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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bronx News Roundup, September 1

The Espada chronicles continue: Yesterday, Senator Espada fired his deputy chief of staff, Onix A. Sosa, after the New York Times discovered that he supervises 35 low-income buildings in Manhattan and the Bronx that are in violation of over 7,oo0 housing codes. City Officials have declared over 1,000 of these violations to be immediately hazardous. Furthermore, Sosa's real estate brokers license was revoked in 2004 due to his failure to return rental deposits, but he continued to manage buildings. Espada claims that he knew nothing of Sosa's property managing record.

Sosa was also 14th District City Council candidate Yudelka Tapia's former campaign manager. Click here for our post about how Sosa left Tapia to work for Espada.

Since the Department of Homeless Services began moving homeless families with children into a new emergency shelter near Westchester Square, multiple business owners and local residents have voiced their frustration with New York City agencies cramming social service programs into their area. The Department of Homeless Services failed to notify the community before moving families into the new shelter. Currently, there are around 20 social service programs in the Westchester Square area.

Bronx BP Ruben Diaz, Jr. recently declared that the BOEDC handled their funds from the Community Benefits Agreement at the Gateway Mall correctly despite not accounting for $1.6 million out of the $1.8 million given to them by the developer, Related Companies. Read more here.

Yesterday, Charles McDowell, a Bronx resident was charged with the murder of Amadou Ndiaye, one of the Bronx livery cab drivers killed in a series of cab driver murders. McDowell was arrested for an attempted robbery when police found his gun to match the murder weapon used to kill Ndiaye. Police plan to protect cab drivers in the future by using "Operation Safe Cab," a program in which police search cabs for dangerous passengers.


  1. This is the same Sosa who worked for an entire year in Yudelka Tapia's campaign and please don't tell me that she did not know about his aweful treatment of tenants and working for a slumloard.

  2. Juan, Why can't it be assumed that Ms Tapia was lied to.............just like he lied to Espada...........and as we are finding out...He fooled all with a bunch of lies.

    Ms Tapia should get tremendous credit:
    Firstly, for exposing Cabrera as a Westchester County Republican for close to 20 years and The FIRING of Onix Sosa, once The Norwood News brought to light, his job with Espada.

    Onix attempted his best to run Washington Heights politics----then Bring it to The Bronx.........
    Soon, he might be in charge of a Jail Cell unit????? Today, he's certinaly in charge of the unemployment office in his neighborhood near him

    Fired 2x in 1 month? Thats a good reason for unemployment insurance I think? No wait, you cant get it if your fired, right?


  3. Are you kidding Anthony? It is the responsibility of the candidate to do a background check on their campaign manager. Yudelka KNEW full well that Sosa was under investigation in Miguel Martinez (who will soon be in jail) scandal and. Please be real. The reality is that Yudelka does not have the JUDGEMENT with selecting good leadership in her team and does not have good judgment in selecting a good treasurer (no campaign matching funds). It just shows that she has no leadership skills and judgment. Most of Yudelka's helpers have always come from Washington Heights. It is clear that you are just doing damage control in Yudelka's sinking ship.

    Anthony you are really misinformed. Everyone who interviewed Cabrera already knew that he used to be a Republican. Yudelka was just trying to find a poor excuse to rally her few troops who saw all of the valuable endorsement go to Cabrera.

    Cabrera has raised up an awesome, responsible and impacting team, who have proven to be above reproach.

  4. It doesnt make sense that Tapia or Espada would have knowingly hired someone with a sketchy past. Its obvious that Mr.Sosa left that out of his resume. Unfortunatelty his past did come to light and know he is facing the consequences. He was fired once and now fired again.

    Who is running the Cabrera cam? Are there any specs on those folks???

    By the way, I have not seen this "awesome, responsible and impacting team" Juan has mentioned.

    They have never been to my side of town..if they even know where that is. Both Baez and Tapia have toured the area and spoke to voters...as for this Cabrera guy. I have never ever seen him in my hood.

  5. where do you reside waltor?. im sure we can make an arrangement that mr.Cabrera pay you a visit personally

  6. Juan Quintana:

    Sosa joined Tapia's campaign in June, so I don't know where you come from saying he worked with her for a year. She was lied to and the instant she found out, she fired him. And Yudelka's "helpers" live right here in the Bronx.

    The facts remain, that despite all of the obstacles Tapia has had, her campaign is still as strong as it ever was.

    Yudelka Tapia has no institutional support, not many unions, no big donors and until now, no matching funds.

    Yet she still submitted over 5,000 signatures to get on the ballot. (Why didn't County challenge her and knock her of?) She still has a team of VOLUNTEERS who wake up at 5am to go train stations, knock on doors and spread her message. Her office is open everyday from 7am to 1am with people WORKING. She had a caravan on Saturday that had more than 50 cars (go to her website for pics). Maybe that is what bothers you Juan, that no matter what comes her way, the work never stops.

    Yudelka's team has has something that the other's will never have: passion. We do this because we believe in something, not because we're being paid or have been promised something. The money doesn't matter; it never has and never will.

    This is not a joke for us. That is why we are in the street incessantly.

    The old way of doing things is going to end with this election.

    I would like to meet Mr. Cabrera personally so I can ask him a few questions...

  7. I wish I knew whom I was speaking to (Anonymous). Yet again Dr.Cabrera's camp comes without a face. How am I supposed to trust you? Is it Cabrera himself sitting behind the computer? Is it a volunteer, secretary, intern? Who is it?

  8. Walter who...? Practice what you preach first and let us know who you really are.

    Talk about spinning. Yudelka has no union support because the unions did not want to support. That is not a badge of honor. The reality is that unions and political parties have stood with Cabrera because they believe he is the best candidate.

    Sosa should have been checked out. It is irresponsible and careless to hire somebody without checking his background. Also, while former councilmember Miguel Martinez was going through his slush fund scandal, Yudelka chose to keep him in her payroll, knowing full well that Sosa was part of that ongoing scandal. You meant to tell me that Yudelka did not check where he used to work? The answer is obvious, she neglected to do so.

    Regarding the 5,000+ petitions you claimed she raised, it just shows again how the Yudelka team continues to give out misinformation. Please check out your number and give an honest report.

    NO matching funds, because she is a poor leader. Let's get real, that is not a badge of honor.

    Her so called helpers are most from Washington Heights.

  9. As a person inside the campaign, please GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT JUAN:

    NWB Democrats @ The Political Parent Party are 2 Bronx clubs that DO NOT LIVE in Washington Heights

    And many other volunteers stay at the office so late that when we escort them home-it is well within the confines of the 14th district.

    As far as her union support-she has toooooo many to list here: Just go to: www.yudelkatapia.com

    And Her Matching funds, are scheduled to come in this week at the CFB cycle:

    So please Juan, we see your bias and thats OK because everyone is entitled to their opinion....just let the opinion be factual.....and lets agree on one thing:

    THE TIME IS NOW!!!!....To get rid of Maria Baez


  10. Cabrera received union endorsements, Yudelka only received a few local union endorsement. I am sure you know the difference. The NWB has never been involved in district 14 until this race. You change your coverage area so you can get involved in this race. Second, NWB is not even a real democratic political club.

    Yudelka claimed in the debate that she was getting her matching fund TODAY. I just checked and she has not received anything. Again, we see another misrepresentation. She is starting to act like Maria Baez.

    Anthony, where do you live?

  11. Anthony and Yudelka Tapia's supporters...how can you follow someone who keeps lying right on her website. She claims that she has the endorsement of Mason Tenders. The Mason Tenders endorsed Fernando Cabrera. Yudelka keeps lying even through her website. The Mason Tenders have even asked her to take down her misrepresentation. Yudelka Tapia, liar , liar.

  12. Juan, Ms.Tapia DID receive her Matching funds that she rightfully deserved. So now the battle continues stronger than ever. But as she said before this is not about money it is about the issues facing families across the 14 CD. We would of won with or without those funds. So eat your words and keep failing at you attempts to tarnish a hardworking mother who has had Democratic values her entire life, voted for Barack Obama, and actually lived in the District for over 20 years! (Too bad you cant say the same for Cabrera.)


  13. James D are you actually proud that Yudelka couldn't get her campaign finance in order until almost to the end? Sad.

    Hey, James D...sad that Yudelka has to keep lying by saying that she received the Mason Tenders union endorsement when Fernando Cabrera did. Too bad you can answer back? The answer is obvious, she is a liar.

  14. Pretending to receive a union endorsement when she didn't - A DECEIVER is a better word.

  15. Juanquintana do you believe that simply because you say a lie, many times that makes it true? Mason Tenders Locals 72 and 12A have endorsed Yudelka and they are out there everyday campaigning for her. Go to her website and see the pictures www.yudelkatapia.com

  16. Juanquintana, you seem so bitter! You must really be feeling the heat. She was endorsed by several locals of the Mason Tenders Union and the you can see the pictures of them working for her on her website.

    And once again, her "helpers" are from the neighborhood. Stop by her office if you don't believe me.


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