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Monday, October 26, 2009

A Republican Candidate Shows Signs of Life

Fernando Cabrera, the Democratic candidate in the 14th City Council District, is expected to secure an overwhelming victory in next week's election.

When it comes to fund-raising, name-recognition, union support, and just about everything else, he's streets ahead of his unheralded opponents: Yessenia Duran (R) and Lisa Marie Campbell (C).

But one of them - Duran - is at least making some attempt to get her name and face out there. She has a campaign Web site (admittedly not a very informative one), a MySpace page, and a Twitter account (albeit barely used). She's also been putting up campaign posters, including this one on Walton Avenue just north of East 179th Street.

According to her MySpace page and other bits and pieces floating around the Web, Duran is a 25-year-old Creston Avenue resident, a mother, and a co-district leader in the 86th Assembly District.

As for running as a Republican in a bluer than blue district, it seems she'd rather residents not know. Neither her posters nor her Web site make any reference to the ticket she's running on.

On Nov. 3, then, there will be two candidates - Cabrera and Duran - asking voters to to look beyond their Republican past (in the case of Cabrera) and present (in the case of Duran).


  1. In other words we have to Republicans running in the 14th CD. Thats really great. What a joke.

  2. People get over it already.... Cabrera won!

  3. Since a republican won the democratic primary. All democrats should now vote for the republican in the 14th CD on Nov. 3rd. Yessenia Duran after all she does live in the distict.

  4. So lets start a campaign on converting all democrats from the district to republicans.

  5. vote for yesseniduran......republican in the 14th cd we need people that live in the distric not that move in the distric to run.
    you got my vote duran

  6. Sounds good to me she also has my vote.

  7. So why should I vote for Yessenia - what has she done and what is her background?

  8. viewed the website nothing informative for my vote....how much money has she raised, what is her goals and plans for the district...?


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