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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bronx retailers participate in Shop for Public Schools program

An unprecedented number of Bronx businesses are participating in this year's Shop for Public Schools program. The Fordham Road Business Improvement District (BID) and 15 stores have raised over $2,000 this year.

Caroline Kennedy, Vice Chair of the Fund for Public Schools, accepted a check from the BID on Friday.

The Shop for Public Schools program encourages businesses to donate to the Fund for Public Schools for school libraries across the city.

Business owners can participate in the Shop for Public Schools program in one of two ways: by giving a flat contribution, or by allocating a percentage of the sales revenue during the week of October 1 – 8. In order to boost contributions and because most Bronx retailers chose to make flat contributions, the BID matched contributions of up to $200 to the program.

Participating businesses included: Audio Town, Bx. Fashion, Call Me Wireless, Cohen's Gentle Dental, Conway, Emigrant Savings Bank, Fordham Road Jewelry Exchange, Gem Pawnbrokers, Kids World, Modell's Sporting Goods, Original Products, Planet Earth Communications, Top Concourse Electronics and Computers and Urban Eyes Optical.


  1. Proud to be a part of the Bronx. Great work Fordham Road BID.

  2. Was raised in the bronx and now living in Massachusetts I miss shopping in fordham road

  3. Pathetic! BID matched the donations of each of these 15 stores up to $200.00. Do the math. The check in the photo is in the amount of $2,300.00. Half, $1,150.00, came from the BID. The other half, $1,150.00, came from the 15 businesses. That's about an average of $76.00 per business.

    They donated a percentage of their sales revenues during the week of of Oct. 1-8, preusumably last year, since today is Oct. 1st...the check in the photo is dated Sept. 25, 2009. Do the math, $76.00 divided by 7 days is about $11.00 a day per business. If the business is open for 10 hours a day, that's $1.10 per hour. What percentage of their daily revenues is this? They should be ashamed of making this miniscule amount of their "generosity" into a cause for a photo opportunity.

  4. Anonymous,

    Their donation is not a percentage of last year. It states that plainly in the article if you bothered to read it.

    They should be applauded for ANY donation. Could you imagine if every commercial block in NYC chipped in 2K?

    That would buy a lot of books. And if Caroline showing up to take a photo incents that kind of generosity than my hat if off.

  5. 15 businesses on Fordham Road, each making an average contribution of $76.00, represents maybe 7 books per business. Sounds a bit underwhelming in terms of a demonstration of their commitment to local schools.

  6. Any amount given should be appreciated. The businesses sent out their people to be a part of it. That cost $$$. How much did you give?Where you there? I hope it was over $76. Please feel free to drop off any books or donation at the BID office if you would like. The tree lighting event is coming up, maybe you can help with another big donation. I know these businesses will be there.


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