espada??...That's is a NO-NO!!!...but I can see why. She learns all her crooked tricks from him.

    There also should be a ban on sending under aged girls with grown men campaigning. Espadas rep must have been about 32 yrs of age and the little girl from Maria Baez's office couldn't be no older then 16 yrs old. What a shame!!!....but hey desperate times calls for desperate messures huh?? Lol!

    Well enough said......

    James has left the blog................


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