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Thursday, October 8, 2009

News of the Day for Oct. 8

The newspaper City Hall sat down with Fernando Cabrera, who defeated Maria Baez in the Democratic primary (tantamount to ultimate victory in the heavily Democratic 14th Council District). Cabrera, who is already making the rounds with his Council and political colleagues as well as community groups, says he'll support Annabel Palma for leader of the Bronx delegation.

Mayor Bloomberg and former mayor Rudy Giuliani are teaming up to headline an Oct. 22 fundraiser for the Bronx Republican Party at the Villa Barone Manor. Bloomberg may no longer personally be a Republican but that didn't stop him from successfully courting borough GOP party leaders to get the party's line on the ballot.

On the same night as the GOP Bronx powwow, State Senator Pedro Espada will be throwing a $1,000-a-head birthday party for himself in Manhattan to honor his “historic ascension” to the position of majority leader

Bronxites from Guinea react to the horrific violence in their homeland.

A Kingsbridge filmmaker traces the roots of hip-hop.

Thirty school aides have been laid off in District 10.


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted on Fernando Cabrera. Now I more that confident that we voted for the right person. I love his attitude and looking forward to seeing the changes in the district. He already has proven his commitment passion and availability to this new venture in his life.

    Looking forward to seeing the Bronx change with the new leadership/administration.

  2. Nancy says....... Here you go Mr. Cabrera your first mistake. If there is any councilperson that deserves to be the Bronx Delegation Leader that councilperson is Councilman Oliver Koppell. He has proven to be a fighter for our borough and a well respected leader. Who is and what has Annabel Palma done as a councilmember. I have lived in this borough for many years and have not heard of anything that she has contributed as a leader to the Bronx. Mr. Cabrera why her?

  3. While I believe the true decision of The Bronx City Council Delegation will and should be handled by its members, I too, am surprised that Mr Oliver Koppell (In full disclosure-our candidate in 2009 elections) would be overlooked by Mr Cabrera-unless either the City Delegation has already decided, Oliver has turned it down OR 'theres someone else in charge???

    NWB Democrats will try to support Councilman elect Fernando Cabrera's call for change-but this is not a good way to start.....OH YES, Thats right....Ms Palma is an SEIU 1199 Gal......(isnt that the same group where my longtime friend Mr Dennis Rivera just endorsed Bloomberg???)...Oh Vea....This is change?

  4. Rosemary says............Cabrera has not yet been sworn in and he is already dictating. It should not be Annabel (THE GHOST) Palma, who has done nothing for her District or the borough for the past 4 years.

  5. Hey Rosemary: The population of the borough of the Bronx is a majority of Latinos and Blacks. Therefore, though you are right that Cabrera is not yet sworn in. He is not waiting to provide leadership. He is already standing up to Jeff Dinowitz by saying that it has to be a Latina or Latino.

  6. Koppell has already supported Palma. So for all of you who questioned Cabrera's decision, Koppell supports it as well. These are the same Cabrera basher who won't stop criticizing.

  7. ANNABEL PALMA WHAT A WASTE. In the last 4 years this woman has done nothing for the people of her District or our borough. Can someone please tell us why her.

  8. Cabrera why would you support this woman. I live in her district. She does nothing for her people. What I have read about you is that you ran to better your community. To make a change. Yet you go and support Annabel Palma. I guess you are all the same. What a pity.

  9. I support Cabrera.......he is showing up and working already even though he has not been sworn in. You critize him already, but no one asks the questions, "Where is Maria still getting her 122K a year??????????????????" Paying her salary out of our money.

    Annabel is a worker and Kopple has fully supported this decision.

  10. Dear Anonymous.....Do you live in the 18th CD. Well I do and I know what Annabel Palma has done NOTHING for us. We were not as lucky as you were in the 14th CD as you claim. No one ran against her. So if you dont live in the 18th CD dont tell me Annabel is a worker. No matter when you go to her District office she is never available for anyone. She is a WASTE. Take a trip to her office see how far you get. She has contributed NOTHING to the DISTRICT OR OUR BOROUGH.

  11. You don't want us to comment about the 18th CD, because we don't live there, so since you don't live in the 14th CD, you don't have anything to say about what goes on here.

  12. So why are you saying Annabel Palma is a worker. All I want to know is why Cabrera is supporting her, was he told to, does he know want she has done for us in the 18thCD that we dont know about. Please tell us. Annabel Palma is a waste. She does NOTHING. Maybe you should ask him why.


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