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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Friendly Baseball Wager Among Political Colleagues

With the Bronx Bombers set to open their series against the Miracle Minnesots Twins in about half an hour (read BxNN Yankee columnist Graham Kates' first round playoff preview here) , I thought I'd post a light-hearted press release from Bronx Congressman Jose Serrano.

It appears Serrano and his counterpart in Minneapolis, Keith Ellison, have made a gentleman's bet on the five-game opening round playoff series. The reprentative of the losing locale must "sing the praises" of the other team on the House floor.

Classic stuff here. Serrano plays on the Yankees air of elitism, while Ellison takes on the underdog role. Pitch perfect exchange. Below is the full press release:

[Washington, DC РRepresentatives Jos̩ E. Serrano (D-Bronx, NY) and Keith Ellison (D-Minneapolis, MN) announced today that they had agreed on a way to settle the budding playoff rivalry between their hometown baseball teams. The two members decided that whoever finds himself representing the losing team in the 2009 American League Division Series between the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins will take to the House floor to sing the praises of the winning team. As avid fans of the two teams, the Congressmen felt that this was the best way to settle the series at a Congressional level.

“I remember the 2003 and 2004 ALDS, but I think my friend Keith Ellison has forgotten those magnificent series,” said Congressman Serrano. “Luckily I went ahead and reminded him that both times my Yankees beat the Twins in four games. I feel confident that the Yankees will continue the streak, since they already swept the season series against the Twins. Congressman Ellison had better bone up on his Yankees knowledge, because it’s practically inevitable that he will end up on the House floor giving a speech about the greatest franchise in sports history. I look forward to the series, and the speech.”

“Here’s a history lesson for my friend José Serrano: The Twins played their very first game on April 11, 1961 and beat the Yankees 6-0. Victory this week will be just as sweet in their final season playing in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome,” said Congressman Ellison. “Today the Yankees may have more trophies and money than the Twins, but none of those things are tools for winning a game. My friend likes to talk about inevitability, but I rather like the proverb: the bigger they come, the harder they fall.”

This is the 3rd time since 2003 that the Yankees and Twins have met in a divisional series. The series will feature one ballpark hosting its first playoff games (Yankee Stadium), and one hosting its last (the Metrodome).]

Enjoy the game.

We'll have more Yankee coverage throughout the playoffs, including Graham Kates' "Yankees, Unobstructed" columns on Fridays.




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  2. As long as the House floor is only being used for important things.


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